People of the Lie: It's Not Just the Clintons

It’s déjà vu all over again. A Clinton has lied in public and the Democrats have celebrated with a public show of approval. Remember when Al Gore led the cheers at the White House after Ol’ Bill lied to the American people? Now it’s the chaps at the DNC leading the cheers for Hillary Clinton’s tawdry lies about Benghazi.

There was a best-seller about lying, back in the day, and liberals loved it. It was People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck. The book was all about the skanky people -- and you knew who they were -- who lied their way through their shabby, mostly lower-middle-class lives. That was during the time that liberals had flopped onto their fainting couches in response to the lies of Richard Nixon, which were not to be endured! That was then. This is now, and with the intellectual bankruptcy of their ideas and their rule, liberals lie about everything. Because they have to.

But hey, we conservatives do it too. We conservatives demand that our politicians do something about ObamaCare and so the GOP candidates at election time promise to do so. And then they don’t.

It’s not just politics. Think about the absurdities that religion wants us to believe. Divine justice? All good people go to heaven? In your dreams. Of course, it’s not all happy talk. Classic Catholicism had Heaven but also a Hell and a Purgatory to teach a lesson to the folks in between. Calvinism had a Heaven for the Elect, but with Methodism just about everyone got to go to Heaven. Now we have lefties and progressives; their religion tells us we can have heaven right here on Earth if only we get rid of greedy bankers and racists, sexists, and microaggressors.

Here’s a thought. If the lefties have brought Heaven to Earth, doesn’t that suggest that they would have created a Hell on Earth too, just to make it fair for all the racists, sexists, homophobes of which we’ve heard tell? Only it seems that Hell on Earth is reserved for the left’s own workers, as in the late, great Soviet Union. Or their African Americans, as in Democratic cities like Detroit where the men don’t marry and the women don’t work? Or feminists, cowering from dastardly rape culture and microaggressions in their collegiate safe spaces?

Does that mean that lefties are lying about their Heaven on Earth, or their Hell on Earth, or both?

Of course, there can be no hell on earth like the hell of working for the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and wondering if your email to Herself was sufficiently groveling and sycophantic for the Heaven of getting an answer.

Tell me, what is the “tell” when Hillary Clinton lies? Is it the cackle, or the hacking cough?

America’s big problem is not the tawdry lies of the Clintons -- hey, Hillary, did you lie to your daughter and the president of Egypt or to the American people? -- but the lies that liberals have to tell themselves to keep believing in their government-is-good ruling-class ideology.

Hey liberals: “politics is violence,” and “government is force.” That’s Kevin Williamson in his excellent The End is Near and It’s Going to be Awesome. The lie that liberals tell themselves is that government is kindly librarians dispensing Social Security, Medicare, and common schools to the little people -- and now they demand to be allowed to save us from homophobes and climate change. But politics is violence, and government is force. Doesn’t matter if Lois Lerner is a kindly librarian; she is still backed up by activists with hate in their hearts and G-men with guns in their hands. Anyway, she’s no longer a tawdry bureaucrat responding to a king’s “who will rid me of these tea-partiers.” She’s now ascended to the Olympian heights of a world champion gold-medal skater.

Kevin Williamson continues in in his latest Sunday think piece.

[E]ffective states are deep but narrow: strong states that can do what needs doing but do so with the understanding that this includes a limited menu of items.

That’s what liberals cannot admit and cannot endure. Because a state that was deep and narrow would have no need for liberals. Liberals can’t admit that their dream of “advocacy” is a fantasy of political violence. They can’t admit that government always comes down to men with guns.

Everybody lies, but somehow our liberal friends have got in deeper than the rest of us amateurs. They gave us the worst president ever. And now they want to nominate to the presidency a woman who is a cougher and a cackler and whose whole life is a lie.

Liberals just can’t admit that their dream is a lie, their leaders are tawdry fibbers, and they have become the People of the Lie.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.