Why Voters Like Trump's Rudeness

Those like the unfortunate Bobby Jindal, who imagine that they hurt Donald Trump's standing among voters by criticizing his rudeness, don't get it.  They don't understand the feelings of real voters – those who don't live on the coasts or profit from government policies.

Those who say both parties are the same need to look at how now Republican voters are turning against their own do-nothing party leaders.  Democrat voters are not turning against Hillary or Biden for doing nothing.  Republican voters have standards; they, unlike liberal voters, actually expect their elected officials to get something done for the nation other than bail out big banks, Wall Street, and public-sector union campaign donors.

Recently Trump was attacked for stating that Carly Fiorina doesn't look presidential.  Those who attack Trump for this comment should have thought about what they were trying to do.  For one thing, Trump has been personally attacked for his appearance for many years, if not decades.  And Carly Fiorina has repeatedly stated that she doesn't want any coddling or special treatment.  She is ready to stand up for herself.  She doesn't need any patronizing media types to protect her just because she is a woman.

Then there's the bigger issue of attacking Donald Trump's rudeness.  What Bobby Jindal and the other attackers of Trump's rough tone don't get is that voters are sick and tired of politicians from both parties, whether it's Barack Obama or Mitch McConnell, talking the smooth political talk and then living high on the hog at taxpayer expense and doing nothing for the voters.

What voters intuitively see, and Trump's critics in the media and RNC don't get, is that voters want a rude person.  They want someone who's going to insist on cutting the EPA's budget, slashing the Dept. of Education, and standing up for disabled veterans who have gotten the short end of the stick under President Obama.  Not only do they tolerate Trump's rudeness; they crave it.  They intuitively see that anyone who has a smarmy, go-along-to-get-along attitude is not going to get things done.  They don't want a politician who is going to look sophisticated, who has expensive clothes – at taxpayer expense – and uses Air Force One to go golfing while preaching that voters  shouldn't contribute to the carbon in the atmosphere. 

They want a president who doesn't give a damn about what people think, because only someone who doesn't care what people think won't be manipulated by what people think.  This is the whole explanation.  Americans want hard decisions made – someone who will stand up for American principles and not care if the media object to any little phrase he uses.  They want someone who is not offended by what the media say about how offensive his language is.  The First Amendment stands for the right to use offensive language, and if people are offended when the truth is spoken, too bad.

American voters know all too well that political correctness is designed to shut them up.  Well, when they talk to their friends, they don't shut up, and they won't tolerate anyone who tries to shut them up.  So they want a president who won't let the media tell him to shut up.  After all, what do the media know about working at real jobs, paying taxes, and raising a family?  All the media know about is how to sit in a chair, get their hair and makeup done, and repeat the same old liberal garbage about being sensitive.

Voters are sick of Republicans saying what they are going to do and then not forcing Obama to obey the law or the Constitution.

Another thing about Trump that voters intuitively understand is that this is the way he is.  There's no way – and voters sense this – that Trump could have hired a public relations firm who asked people if they would be offended by such phrases as "today's politicians are stupid and incompetent."  These political consultants would have advised Trump to never say such things.  But Trump does.  This proves to voters that Trump is speaking his mind and doesn't give a damn if nobody likes him, and if they criticize him, he will fight back. 

Media types aren't used to politicians fighting back.  That's another thing the media don't like about Trump.  He's supposed to cower before their little comments, said with a smile, and apologize.  Media talking heads have huge egos and imagine they run the country.  They are finding out they don't.

Some of the media don't like learning that they may be "stupid and incompetent," as shown through their failure to understand Trump.  But it's not Trump they don't understand; it's the voters.  They fly private jets, have private tailors and hairdressers cater to them, and are waited on hand and foot.  They don't know what's going on in the country. 

American voters are tired of those politicians who work, in their own terms, to minimize their negatives, to offend as few "voter groups" as possible.  That's a liberal tactic: to categorize the entire nation into voter groups, analyze what they want to hear, and then speak it to them.  It's all gone too far.

Voters all over the country are seeing the outrageous public pensions, the high cost of college tuition, the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants, the inability of their kids – and themselves – to find good jobs, and they instinctively know it's all gone wrong.  They know in their gut that the country has changed.  And they blame politicians and their media enablers for creating this kind of country.

Politicians and their media enablers have fallen into this way of doing things, but the voters don't like it.  The voters want change, and they see in Trump's unfiltered personality someone who can effect it.