How dare the voters pick a candidate?

When it comes to sneering contempt for ordinary people, it's hard to out-perform the left, with its long, bloody history of mass murders by tiny radical elites.  But we are now being treated to conservative pundits' revolt against the base, a most revealing moment in these dangerous times.

I won't name names (you already know them), but the punditocracy is ablaze with outrage that the voters might actually pick a candidate – in this case, Donald Trump.  It doesn't matter if you're pro or contra Trump.  What I find a little shocking is how the scribbler class is openly trying to knock off the most popular candidate – in much the way they sneered at Reagan (just an old B-movie actor), and, for that matter, at Lincoln (a backwoods hick).  Reagan and Lincoln lacked "nuance," "gravitas," and fashionable radicalism.

Well, Obama is an old-fashioned radical, straight out of Tom Wolfe's glorious book of essays, Mau-mauing the flack-catchers and radical chic.  Obama is nothing but radical chic.  He's yesterday's story repeating itself as another farce.

So how does it feel to have your country overturned against your will by a trendy leftist ideologue, elected primarily for his cool factor?  How do you think the Russians and Saudis feel about our hero, now that he's sabotaged every single ally and boosted every America-hating tin-pot tyrant in the world?  Have we been punished enough to make up for winning the Cold War?  Obama certainly wants to give us more of the same, until "justice" is finally achieved.  (Which is never.)

Obama believes in crazy stuff, of course, but our Organs of Propaganda dig it.  Yesterday's crazy stuff has become the dominant narrative.

Well, in the face of deep crisis, conservative pundits have made up their minds – and the most popular candidate is taking friendly fire.  But regular people aren't going along.  That annoys the elites something awful.

Most of us are mainly watching the horses to see how they run. I don't know if Trump will win this – I personally like Ted Cruz – but who knows?  Carly Fiorina is coming out strong.  Ben Carson is a wonderful, gentle, and supremely sane man, someone we've badly need in our less than sane public life.  Now that he has our attention, Trump is sounding more presidential.

I love it when we have a strong farm team.

Apparently our gurus have trouble tolerating the angst of not being in control.  They don't think ordinary conservatives can pick winners who can govern.  But then they can't boast of a stellar record either.

"Democracy," said Winston Churchill, " is the worst form of government, except for all the others."  Churchill took plenty of bloody noses from the ups and downs of democracy.  It's all very messy, and sometimes evil demagogues really rise to the top.

Yet over the long run, Americans haven't done too badly picking leaders in times of crisis.

Our generation is intellectually slothful and badly impaired by drugs, alcohol, and media madness.  We are easily scared by the race-baiting media.  A century of degenerating public education has dumbed down the average American to unprecedented levels of political ignorance.

But now we are seeing the most dangerous times since Jozef Stalin got the Bomb.  Our allies are under murderous pressure around the world – by far the worst example of that being Obama's historic capitulation to the thug regime of Qom and Tehran.  This is crazy dangerous stuff.  It is also very real.

We now know that our "historic" president came into office ready to surrender to the mullahs.  Co-President Val Jarrett started back-channel talks with them right at the beginning – probably even before they got elected.

In the meantime, former Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. James Lyons is telling us, “The Obama administration has a strategy. It is very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It’s anti-American, anti-Western, it’s pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

That quote should be circulated to every conservative activist in the country.  It spells clear and present danger.  Check out the facts – you've got the best research tool at your fingertips.  There is no excuse for ignorance about the biggest danger of our times.

If our leaders can't get their priorities straight, the base should stop listening to them.  With nuke proliferation out of control, the safety of the world is at stake.  We desperately need a president who is not a political bomb-thrower.

Our political class has failed again and again to face the reality of jihad – following their buddies in Europe, who just let in around 100,000 "Syrian refugees," who happen to look just like jihadis, ready to blow up Amsterdam and Berlin the first chance they get.  D.C. just doesn't get that we are losing the Long Jihad War for lack of leadership.  The people are ready – but we have cowardly, incompetent, and untrustworthy leaders.

With nuclear proliferation now out of control – thanks in part to Obama – the threat of jihadist suiciders with radioactive material is knocking at our door.

Yet our soi-disant leaders don't see what the world sees.  They're only trying to control the nominating process.

The left has always specialized in contempt for the proles and the peasants.  We see enough of that in our vulgar and hysterical media.  It's beyond disgusting.  Contempt for ordinary people is not in our tradition.  Too many of our gurus are hothouse flowers, hired by the left to make them look balanced.  They are there for decoration.  This is not a time for conservative ormulu clocks  to grace the mantle pieces of D.C. and New York.

If conservatives are to lead, they'd better spend more time listening to the voters.  Hillary can afford to go on a totally phony "listening tour."  Conservative leaders had better listen for real.  The voters might just have something important to say.