The Humanist Hoax of 'Gender'

It so happened there was a 17-year-old girl who lived in a small town in the South.  Hers was a prominent family in town.  They owned the nicest white folks' funeral home and several other businesses, so everybody knew their name.  She was the picture of femininity – graceful, a voice like dusk, a long blond mane that swung when she played tennis.

But she was sullen and petulant.  The doctor said she was depressed and gave her pills to take.

Every now and then she did something that drove her parents and boyfriend haywire.  She ran through the weeds of derelict railroad tracks to spend a few days with an older black woman, a lesbian, in a single-wide by a creek.  These escapades were followed by loud, woeful family councils.  Momma screamed, Daddy bribed, boyfriend drove his truck too fast and picked a suitable fight with whoever offered.

Daughter and lover, female forever, but what was her gender?  Was it L, G, B?  Maybe T or Q?  Or perhaps something else.  Revenge?  Control?  Perhaps it was "Gonna get me a new car."

After the end of slavery and during the waves of Asian immigration in the 19th century, American society stumbled bloody and broken into forms of legal and extra-legal racial segregation.  This restructuring included an irrational but widely accepted hierarchical system for non-white people.  There were labels such as mulatto, octaroon, quadroon, high yellow.  The Census Bureau used such terms, as well as lumping numerous Asian nationalities into an official government term, Hindoo.  As racist as these terms were, some scant genetic support for them can be offered.

It has been said that a sucker is born every minute.  In America, starting in the 1950s, a sucker has been born every millisecond.  The senseless LGBTQ, etc. gender categories being foisted upon a suckered America are directly equivalent to the dehumanizing racial categories of mulatto and quadroon.  They are cooked up in university "gender studies" departments by godless, power-hungry political minds without scientific or genetic justification.

American society was profoundly reconstituted in the middle of the 20th century.  Humanism replaced Judeo-Christian beliefs as the philosophical foundation of political, social, and cultural life.  Humanism decrees that life at its best is a journey of identity-seeking and self-actualization.  In light of the dogma of self-definition and entitlement, sexuality was decoupled from natural law and sexual behavior from moral law.  The priests of humanism control the gullible by preaching against the self-evident truth of dualistic creation.  Like so many prelates before them, they understand that their power lies in making simple things complicated and obscure.  So the truth of there being but two genders was discarded, and an ever increasing list of categories has come down from on high. Interestingly, when the priests of humanism wanted to desacralize man-woman marriage, they briefly recognized only opposite or same-sex marriage.  Same-gender marriage was not mentioned, because the idea of same-gender marriage is absurd.

Gender is numbered two plus infinity: male and female, plus an infinite expression of individual differences within the two categories.  Whether an individual is a male or a female is genetically determined shortly after conception and cannot be changed.  One can medicate, operate, and imitate, but sex never changes.  Though male and female gender are immutable, every life encompasses a unique pattern of masculinity or femininity chiseled upon unformed nature by society and culture.

When the troublesome teenager we met above started running off to sleep with another woman, it had nothing to do with gender.  It happened because humanism has wrought a world gone mad, in which immorality, and especially same-sex immorality, is accepted, even prized, and can be used as a weapon.

Though transgender is a misnomer, there is a rare condition that can be called transsexual.  Transsexual persons experiences an all-encompassing wish to live and be recognized as a member of the other sex because that is who they believe they are.  It is not a stage of life, experiment, or adventure.  Transsexuality is an all-encompassing sense of being in the wrong body that typically arises in childhood and cannot overcome by any psychotherapeusis.

Psychology and psychiatry are poor at explaining radical and unconditioned dislocations of identity such as multiple personalities and transsexualism.  Especially in transsexualism, there is often no history of abuse or trauma – merely an irresistible, comprehensive sense of being missexed.  Male-to-female transsexuality is much more common than female-to-male; no one knows why.

Transsexuality is a challenging life narrative, but so are many others that must be accepted and adapted to one way or another.  The current left-wing obsession with the plight of "transgenders" is just the latest PC, sensitive-me diversion of the day.

In the 1970s, before the mighty hoax of genderism descended, the Cleveland Clinic was one of a few hospitals in the U.S. to offer full psychological, hormonal, and surgical sex reassignment, including penis removal, for male-to-female transsexuals.  Leading hospitals no longer offer those surgeries.  I interned in that program.  I wrote a thesis entitled "Cognitive Abilities Patterns in Male-to-Female Transsexuals."  The question I asked was, would a population of male-to-female transsexuals more closely resemble males or females in their patterns of cognitive abilities?  The short answer was that transsexuals demonstrated typically male abilities patterns in skills with strong genetic components.  In other words, male genetics did not change.

Bruce Jenner is not a transsexual.  He is a man of gigantic ambition for attention, glory, fame, and money, who wrung an extraordinary degree of those advantages out of his masculine capacities before his late-in-life, camera-cluttered spectacle of transgenderism.  He did not become his children's mother.  He did not become a woman with a penis.  He is a male with breasts and a heavy-handed stylist.  In America, he has a right to call himself a woman.  But America has an equal right to discriminate against him regarding accommodations or opportunities reserved to women.

Unless you are referring to pronouns, never use the word "gender."  It is a harmful humanist hoax.  There is no such thing as gender discrimination, only sex discrimination.  If your tax dollars are going to support gender studies, you are being fleeced.

You can do this.  Practice in the mirror, saying, "Carly Fiorina is the only member of her sex in the Republican field."  Or "What a tragedy for women if Hillary Clinton is the first member of her sex to become president."  Just as the disused terms mulatto, quadroon, and Hindoo recall a sad past, the LGBTQ delusions will someday be seen as the summative ignorance of a God-forsaking era.

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