Words Don't Kill?

Proving that the left circulates messages points, Charles Blow, paid opinionator for the hoary New York Times, didn’t bother to write about language that incites cop killings in his most recent column.  Instead, Blow focused on “harsh” rhetoric that aims squarely at Black Lives Matter, a loosely organized, militant black movement that the Democratic National Committee attempted to endorse, only to be rebuffed.  Knowing Democrats, they’ll keep trying to ingratiate themselves; they’re down for whatever black activists are down for.  Black votes matter.     

Wrote Blow in his September 3 NYT column: “There seems to be a concerted effort to defame and damage Black Lives Matter, and one has to wonder why.”

BLM is a “grievance” group whose Minnesota acolytes happened to concoct a playful chant on a protest march.  Indeed, the chant is children’s book fodder: “Pigs in a blanket; fry ‘em like bacon!”  Or close enough.  We know it was all in fun because march organizer Trahern Crews said so. 

“I want to put that chant in context,” Crews told [MSNBC’s Chris] Hayes. “It was more playful than anything.”  Crews’ last four words betray.  BLM needs a more disciplined spokesman.  But Blow quoted him anyway, and cited equally playful banter between cops and BLM protestors, too.  A St. Paul police federation spokesman had a different take, though.  Rank and file officers labeled the chant “disgusting.”       

Imagine if similar playful rhetoric had flown from the mouths of aggrieved whites (okay, whites can’t be aggrieved, per race politics, but let’s pretend).  “Homies on the grill, roast ‘em like ribs.”  Say the motivation for that chant was decades of pent up white fear about straying into anyone of a number of inner city hoods after dark.  Or in protest of black-on-white murders, which are disproportionately the more probable occurrence.  Or due to a more recent fear among whites: walking down a city street – Dayton will do – and being cold-cocked by a black kid playing the “knockout game.”  Granted, the knockout game isn’t exclusive to whites; Asians and Hispanics play as well – on the receiving end, of course.         

Yet whites bellowing a homies-ribs chant would ignite a firestorm of protest.  Bal’more would be further reduced.  What’s left of Detroit would be ransacked.  The DOJ would investigate and prosecute.  President Obama – between selfies – would take to the airwaves to denounce.  Playful chants, protests against “injustice,” and rioting are black activist branded.  Infringements are met with attack dog vengeance.    

As Megyn Kelly (yes, that Megyn) illustrated in an admirable and damning segment on her Fox News show the other night, lefties/Democrats and race hustlers are never shy about fingering conservatives for language when a liberal lawmaker is felled or a nutty white kid walks into a black church and opens fire.  News clip after clip damns the misbegotten Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Dick Durbin, and Al Sharpton for sanctimony.

We know why sanctimony and hypocrisy oozes from the likes of Wasserman-Schultz and Sharpton.  Truth and justice might be the American Way, but not the way of Left-Democratic Consolidated, Inc.  Power and control are vital to Consolidated, Inc., board members, the Tammany Hall Marxists.  The spoils, too, which come with power and control.  The spoils are, in fact, critical – go ask leftist poster caudillo, Fidel Castro.  There’s also an obsessive neurotic impulse to dominate.

Now we can better grasp the outcry by pro-abortion advocates, the MSM, and leftists-Democrats when abortion docs are gunned down.  For anyone who is truly pro life, such murders are dastardly acts, beyond the pale.  Yet there’s no hesitancy to blame the entire pro-life movement for any language and any abortion clinic protest as precipitants to a doc’s slaying.  Heaven forefend, but the next time an abortion doc is killed in cold-blood, can we expect the likes of Sharpton and Wasserman-Schultz to zip their lips?  No.    

Those in the pro-life movement would affirm: words matter.  Every movement has its fringes.  Where a fringe employs incendiary rhetoric it may help an unhinged mind rationalize an act of violence.  Ultimately, those who kill act freely, yet there are words, cues, and contexts that may stir dark souls. 

There’s language, and then there’s language.  Condemning abortion as the taking of unborn life isn’t provocation.  Condemning doctors who take oaths to preserve life but who profit from taking innocent life isn’t incendiary.  Calling out Planned Parenthood for its ghoulish harvesting of unborn baby parts is plain truth.  Facts are facts, however uncomfortable they may make abortion proponents. 

Free speech has generous boundaries, as well it should.  Yet in a free, civil society we’re expected to exercise restraint; to appreciate that our words have meaning and impact.  We know not to shout “fire” in a crowded theater.  No upstanding pro-life champ would use language that suggests or insinuates a doctor’s murder. 

But we’re being told otherwise about the “Pigs in a blanket” chant offered up by Trahern Crews and his gaggle of angry misfits.  No American – regardless of race, color, or creed – would mistake the BLM chant for anything but an insinuation to kill cops.  It’s a bit like the old court definition of porn: you know it when you see it. 

Charlie Blow – among many others on the left – will continue to purvey a big lie.  Language of malicious intent that’s evidently targeted at police officers is not such, Blow claims.  Our eyes deceive.  If pinned, Blow might just shrug and say that due to historic racism, blacks have a license to expression that’s barred to the rest of us.  You get what you get for keeping the black man down.

Go tell that to slain Houston police officer Darren Goforth’s family.  Tell that to cops who are now patrolling meaner streets daily.  Cops will tell you: words matter.  And they’re damn right.