How Democrats Created America's Social Caste System

Hundreds of years from now when academics have the objectivity to see what has been going on in the U.S., researchers may see the past two hundred years as the time when the Democrat Party of the U.S. created a politically convenient social caste system.

The U.S. was established upon the core belief that all persons are equal. That government should be composed of representatives who come from all levels of society, that there should be no elite political class. Nor should there be any permanent underclass.

Historically, nation states have established societies made up of at least three castes. At the bottom, economically and politically speaking, there is the lowest class. In India this has been called the Dalit or untouchable class. They were expected to perform the lowest paid jobs, those that required the least skill and education. The largest class, what we would today call the middle class, is the class that both contains the most persons and performs most of the work in the economy, ranging from skilled labor to skilled professional work. The highest class is always the class of political elites. They seek to preserve the caste system that keeps them in power, and they always endeavor to force the middle class and lower class, or the masses, to support them financially. 

It is interesting, using the language of sociologists and political scientists, to apply these caste concepts to the Democrat Party’s behavior.

For over two hundred years Democrats have worked to create and maintain a low caste based upon race.  For example, it was Democrats who wanted to maintain the South’s system of race-based labor exploitation known as slavery. In the 1820s Democrats who were anxious to maintain the low caste refused to follow federal laws that banned the existence of this caste in new states. America’s Civil War was not started by the North to abolish slavery. Rather, it was started by the South in order to preserve slavery.

American public universities are encouraged to continually create new paradigms of both political control and caste system maintenance. Social constructs, like scientific constructs, change through time and it is necessary to constantly renew the power of government and its authority. One example is the notion of “climate change” which enables universities to receive grant money.  

This “caste creep” has been happening under Democrats since they, like political elites for millennia before them, want to create a low caste that is dependent on them. They do not see an economic underclass as a long-term issue of economic oppression. Rather, they see an underclass as a way of keeping themselves in power. 

It is startling to consider that southern Democrats essentially treated black southerners in a manner similar to the way untouchables are treated in India. They were forced, by law, to attend different schools, to keep away from whites on trains and buses; and to use their own water fountains and bathrooms as if whites would be contaminated by having any contact with them.

A century later, in the early 1900s, Democrats brought former slaves into the Midwestern, eastern, and northeastern cities and placed them into carefully planned, racially segregated communities; a strategy called “apartheid” when it was practiced in South Africa.

Once the civil rights movement mandated that Democrats establish better employment conditions for minority black residents of the U.S., Democrats once again engaged in another startling and shameful effort to maintain their political control by creating another low caste: immigrant Hispanics. Democrats encouraged persons from Mexico and Central America to flee their impoverished nations and move to Democrat-controlled cities. They promised them “sanctuary” from immigration law in their cities, and supported them with benefits such as subsidized housing, education and health care. 

And like the blacks who moved north, these illegal immigrants found themselves forced into racially segregated communities. While housing segregation is technically illegal, Democrats were able to create a legal loophole by saying that these new low caste members were entitled to have representation in Congress.

Today Hispanics in Chicago are concentrated into 14 supermajority Hispanic Wards and their daughters are becoming single mothers at a slightly higher rate than blacks. Furthermore, their employment opportunities are limited to low-paid jobs no one else will do. The schools run by Democrat-controlled unions are so dysfunctional that Hispanics drop out of high school at a rate twice as high as blacks. This high dropout rate among minority blacks and Hispanics may be intentional. Proof of this is that Democrats never provide minority students with other educational choices. If they did have a good education they would move away from the racially segregated barrios and ghettoes and the caste system would gradually disappear.  

Democrats have been able to maintain this caste strategy by manipulating the perceptions and expectations of the masses. Their goal has been, as Orwell wrote in 1984, to convince voters to hold two contradictory concepts in mind at once: that Democrats are the Party that helps the poor and that poverty is not created by government but by capitalism.  

To this day, many blacks and Hispanics do not realize that the poverty and racial segregation they endure has been created by Democrats. Democrats preach equality but seek to make the social castes unequal. This is done to maintain their political power and control over the nation.

For their efforts in maintaining this caste system government workers are rewarded with highly paid jobs. These government jobs serve two important functions: to maintain the teachings of the government, and to provide campaign contributions to the Party. Today four of the top seven contributors to national campaigns are members of the Democrat Party’s government unions.

In Illinois, a Democrat dominated state, by 2020 there will be over 25,000 retired political elites who will collect over $100,000 a year in a pension. This enables them to spend up to half of their adult life forcing lower castes to work for them.

The idea that Democrats have exclusive control over those economically dependent upon government entitlements is widely held. And if one accepted that Democrats want to control these dependents, it is a small step to realize and accept that they have actively created these dependents. The realization among black leaders that black lives don’t matter arises from the caste system created by Democrats and their progressive liberal policies.  

It is unsettling to realize that a political party would create a social caste system. It is particularly disturbing to see how this is done by the Democrat Party that works to maintain the image of promoting social diversity and inclusion. But then this image may be an essential part of the effort. 

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