Dangerous Delusions of the Alleged Teriba Rape Victims

The Oxford University race and homosexual activist Annie Teriba has been accused of two sex crimes against female students. In the aftermath of these alleged offenses, the two victims and their supporters published a lengthy statement on Tumblr entitled “Joint Statement about A.” Victim 1 alleges some form of sexual assault in a nightclub. Victim 2, alleges Teriba raped her at an Oxford National Union of Students Conference in May of 2015.

Though the statement alleges assault and rape, it contains minimal facts about the crimes and instead focuses on the victims' unmet needs for respect and understanding from “A.” In fact, the psychology of the distraught and disillusioned Victim 2 more closely resembles that of an incest victim still seeking consideration from the abuser than that of a stranger rape survivor. Victim 2 is shocked and disoriented by the betrayal by Teriba, whom she still views as a high status individual in their feminist tribe and whom she still protects and praises. Victim 2 appears to be fundamentally ignorant about the crime of rape, if a rape occurred. She displays longing for recognition from and power over the rapist, which is seen in incest and rape in intimate relationships.

The Joint Statement ignores the facts of the rape and focuses on the writers' disappointment towards their fallen angel, Annie Teriba. Dangerous delusions about rape are on full display in the Joint Statement. What should have been a systematic gathering of facts about a serious crime to be tried before the law has devolved into a soppy spat about hurt feelings, which is clearly being controlled by the alleged rapist.

The Joint Statement is divided into sections. In Section I, The Confrontation, the authors use sophisticated psychological language, but The Confrontation reminds one of what middle school girls do to each other during recess. Victim 2 and her BFFs confront Teriba several weeks following the alleged rape, a crime which, excepting a few sentences, is soft-pedaled throughout the Joint Statement as “the most recent incident.” Victim 2 is described as “initially dissociative following the incident and had blocked out conscious awareness of the trauma…” This psychodiagnosis is unlikely. A dissociative state so profound that there is no awareness of a rape is dissociative amnesia. Total amnesia for the episode is unlikely in an adult. But understandably because Victim 2 was violated by an admired leader of her own political community, it took her time to comprehend what had happened to her. Victim 2 is interested in feelings, not facts. She provides flowing discourse about her feelings and no facts about the crime. Her emotionally needy post-traumatic reaction is a reason why rape victims should not prosecute their own cases.

Victim 2's flashbacks “prompted them to confront Annie.” But Annie is mainly concerned about herself. Victim 2 and her clique are shocked -- shocked -- to discover that a sex predator was insensitive, even uncaring. Annie “immediately messaged the survivor to explain that she was having trouble processing everything.” Victim 2 explains that Teriba doesn't understand “messages like that can be damaging.” It is psychopathologic to believe that merely communicating with a serial sex abuser will magically transform a rapist into a selfless, compassionate penitent. But that is what these intelligent women want to believe.

The next section is The Statement. After the confrontation, Victim 2 and her supporters “request” a statement from the alleged rapist and for Teriba to resign from “activist spaces.” Again, in their delusional thinking they suppose these measures will ensure “such an incident never occur again.”  They are shocked because, “Her initial statement was extremely inappropriate and hurtful.” Annie is still being a meanie! She used her statement “to garner sympathy,” “glamorising her self for being cooperative” and flat out lying.

We learn that last year, after Teriba was accused of assaulting Victim 1 in a nightclub, the gals at Oxford responded by conducting a mediation. Mediation is a process of finding middle ground between positions of conflicting wants. What stance did Teriba bring to the mediation? “From time to time, I want to shove a woman against a wall and violate her.” Mediation between an abuser and their victim means the abuser lies and the victim is reinjured. (I learned this by working for three years with a sex crimes victim recovery program in the 1990s. It changed the course of my life. When I shared with feminist colleagues that I suspected the president might be a rapist and was told it didn't matter, I was forced to begin the arduous process of trying to think for myself).

Mediation produced an agreement that Teriba would not have sex with anyone until she learned more about consent. Shocked again were the ladies to learn that A did have sex with a friend of Victim 1 soon after the mediation. Annie really gave them something to talk about. The Joint Statement indicates that the request for a statement from Teriba caused a prolonged literary catfight over her wording. More disillusionment. Teriba was: “lying… triggering… re-traumatizing.”

Victim 2 explained in the Joint Statement why she avoided the word rape, only allowing herself to once write, “let's be clear: Annie Teriba is a rapist.” It seems when the victims floated the word rape, Miss Annie suspended her Jew-hating, white-hating contempt for cis-something civilization long enough to hightail her hobnails over to a counselor-at-law. She then manipulated her naive victims into being afraid of the word rape because it might have “legal implications.” The protégé-victims write: “Annie had the upper hand with more knowledges… so we reluctantly decided to compromise and allowed for the word “rape” to be omitted.” Compromise? What did you get for letting Annie Teriba violate the truth as well as your bodies? What did you gain for betraying womanhood by not calling a rape a rape? You have chosen to be merely alleged victims forever.

In the U.S. since the 1990s rates of crime against women and girls, including sex crimes, domestic violence and child abuse have plummeted. A principle reason is the American people finally decided that crimes committed within families and acquaintance are not private matters but crimes to be investigated by police and public authorities, adjudicated, and perpetrators punished. This has not worked perfectly, but failing to report a rape to public authorities as soon as possible is the best way to defeat progress and send women back into secret violence and misery.

The UK has already disgraced itself for accommodating Islamic rape propensities. Now apparently the feminists at Oxford are actively decriminalizing same-sex rape. This is disastrous. Unlike the alleged victims in this case, most traumatized girls and women are not privileged students. Most victims are the demographic opposite. These Oxford feminists presumably will become leaders in the UK. Decriminalization and trivialization of rape as in this case is ominous.

 The Joint Statement praises Teriba's anti-racist work and seems to apologize for “jarring” her friends, repeatedly suggesting that because Teriba is a BLOC (big lesbian on campus) and a VIP activist the case must be handled with delicacy. Paradoxically, the Joint Statement also questions the tendency of “The Left in general putting individuals on pedestals.” FYI: small minds talk about people, ordinary minds talk about events and great minds talk about ideas. The ideas of the feminist left are unspeakable: killing the unborn; and deifying homosexuality, pornography, and sexual self-objectification as “freedom.” Even though Teriba herself has resigned her political posts, with ideas like that, keep the pedestals dusted. Feminism is a blood cult and cults worship bullies and sociopaths like Annie Teriba. Get used to it.