Who are the Lawbreakers?

A Kentucky clerk is in the news these days for refusing to issue marriage licenses for gay couples. Gays and the political elites are condemning her for not upholding the “law”.

This is the latest example of the elites using the “law” to crush anyone who stands in their way.

The problem is that American is no longer a nation of laws but a nation run by the whims of men, at least at the highest levels.

When the Supreme Court follows the dictates of the “Living” Constitution which basically says that whatever the Court thinks is right is right we no longer have a democracy and we no longer have the rule of law.

The role of the Supreme Court is the same as the role of any other court; to interpret the law in light of the intent of those who, through the Democratic process, passed the law.  A judge who ignores the meaning of a law and instead imposes his own ideals is not a judge but a dictator.

When the president uses his pen and his phone while ignoring the Constitution or renames treaties “agreements” and gets away with it, we no longer have the rule of law.

It’s clear from the tolerance of the elites, both Republican and Democrat, for lawlessness by the president and the Supreme Court that the elites believe that they are rulers not representatives.They believe the rules are different for them and for the rest of us.

That’s why even though neither the president nor the Supreme Court feel compelled to obey the Constitution, the full power of government and the media, are focused on condemning any citizen who would dare take the “law” into their own hands. That double standard is one of the key reasons Americans as a whole hate DC.

In an America of laws where all lawbreakers were punished there would be no Trump phenomena.

We’re told that if we don’t pay our taxes we will go to jail but we’re also told that illegals can break the law and live off our tax dollars with no consequences. In fact, we’re told that we’re racists if we don’t believe that criminals should have at least as nice a lifestyle as taxpayers.

We’re told we can’t steal from our children but by spending mountains of money we don’t have the DC elites steal from our children with impunity.

We’re told we can’t steal from our neighbor but the elites steal money from taxpayers to support the lazy and the illegal.

The reality is that that Kentucky clerk is not the lawbreaker. The real lawbreakers are the Supreme Court Justices who simply dictated that the votes of 55,000,000 Americans don’t matter and that the clear intent of the Constitution doesn’t matter. The Constitution says nothing about marriage. Only by ignoring it could the Supreme Court decide that Americans must submit to the whims of the ruling elite disguised as a “Constitutional” mandate.

The Supreme Court in ruling after ruling that ignore the intent of the Constitution and the intent of other laws -- such as ObamaCare -- is stealing the rights of Americans granted by the Constitution. 

At the cost of much blood and contention the Declaration and the Constitution ensure Americans certain inalienable rights. To ensure that those rights are protected, the Constitution established a representative Republic where the people controlled the actions of government directly through elections and indirectly through the limitations on the government embodied in the Constitution.

The Constitution is essentially a contract between the people and the government. The people agree to follow laws that are enacted pursuant to the processes demarcated in the Constitution and the government agrees to be bound by the limitations enshrined in the Constitution.

Whenever the president or the Supreme Court ignore the Constitution that contract between the people and the politicians is violated.

Yet we live in an age where only the elites are allowed to break the contract while the people are expected to acquiesce without objection to the new “laws”.

There is a word for that; tyranny. While liberals have worked hard to dumb down public education so that the people don’t understand the difference between the people running the country and the elites running the country, they have not succeeded.

Americans know that we have flourished as a society because we believe in the rule of law. Conservatives accepted ObamaCare as being legal, even though it was rammed through by a totally partisan government, as long as it was Constitutional and as long as the law, as written, was implemented.

Yet when it became clear that it was unconstitutional -- those who voted for it said that fees were not taxes but the Supreme Court had to directly contradict the intent of the legislators in order to find ObamaCare constitutional -- Americans were told that if they didn’t follow its ever shifting edicts that they would be lawbreakers.

Similarly, conservatives did not demand that states where the people chose to vote that gays can marry be forced to change their laws to ban gay marriage precisely because the Constitution says nothing about gay marriage.

Yet when Americans refuse to submit to the tyrannical actions of the elites we are told that the Americans are the lawbreakers, not the elites.

Americans are not always able to articulate their visceral rejection of the new “American” way but they feel the problem in their bones.

That’s why trust in and respect for government are at all-time lows. American rose up and gave Republicans the Senate and the House but instead of seeing change, or even seeing Obama being forced to veto bill after bill, we discovered that nothing changed that mattered to us.

While people like McConnell may think the TPA is a great success the reality is that it simply increases Obama’s lawlessness and most Americans think it will be bad for their finances. On the other hand Americans want immigration controlled and the Republicans, apparently more concerned about what big business wants than what is good for the American people, do nothing.

The American people are horrified by the Planned Parenthood baby chop-shop operation yet we’re told that we can’t even make Obama stand up for selling baby parts by vetoing a bill.

Seeing that all the Republican campaign rhetoric was a lie by the leadership -- though many individual Republicans such as Cruz and Cotton are trying to fulfill their commitments to the voters -- there is no sector of society, other than the elites themselves and illegals, who do not feel betrayed by and lorded over by the government.

In that America anyone who truly speaks truth to power, like Trump, will quickly get a large following no matter how defective the details of their vision may be.

It’s time to restore the rule of law in America. It’s time for an American Spring where the people retake control of our country and the Constitution is adhered to or amended if the people, not the elites, think it needs to change.

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