How Many Refugees Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

Almost every Western European leader today is standing up like a little boy in his second-story bedroom window with his Superman cape on.  About to find out if he can fly.

That is to say, about to find out if the idea of welcoming millions of Muslim refugees into the heart of Europe is going to fly – or, to quote a sarcastic Robert Spencer on the anniversary of 9/11, to find out whether or not their belief that "if we can set aside our bigotry and racism, we will face a glorious multicultural future in which Muslims will significantly enrich our nation[s]" is going to fly.

This is so tiresome.  What did these very confused people think they were hired for if not to protect their civilizations?  I remember an uncle of mine, Jim Hannan, a man who rode with the Apache Scouts chasing Pancho Villa and was later gassed on the Western Front, saying how much he admired wasps because they always fought to the death defending their home.  He was trying to make us understand how important it was and how admirable it was to defend one's own.  So if a bug can understand the value of defending your culture, why can't Angela Merkel understand that two very different cultures cannot occupy the same territory?  That there must always be a struggle until, to quote Lincoln, you "become all one thing or all the other"?

They must be laughing their asses off in Mecca.

Especially since the one thing that distinguishes most Muslim nations in the current Muslim refugee crisis is that they refuse to "enrich" their own societies by taking even one Muslim refugee in.  Indeed, Muslims have never been big on Muslim refugees, which why, over sixty years after the 1948 War, the Palestinian refugee camps on the West Bank have become permanent squalid concrete cities supported by the U.N. and Western aid, while the equivalent number of Jews displaced (from all over the middle East) by that same war have long since been productively absorbed in Israel.

So here we are with millions of Muslims flooding into the heartland of Europe, being paid by Europe to flood into its heartland.  If past is prologue, every one of them believes that a pedophile was God's prophet and will see you die a horrible death for saying otherwise.  These same refugees will tolerate "honor" killing their daughters for imagined offenses, believe as an article of faith that women are subservient human beings little better than slaves, and believe by the same faith in slavery as well.  They believe that free peoples in their parliaments, assemblies, and congresses have no right to make laws because the prophet has already made them all – that there is no right of free speech or religious assembly.  That there is no freedom.  Only submission.

This is the literal definition of the word Islam – submission.

Will Europe survive this experiment?  Who knows?  The question of exactly how many immigrants of the Muslim persuasion does it take to crash the civilization of another is as pointless as asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Because in either, the only chance you have of working out an answer is after you die – culturally or physically.

But why do Angela Merkel and the rest of the European elite believe that Islam "belong[s] in Europe" in the first instance?

Were the Saxons some lost tribe of the prophet Muhammad?  Is Berlin somehow aligned with the Hajj astrologically?  Was Martin Luther really an imam?  Because the question of  whether or not Islam belongs in the heart of Europe seemed to have been settled once and for all when the Muslims finally lost their thousand-year struggle for the continent when defeated at the siege of Vienna in 1683.

No, history has nothing to do with Europeans' decision to admit what is literally any number of Muslims.  The European elites despise history, and the fact that they do actually helps us understand why they're acting the way they are.

They have the motives of lackluster children – spoiled little rich kids who inherited a great civilization, and since there's little on their list of accomplishments to go "wow" over, their entire sense of self-worth is dependent upon belittling their forbears.  This is exactly the same way the spoiled Ivy League-educated offspring of a rich, successful parent will spend the money but make fun of Dad's pronunciation and grammar or ridicule the way Mom used to fuss over his clothes.

So Europe needs new leaders – say, like Charles Napier.

Flash back to British rule in Bengal India in the 19th century.  The Anglo-Saxons running things initially ignored a practice called "suttee" or "sati," wherein widows were being burned to death on the funeral pyres of their husbands.  It was, the English considered, an odd form of indigenous suicide best not to have an opinion on.  But then there were any number of reports of men dragging the widows to the burning pyres and throwing them on or tying them down on it before the fire was started.

Therefore, the Brits, because it was right to do so and because they had the power to do so, outlawed suttee.  And a prominent delegation came to Charles Napier, the British Army's commander-in-chief in India, and complained.  It is our custom, they said, and they demanded that the practice be allowed.  Napier replied that it was his civilization's custom to hang men who murdered women, and so if they were to be allowed their custom, the British must be allowed theirs.

I believe that my uncle Jim would have gotten along quite well with Charles Napier, because he saw the superior values of his folk and stood to defend them.  What Europe has to realize is that it can't get along without someone very much like him.  Dozens of Napiers.

Not for much longer, in any event.

No matter that such modern-day Napiers will be labeled incredibly stupid and very bad people by Europe's version of the PC police and the current ruling elite.  A neo-colonialist and a racist, bigoted, intolerant, ignorant, an antediluvian reactionary standing in the path of history.

Without such men, there is no good path for European history.  Only screaming, angry, demanding crowds at European train stations, with men shrieking in Arabic while throwing human feces at buses who aren't taking them where they want to go quickly enough. 

And then, in the end, submission.

Richard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD.  He lives and writes in the colonial era hamlet of Stone Ridge, New York, blogs at and can also be reached at