Genocide in the 20th Century, Suicide in the 21st

Germany, Europe's largest economy, is expected to take in up to a million "refugees" this year alone, sparking anger among native Germans and spawning the rise of the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) movement. 

We have all heard of the "refugee crisis" in Europe, as it is described by state-run media and communication organs with a vested interest in increased immigration.  Germany is an industrialized society, yet due to decades of social engineering and "family planning" slavishly dedicated to protecting the environment by having fewer children, the number of able-bodied Germans of working age has been dramatically reduced.

Their economy has grown since WWII, but their native-born population has decreased steadily until they now find themselves with a shortage of workers that endangers their competitive economic standing.  Simply stated, they need people.

The government of Germany has tried to incentivize the birthrate by offering generous cash payments to those who opt to have children, but as with all government programs, the unintended consequences of the policy are undermining the intended effect.

Because the government makes no distinction between a live birth of a native German and a live birth of a refugee, the cost of these programs has skyrocketed beyond sustainability and has actually begun to serve as an inducement to immigration.  The birthrate of Muslim immigrants to Germany is roughly 5 times that of a native German.  That can't go on for too many generations before an irreversible cultural shift occurs.

PEGIDA is an entirely natural response from the German people to what they view as government malfeasance.  Recognizing the reality that Islam is wholly incompatible with a representative republic, PEGIDA is calling for a halt to immigration until better means of assimilation are devised.

This is common sense by any definition, yet as we see so often in our modern media, it is decried as xenophobia or cultural nativism.  Germany is a populous nation by European standards, but in real terms, the influx of a few million unassimilated foreigners represents nothing short of an invasion-level event.

The left has declared borders to be xenophobic and self-defense to be aggression.  The Germans of PEGIDA are fully aware that their government is abandoning them to the predations of a supremacist ideology in the name of multiculturalism.  Islam doesn't come to get comes to dominate.  It is axiomatic, a central tenet of their worship, as binding upon the Muslim as following Christ's "Great Commission" is to the Christian.

PEGIDA rallies have drawn tens of thousands to the streets in major German cities, demanding that their government cease their ritualistic civic suicide.  Counter-rallies have been organized as well, featuring larger numbers of protesters than the PEGIDA rallies they oppose.

This is not indicative of German public opinion, however, as the counter-rally crowds are made up of a majority of immigrants themselves brought in by government organizers, supplemented by government employees required to attend as a condition of continued employment.

Of course, the European media is as ignorant and biased as American media and merely report that more people stood on the line for wanton Muslim immigration than stood against it.  The government has gone so far as to sanction PEGIDA organizers, attempting to bring charges against them for crimes such as "racism" and "incitement."

We hear the word "tyranny" bandied about with regularity from this aggrieved group or that oppressed minority.  Rarely is it actual tyranny; rather, these are mere annoyances stemming from perceived insults.  Real tyranny is the bastard child of government.  It knows that it is the heir of power and uses that status to wreak havoc, impressing its will arbitrarily.  This is the tyranny the German people now face.

Their government has turned on them (as ours is turning on us even now) and has chosen a path forward that cannot be reconciled to the traditions and heritage of the German nation.  But if the left has shown anything in its decades of tantrum-like governing, it is an utter disregard for tradition, history, or heritage.

Watch Germany in the coming months.  Just as in Britain and already in France, the fruits of a religious devotion to the equality of cultures is in full harvest, and the fruit is poisonous indeed.

Joe Herring is a freelance writer and also serves as the communications director for the Global Faith Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.