Who Could Doubt the President's Obvious Faith?

The United States is being visited by Pope Francis, who is kind of a big deal in Christian circles. On the eve of that visit, some rube at a Trump rally offered the unforgivable viewpoint that the president is a Muslim. As if on cue, the Christian bona fides of President Obama were suddenly front and center, championed by every atheistic and/or secular media figure capable of reaching a camera or a microphone. This, apparently, is a significant part of their current job description. They serve and protect the president from scrutiny, and to smear and demean anyone who might express unflattering opinions based on their day to day observations. Actually exploring how such a question might arise in the first place, and whether there is any possible basis for suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian, is a fool’s errand.

How do we know President Obama is a Christian? Because he told us so, that’s how, and he never lies. Besides, there’s no way he’d say something to trick millions of people into a false sense of security, including about the faith he allegedly shares with them, while he attacks the fundamental building blocks of America, including Christian law, teachings and values.  Is there? Of course not, don’t be silly.

Why, this is the president who told us that he believes marriage is between one man and one woman. How could anyone doubt his sincerity, especially after so many public declarations of his faith? He promised us just as certainly that he did not support gay marriage. He must have told us two dozen times, very publicly and persuasively, that if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor. And that there wouldn’t be any infringement of Christians’ religious principles and practices imposed upon them by the Affordable Care Act. So America, get a grip. He isn’t one of these anti-Christian haters who sics his attack dogs on people of faith, forcing them into court where he intends to have their religious rights vaporized before their very eyes, assuming the case lands in front of an ever-increasing number of secularized, anti-First Amendment liberal judges. He’d never do that because he’s a Christian, too.

In fact, he’s just as Christian as the rest of his party. I recall watching the 2012 Democratic National Convention when they went out of their way to discuss God, and His place in their platform. And the way they talk about evangelicals, and those who still attend church. Such passion! Why, I recall that the Mayor of Houston was so consumed by Christianity that she sought the text of all the sermons being delivered in Houston’s churches for some period, so she could read them in advance. Wow, you can’t find that sort of investment in Christianity anywhere other than the left.

Just as certainly, there is no way that this president would appropriate Christian principles to manipulate the opinions and actions of Christians concerning government usurpation of power over the individual. For instance, he would never twist teachings directed to saving an individual’s soul into proclamations meant to confuse Christian charity with the government’s misuse of public funds to advance an agenda. We all know that governments have souls, too, right? No misdirection here, folks, move along.

Yes indeed, Barack Hussein Obama is all Christian, because he says so. Only if you were a “radical” would you question what appears to be a predominant tendency to engage in ceaseless fraud and deception, not purely Christian values, while furthering a vision of the United States in which the term “freedom to worship” has been urged to replace “freedom of religion.”  Similarly, only a nut would question the president’s Christian chops by pointing to his inclination to associate with Marxists in high school, college and law school. It’s probably just a coincidence that societies built on Marxism and Communism are atheistic, and at some point before assuming full power must crush organized religion in order to ensure that the all-powerful government has a dearth of competitors for the hopes or needs of its servants. 

Likewise, it’s probably simple bad timing that we have witnessed for almost seven years the president’s increasing tendency, and that of his party, to bring the power of government to bear on those who foolishly believe that their right to freely practice their religion extends to public life, including within any organization affiliated with government. Thus, we cannot hold the president accountable for the overtly anti-Christian policies which have been implemented among the branches of the military, for instance, over whom the president is commander in chief.  It’s not as if these are the president’s beliefs and preferences that are being brought to fruition by his surrogates and appointees within the executive branch, right? We know that if he got word of that, he’s put a stop to it right away as a fellow Christian who cherishes his shared religious freedom.

Why, only a kook could think that there’s apparent hostility shown by the president’s administration toward people of the Christian faith, where such old-fashioned themes as patriotism, national pride, traditional marriage, gun ownership, and American Exceptionalism still reside. Or in the president’s unusually frequent granting of preferential treatment to those of faiths other than Christianity and Judaism. I’ve noticed that Christians, who are being massacred for their faith in Syria and surrounding lands are pleading for refugee status in the United States, while Muslims who merely want to come in may do so in the tens of thousands, but that’s probably not fair to the president.  He probably doesn’t know about all those fellow Christians being murdered, mutilated, and dismembered, because he skips so many daily security briefings. 

He’s also probably unaware of the extent to which the massive influx of such migrants, who bring their culture with them, affects the non-Muslim communities into which the government implants them. He probably is unaware of what’s going on in that regard in Europe, where communities, populated primarily by Christians, have been entirely destroyed by such forced assimilation. If you’re a curious sort, look up “Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.”  Or the one in Birmingham. Or Rochdale. Or consider the stories presently in the news about American military personnel being forced to keep quiet about brutal child rape encounters happening on American bases because to object would offend the abusers’ “culture.”  Still, a Christian can simply overlook such things because we are warned that it’s not “Christian” to judge others, so I think the president and his people are probably just fine.

When in doubt, simply remember this: “Beware the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”  Matthew 7:15-16.  It tells you all you need to know to identify Christians like the president and his protectors.