'Gun Control' Is Actually Conservative Control

Any casual observer of reality in America can figure out which citizens are likely to embrace the Second Amendment, and which will need to change pants at the mere thought of a gun. Liberals are terrified of guns in a way that is utterly detached from logic and reason.  They aren’t terrified of their cars. They aren’t frightened of their carving knives, or pruning shears, or hammers, or baseball bats. Liberals are terrified of guns because they’ve been conditioned to believe they are possessed of evil, and can only do evil. By extension, many of them further believe that to touch one, or use one, is tantamount to a betrayal of their own imagined morality. This same set of fallacies enables them to comfortably indulge their considerable capacity for bigotry and unabashed hatred for those who have no use for superstitions and delusions.

The people most likely to possess guns are rational Americans who still understand and cherish the Bill of Rights -- not just the Second Amendment, but all of them. For the most part, such persons are generally politically conservative, since gun phobia is a uniquely liberal affliction. Already having an understanding of the Bill of Rights, gun owners also are aware of the history and reason for the Second Amendment, why it was included in the Bill of Rights, and what part it plays in the Bill as a whole. They know the threats to individual liberty posed by centralized government. They are fully aware of history, and what comes with an all-powerful government that no longer feels beholden to its citizens. They know that without the Second Amendment, all the others will become mere platitudes, temporary grants of protection from the government so long as the populace behaves itself, to be rescinded or canceled as soon as the citizenry fails to understand its place. You may cheer endlessly, but booing will have consequences.

Gun control has nothing to do with saving lives. If lives mattered, Planned Parenthood would have been deconstructed long ago. If lives mattered, the nightly “mass shootings” in Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and every other Democrat-run city with “gun control” would be openly acknowledged and confronted. We all know that those shootings, as well as the other horrific shootings we’ve seen in the last several years, were not carried out by people who embrace conservative American values. People who believe in freedom don’t deprive others of theirs. Rather, sociopathic deeds are carried out by people who reflect the culture of devaluation which liberalism has brought us.

The casual taking of lives is a uniquely liberal phenomena. When people are trained to be victims, and that their “right” to take from others is both fair and commendable, it is only a matter of time before they take everything that belongs to another, including his life. Liberals are professional victims. Whether it’s the punishment of pregnancy, as the president termed it, or that someone else has obtained through work what the leftist wishes to steal, it’s only fair that someone else’s life be taken to assuage the harm done to the liberal. He has been conditioned to believe that he has been so mistreated in his outcomes, it is fair that someone should pay the ultimate price for his disappointment. This same warped mindset has brought us the ‘kill the cops’ mantra of the Black Lives Matter movement. The innocent and the dead are only being made to pay for the perpetrator’s subjective unhappiness.   

This intellectual deformity is not a product of conservative values or beliefs. It is a product of liberal conditioning. The statistics on mass shootings which liberals instantly and breathlessly recite when regurgitating their gun control talking points are almost entirely comprised of the urban slayings in which Democrats pull the trigger and liberal politicians seem entirely uninterested. I know I am not alone in observing that as the beliefs and values of the left have assumed greater prominence in our society, the number of shooting deaths has risen proportionately to their control of the culture. Similarly, as they have more purposefully begun to infringe rights valued by conservatives, we have become increasingly unsafe. We have seven years of knowledge that others’ lives are the last things this president or his party cares about.

Despite all this, at whom is gun control directed? Obviously, at that portion of the citizenry that owns guns but doesn’t use them to harm anyone. That is, primarily at conservatives, who are morally averse to doing harm to those who do not seek to harm them first. Conservatives, you see, do not pose any risk to the public at large by their ownership of guns. They do pose a risk, however, to those whose pathway to totalitarianism would be vastly easier without hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of those whom they would see subservient to the government. It is those steadfast citizens, and only those citizens, against whom the president speaks every time a product of the liberal culture he embodies decides to exact his revenge for his inadequacy.

The fact is that liberals have already not only surrendered to servitude, they have embraced it. They have bought the lie that government is the solution, rather than the cause of nearly every problem which besets this country. They are fine with fewer rights, because they seem to think that the government they worship and depend upon would never turn on them when the money dries up or the issue becomes which priority a totalitarian regime will indulge: freebies to its supporters or its own self-preservation at the barrel of a gun. They see that same paternal government targeting their philosophical enemies, conservatives, and think that because they are politically aligned, it is perfectly fine that government targets some of its citizens. They don’t understand that a time will come when such a government doesn’t need liberals, either.

Conservatives understand that to be disarmed is to hasten the end of freedom and individual liberty. They understand that to own guns, and know how to use them, is to refuse to surrender. They know, as shown by history, that government unmoored from its role as servant of the public will pursue complete control. Speech is no longer as free as it was, and is becoming less so. Look at the price Ben Carson has been made to pay for telling the truth about Sharia. The president has just informed us that the newly minted rights of the LGBT crusaders will trump historic Constitutional protections concerning religion. Government is deciding its supporters will have rights, and the resistance will not. The last hedge against full serfdom is the knowledge on the left that conservatives will not become slaves of Democrats without a fight.

Gun control is purely and simply a political tool to achieve the disarmament of that portion of the populace that will not surrender to Marxists and fascists. The president wishes to politicize the deaths brought about by his culture, and that of his followers, to achieve total political domination through manipulation of the weak-minded. The left has no intention of being forever checked by those who preserve the America he has sought to overwhelm. The last breath of that America will occur when citizens can no longer forcefully resist the malfeasance of their own government. No one knows that better than a fundamentally transformative tyrant.