Before all Hell Breaks Loose

The present "third intifada" is on. I stand horrified at the loss of all lives. Of the loss innocent Jewish life, but also ironically at the loss Arab youth inspired to fight for a lie. The Arab claim to the Southern Mosque -- I refuse to call it Al-Aqsa -- is totally baseless, as there was no mosque in Jerusalem for Mohammed to visit in his lifetime.

The Bible gives positive commands for Jews to build a temple once they are in the land. After the Israeli takeover of Jerusalem in 1967, General Dayan allowed the Jordanian Waqf (Religious Authority) to control the Temple Area, as a show of magnanimity. However, this would not stand. The Arabs were still intent on fighting, while religious Jews were intent on rebuilding the temple, if only a step at a time. The status quo could not hold. That it held as long as it did is rather amazing.

Over the past two years Jews have assembled on the Temple Mount, and the Israeli government no longer has the will to frustrate the /desires of religious Jews. Instead of arresting the Jews -- as they used to do, as with MK Moshe Feiglin -- they sent in troops to protect them. The Southern Mosque's leadership saw this as the beginning of process whereby the Jews would take over the Temple. While, I applaud the courageous Jews, and have no respect for the legends and lies concerning the Southern Mosque, the Waqf was right on this one thing: This time the Jews would not be stopped, and eventually they will get their Temple. Riots started.

This is the spark behind the recent troubles. Yes, years of propagandization had to have occurred, but a spark was needed; and when the Palestinians saw that the Jews were determined to stake a claim on the Temple Mount, and not be driven off this time, a violent outcome was inevitable.

Israel may clamp down, but the violence will creep back. If Israel views this as existential for the Jewish people, so do the Palestinians view it as existential for their cause. We might not agree with the Palestinian cause, but the Palestinians certainly do, and no people willingly commits suicide. Even Jabotinsky, the founder of right-wing Zionism, acknowledged that any self-respecting people would fight back.

Every native population in the world resists colonists as long as it has the slightest hope of being able to rid itself of the danger of being colonised. -- Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall

Israel has to make some hard unpopular decisions. It can persist in this idiocy, with recurring expensive wars, a martial regulation which not only tyrannizes the Palestinians but imperils Jewish liberty as well, or Israel can act in one of two ways: Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians or paid relocation.

I know many might think that the Palestinians merit ethnic cleansing; but Israel will be a pariah. So again, I am going to suggest one nation for an option as a test case, with facts and figures: Chile.

Chile has approximately 18,000,000 people. Of these, about 5% or 800,000 are Arab in descent. Almost all of these Arabs -- roughly 99% -- are varying stripes of Christian, whether Orthodox Christian or Roman Catholic. Many are third and fourth generation intermarried with other ethnic groups.

Of these Arabs, over half, about 500,000, are of Palestinian Christian descent. They are the largest community of Palestinian Christians in the world, almost three times as large as the number of Christians in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). They are economic elites in Chile, and were influential enough to merit special attention a few years ago during Chile's 2010 Bicentennial. (Click here.)

They have a premier social club in Chile's capital: The Palestine Club, founded in 1938, with an agreement made with the then British Mandatory.  I know many Zionists like to claim that Palestinian identity was created in 1964, but Chile's Palestinians should put an end to that error. The Palestinians did have an identity, and that is partly why this fight is so intractable, even though Islam aggravates it.

The Chilean Palestinians have their own major league soccer team. CD Palestino (Palestinian Sports Team) which was founded in 1920. They recently made it to the transnational Copa America, sparking interest throughout Latin America and the Mideast. The Palestinians love the team.

To Israel's horror, this elite community in Latin America has warped Chile's foreign policy with their hostile anti-Zionist viewpoint. But, it is time to have Chile's Palestinians and Chile prove their worth. If they love their Palestinian brothers, let them assist in absorbing them in Chile.

The Breakdown of Cost for Chile

For $10 Billion dollars, 100,000 Palestinians could be given $100,000 each to move to Chile.  Such a move would increase Chile's population by a mere 0.6%, barely noticeable.

If a young family of four came in with $400,000, it would be enough to buy a reasonable house, a car, and set up a small business.  A three bedroom house in Viña del Mar, a beach community, can go for $99,000. They would have $300,000 left over for car, and business. There would be an Arab community to help them, and a market for their cuisine, music, and talent.

Chile would get a major infusion of cash. The Arabs could go to a country that loves its Arabs, and Israel would be rid of 100,000 Palestinians. 

Is it Expensive?

Cheaper than waging war, or maintaining a military presence.  Once the Arabs see Judea and Samaria depopulating, they may accede to the inevitable. 100,000 Palestinians would constitute 5% or more of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria. It would be noticed.

Single Out the Women

There has to be women desperate to leave the stifling patriarchy of Islam. Preferentially moving women slows down reproduction. They are less prone to violence, which can be used to win Chile's agreement; and being alone, in Chile, they are more like to assimilate and marry a Christian.

The Palestinian Authority will Never Agree

Of course not, but work discretely with individuals. Whisk them out by night if necessary.

Will it Islamize Chile?

No! Chile is under 0.05% Islamic. One in 4,000. Right now, Chile is in the midst of a national Evangelical Revival. They have street preachers. In Chile, the TV and radio will not be blasting hatred for Jews, but the love of Christ. Muslims have no social defense against this. The addition of 100,000 Palestinians to Chile would still leave Chile well under 1% Muslim. The shock of movement would end up with high rates of assimilation, if they are prevented from packing into insular slums.

A Jopurney Begins with the First Step

100,000 is not enough to depopulate Judea and Samaria, but it is a start. If done successfully, the Arabs would see the handwriting on the wall. If the emigrés were primarily women, or young families, it would have a more devastating effect on Palestine's demographic.

Who will Pay?
I really do not care who pays; but we can probably be sure that no Arab state will contribute. Ultimately, a lot of Jews, whether in Israel or in diaspora, will have to contribute. Christian Zionists should make some contribution, too. Right or wrong, the only other alternative is continual war or ethnic cleansing. If no one pays, then more Jews will die.

Is it Right that Jews will Pay?
It would have been cheaper to pay every Southern slaveholder to manumit their slaves than wage the American Civil War. The abolitionists foolishly refused the suggestion to reimburse the slave owners for trafficking in human flesh. The subsequent war cost much more. If you want to stand on principle, it will cost dearly.

As the situation unwinds in the Mideast, Israel does not need a hostile fifth column in its midst. With recent discoveries of gas off the coast, and oil in the Golan, Israel should have enough funding to pull this off. It will be money well spent. 

Europe should be closing its doors to Syrian refugees, and saving its money to contribute to helping the Palestinian situation. Once the precedent of Chile is set, other countries can be approached for similar arrangements. Argentina and Brazil have track records of assimilating Arabs and converting Muslims. Some African and Asian nations might be brought on board.

Once the Palestinian population is halved, Israel can safely consider annexation and eventual enfranchisement of the remainder.

Mike Konrad is the pen name of an American who is neither Jewish, Latin, nor Arab. He runs a website,, where he discusses the subculture of Arabs in Latin America. He wishes his Spanish were better.