No Coherent Identityitis

There’s an illness sweeping the country and even the White House has succumbed to it: No coherent identityitis.

In the way that the media highlights and frames mass shootings as a sort of ghoulish entertainment and ignores far more serious events, you might have missed the connection between the shootings in Oregon and Obama’s conduct this week. There’s a great deal of commonality between those murders and  the disaster in the Middle East that Obama  touched off with his ridiculous Arab Spring and Iran deal, a disaster that certainly has resulted in many more deaths and holds out the  terrible prospect of millions more.

Symptoms of No Coherent Identityitis

A. Confused Backgrounds and Absent Fathers

Both Chris Mercer and Obama are mixed-race males. Both had foreign fathers who skipped out on them, leaving them without a fixed role model so critical to an integrated personality which is necessary to process information (reality) and make informed decisions. As a result, neither seems to have a firm fixed identity. Their conduct is without integrity. It is out of accord with actuality. Instead it is erratic and inexplicable, a reflection of their inner chaos.

That Obama’s self-history is confused and incoherent is obvious from his two “autobiographies” which are full of inexplicable contradictions. Looking at what is publicly reported about the shooter -- that he is a conservative and a white supremacist -- the great Daniel Greenfield observes:  

i'm not an expert on "White Supremacism", but being half-black and then shooting a bunch of white Christians would make him the worst White Supremacist ever. If being half-white and hating white Christians makes you a White Supremacist... then Obama should be investigated for being a White Supremacist.


Right now there's no coherent identity here. And that's normal for crazy people. And it's either that or Mercer was one of the half-white Neo-Nazi IRA anti-Christian Republican killers. And you know how big of a problem they are.

Compare with Obama, who has lied about his Muslim background. By birth and early education he was clearly a Moslem who has steadfastly denied his early history after converting to the Reverend Wright’s bizarre version of Christianity.

B. Incoherent Views and Actions

It would be hard to catalogue all of Obama’s inconsistent words and deeds, but this week they were particularly and repeatedly glaring.

The man who armed the Mexican drug  lords and the thugs in Syria and who is giving Iran the green light to develop its nuclear weapons and wreak further havoc in the world, chose the Oregon incident to press for gun control.

As Michelle Obama’s Mirror noted:

In a lecture filled with lies Barry told us yesterday that mass shootings are “something we should politicize,” as if we haven’t.

A visibly angry Obama blasted Congress for being unwilling to change the nations [sic] gun laws in response to a wave of mass shootings that have cast a cloud over his presidency.

I guess we are all to agree with his flawed logic, submit to his will, and by-pass the do-nothing Congress that we elected as stipulated in the Constitution because we need some common sense gun control laws; like repealing the 2nd Amendment. Because, you know, Obama’s Amerika: and we don’t want Barry to look bad.

I don’t know about you, butt I would be more inclined to listen to a President lecture us on “common sense gun control” if he weren’t the president that armed a Mexican drug cartel.


And gave Iran, the single most important state sponsor of terrorism in the world, the go-ahead to build their nuclear bomb. Now that’s something some of us think should be politicized. Because, you know, they’ve announced their intent to annihilate Israel. What a bother.

The normally more sedately ironic Tom Maguire was incredulous:

What Was That?

Did Obama just have a press conference or was I watching a "Best of Saturday Night Live" sketch?


On Syria, Obama mentioned Assad's despicable use of barrel bombs on his civilian population several times. But is a no-fly zone a good idea? NOT SO FAST, haters -- it's complicated, and has been for years. And Obama won't do half-measures. Far better to do no measures. And Hillary's call for a no-fly zone is just political grandstanding, unlike the calls from the Republican haters, who are just "half-baked" and full of "mumbo jumbo.


In a moment even more detached from reality Obama addressed the question of why there seems to be a growing perception that Putin is winning and Obama is losing.

His gist -- the US economy is growing, we are the world's economic bright spot, and the Russian economy is shrinking. Putin is shoving his troops into the Syrian quagmire, which will be a long term mistake, and anyway, his only allies in the region are Libya and Syria (but not Iran?!? With whom he is coordinating air strikes, while monitoring their compliance with the nuclear deal?), and how is that working for him, so c'mon, haters, this is what winning looks like!

Even on the topic of gun control where for the second weekend in a row 50 people were shot in his home town Chicago which has very strict gun control laws, the incoherence of Obama’s positions are impossible to ignore. Returning to Tom Maguire:

In any case, his gist is that all Republicans oppose gun control, so let's not talk about the Democrats who also oppose it; let's talk about the kooky Republicans reasons for opposing common sense gun safety laws. Those reason range from unconvincing to silly, but let me spend the most time on the absurd idea that I want to confiscate everyone's guns and permanently empower myself. C'mon, haters, serious up!

Well, he omitted "half-baked" "mumbo jumbo", so there is that. Such a small, unimaginative, divisive President committed to leading half the people. Is this really his idea of away to promote national dialogue? I am sure that in his mind he scored this as 'Obama 1, Strawmen 0", but acknowledging the actual concerns of serious opponents is often a better negotiating ploy.


Obama also noted that on the mean streets of Chicago the level of violence we saw in the Oregon shooting is an everyday (or at least, every weekend) occurrence, so of course stricter laws would help there as well. How that coexists with "Black Lives Matter" and the end of stop and frisk in New York City was left unexplained.


Most socially liberal gun control champions don’t see themselves as pushing policies that would abet racial profiling or worsen the problem of mass incarceration.


Yeah, we are going to get guns off the streets of Chicago without arresting any young black men, or even ruffling their feathers. Obama is right -- he can't do that by himself.

He cited approvingly the UK and Australia ban on guns -- ironically just as there was another shooting in Australia linked to terrorism while at the same time saying “but let me spend the most time on the absurd idea that I want to confiscate everyone's guns -- This prompted Ignatz Ratzkywatzky’s response: "Yeah, why would anyone entertain that absurd idea when his only two examples of how to deal with "gun violence" are the UK and Australia, who dealt with it via confiscation.”

He regularly insults and jeopardizes the safety of our allies and cozies up to our enemies. Just this week he pulled John Kerry and Samantha Powers out of the UN when Bibi Netanyahu made his impassioned speech about the UN’s failure to condemn Iran’s call for the destruction of Israel. Nor did he comment to my knowledge on Mahmoud  Abbas’ claim that Palestine was no longer bound to the Oslo accords .

For all the bleating about gun control, its proponents have no solution.


Professor Gene Volokh suggests the problem is alcohol and notes how ineffective prohibition was to deal with that. 

Maybe it’s a mistake to consider Obama’s angry contradictory battles with unarmed strawmen merely politically opportune oratory designed to demonize his opponents. Maybe he’s just a man with no sense of himself or of reality who cannot process facts at odds with his fixed notions and is now so over his head that his mental illness is now unmistakable. He lives in his own head and has made the real world the rest of us live in far more perilous.

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