The Caliphate Growing at the Feet of Obama

The international left wasted no time in using the below tragic image as fodder for the multiculturalism/open borders war, suggesting that somehow the West's reluctance to provide safe haven for potentially every human being on the planet is responsible for the death of this 3-year-old boy and the other displaced people with whom he was traveling.

The reason these people left their homes is not in dispute.  They were fleeing ISIS and their trademark hellish barbarism.  Why is there an ISIS?  Because our president is determined to create an Islamic counterbalance to perceived Western hegemony.

Europe and America are too strong, and they achieved their success on the backs of the oppressed peoples of the world, most notably the peaceful Islamic peoples of the Middle East.  So goes the narrative.

If there were only some political construct that could unite the oppressed Islamists in a sort of "pan-Arabic Islamic Union," then the Muslims of the world could take their place among the economic privileged of the world, functioning like an Islamic version of the European Union, or our NAFTA, eliminating their need to lash out in acts of barbarity that (of course!) can be fueled only by their righteous anger at their exploitation by the Western powers.

This is the Arab Spring, folks.  It has never been a democracy movement, nor is it a cry for self-government; it is a movement to replace largely secular non-Islamist governments with fully Islamist theocratic regimes that will eventually fall under the umbrella of a restored caliphate, led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Syria refused to cooperate, preferring instead to slaughter hundreds of thousands of its own people before yielding to Obama's dream of a restored Ottoman empire.  ISIS is the tool with which this administration and its Muslim Brotherhood allies hope to pry Syria from the hands of Assad.

The entire enterprise is foolish in the extreme – not simply because it is insanity to partner in any way with barbarous Islamic supremacists such as ISIS, but primarily because we're doing it all in pursuit of a fantasy. 

The Islamists are lashing out not because of Western oppression.  They aren't raising generation after generation of hate-filled terrorists in response to Western exploitation.

They are doing precisely what Islamists have done for 1,400 years – attempting to take over the world for Islam, as their prophet commanded them to do.

Every few hundred years throughout the history of Islam, the "religion" has achieved a critical mass of power in a given region, enabling its adherents to conquer and rule that region under Islamic law.

After that comes the next phase, where the Islamists (who recognize no borders but their own) begin the process of infiltrating and conquering their neighbors, attempting to fulfill Allah's command through their prophet to put the Earth under the domination of Islam.

History reveals that this phase has been followed reliably by the rest of the world beating Islam back into the stone ages, eliminating their armies, and dividing them into groups too small to mount any meaningful threat.  Then, after a few hundred years, after the memories of the true nature of Islam have faded, the cycle begins anew.

Obama and his collectivist ilk see all problems through red-tinted Marxist eyes – as a battle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat – leaving them completely unprepared (or unwilling!) to see the truth that some people, unlike themselves, believe so strongly in their religion that they will follow its precepts to the death, again and again.

The Middle East is a volatile region because of Islam, not in spite of it.  There are divisions within Islam that are irreconcilable.  Sunni considers Shia to be apostates, and Shia reciprocates the sentiment.  There is no way Iran (Shia) will permit a revived Ottoman Empire in the form of a Sunni-dominated caliphate to exist without the ability to defend themselves against it.

This is the impetus behind the tragically wrong-headed Iran nuclear deal.  The Shia get a nuclear weapon with which to ward off the inevitable Sunni caliphate's aggression, and Obama gets his pan-Arabic Islamic Union.

It is a devil's bargain that will lead to unimaginable suffering, because it is a deal made on a fundamental misapprehension of the dynamic at work.  It's Islam, stupid, not the economy.

The death of this boy and the hundreds of thousands before him, and potentially the millions to come, lie at the foot of the would-be world-crafting Obama. 

We are watching the pursuit of a policy rooted in fantasy, with the lives of millions at stake.  When former State Department spokesperson Marie Harf famously said we need to address the root problems by finding jobs for ISIS, she inadvertently revealed the reality behind Obama's deeply flawed worldview.

This child is dead due to Obama's folly, but hopefully this poignant photo will wake up an uninterested world to the fallacy of Obama's class-warfare worldview before it's too late to forestall the murder of millions in the not too distant future.

The author writes from Omaha, Nebraska and is the communications director for the Global Faith Institute.

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