Israel Fails the First Duty of Government

I once faced an Arab kid in the Old City of Jerusalem, who was reaching for his knife.  The whole thing was a stupid teenage prank, including my teenage friends and the Arab kid.  We shut down the confrontation pronto, and nothing happened.

But it does give some insight into Arab knife culture.

When the Green Revolution was afoot in Tehran, with genuinely anti-mullah kids chanting against the regime from the rooftops, the mullahs sent in their thugs, the Basiji, to infiltrate  the crowds to knife their young leaders on the spot.

Mohammed told his followers to "strike at the necks" of the unbelievers, as the subhuman monsters of ISIS show us every day on YouTube.

This makes it all the stranger that Israel doesn't let its militarily trained citizens defend themselves against knife and car assaults with firearms. 

Israel was founded by liberals who were smacked in the face by the worst kind of reality: the Nazi Holocaust.  The state they founded in 1948 constantly wants to pretend to be the Netherlands, but reality keeps showing an uglier face, like the knife intifada that is now murdering Jews in Jerusalem.

Like the United States, Israel is constantly torn between civilized self-defense and suicidal psy-war assaults from the left.  Obama assaults our military with PC inanities.  It's a distraction from their real job, or sabotage.

If Obama's fantasies were real, peace would be breaking out all over.  But it ain't.  And because he is so deeply stuck in obvious falsehoods, Obama has done far more harm than good around the world.  Every murderous  thug regime in the UN – which is most of them – is running rings around him.  They're on a roll, and they know it.

The first obligation of government is to protect its citizens.  The U.S. Constitution adds some pretty important duties to that one.  But public safety is a sine qua non for all the others.

It is therefore strange indeed to see Israel's elected government shying away from its most important job.

Like Switzerland, most competent adults in Israel are carefully trained in the disciplined use of arms.  Disciplined, as in driver training and traffic enforcement.  But Israel inherits its legal code from the British Mandate and the Ottoman Empire.  It has no strong legal tradition of individuals being trusted to arm themselves for self-defense.

This is objectively looney-tunes, of course. 

The basic reason for the helplessness of Jews in Jerusalem against knife attackers is the militant secular left, which is deeply embedded in Israel's bureaucracies and judiciary.  Israel's liberals have convinced themselves that the very brief interval of European peace since World War 2 is the norm in human history.  But it isn't – as Muslims in Europe are now showing over and over again, while liberals like Angela Merkel keep living in deep denial.

Vladimir Putin just said that some American politicians have "mush for brains."  That rule applies to liberals all over the world.  Mush for brains is a slander on a noble breakfast cereal, but there it is.

I never thought the Russians would take the moral high ground over the West, but on the clear and present danger of jihad, they've beaten us hollow.

Islam is a war theology, like Bushido Japan.  War-making cultures are a dime a dozen in human history, as the anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon has finally proved.  Humans make war.  They always have, and the only way to reduce ideological warfare is to tell the truth.  ISIS is a classical Muslim war cult, just like the mullahs on the other side of the Gulf.

Sun Tzu wrote, "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles[.]"

Under liberal cult control, the West has shut its collective eyes in the face of rejuvenated jihad, and we are facing defeat.  We are afraid to face the facts.

Europe cheerfully joined Obama in giving Iran's Armageddon priests a path to nuclear weapons.  They will come to regret their abject cowardice, just as America will.  A lot of liberal moralizing comes down to simple cowardice.

The knife intifada in Jerusalem has a dreadfully demoralizing effect on people, just like inner-city violence in Chicago.  It makes adults feel helpless and hopeless, and that traumatizes their children, too.  You can't raise healthy kids in a world of fear and intimidation.

Arabs in Jerusalem are whipped into a state of constant rage, thanks to the propaganda media, or they live with the backlash from the knifers and murder-mobiles – but they aren't allowed to speak out by their own corruptocrats.

As always, the world media are sunk in mendacity, keeping things going as dysfunctionally as possible.  Who benefits from this neurotic state of affairs?  The enemy does, of course.

There are places in the world where concealed carry laws aren't needed, like Beverly Hills and Upper Manhattan.  Those places are filled with opinionated liberals moaning about concealed carry laws in Texas, and how nasty the cops are to inner-city thugs.

And then there are places where intelligent people carry arms, and practice, practice, practice.  It's not enough just to buy a gun, just as it's not enough to buy a car.

Just as libs don't see the point of having excellent, disciplined armed forces, they don't get the crucial need for good cops.  They spend hours every day wondering why everybody else doesn't echo their delusions.  What they fail to see is how dangerous their folly looks to those of us who live in the real world.

Obama was wondering out loud the other day why conservatives regard him as dangerous.  Obama is in fact the most dangerous president in American history.  He never learns from his own failures. 

Liberals are the danger they keep wondering about.

When the higher intellects of the New York Times looks at places like Israel – and very soon, all of Europe – they always blame the victim.  But the Pinch Sulzbergers of this world will never walk into a dangerous neighborhood just a few miles from Times Square.  That's only for the NYPD.

Maybe it's important for every new generation to experience real danger.  Humans  are prone to a false sense of security.  We need constant reminders to look for the things we would rather not see.

If Obama had actually walked the precincts of Chicago with cops on the beat, white or black, he might have been a better man today.  But he has nothing but contempt for the police who have always protected his life, just as he never talked to his imaginary Midwesterners "with their God and their guns."  That's why he has been a disaster.

In a way, Israelis are better off than many Americans,  since they can't deny nasty realities.  But the left, here and there, continues to trumpet its batty cult beliefs, thereby inviting more assaults like 9/11/01.

Today's knife intifada in Jerusalem can be traced to delusional leftists.  Obama proves that Americans have to learn that basic lesson again.

It's too bad, but liberal suicidality is worse.