Fighting Back Against the SJWs

Social justice warriors (SJWs) are like the weather. Everybody complains about them, but nobody does anything about them, except for controversialist Vox Day who has just released an ebook on how to fight back against the SJWs, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

The book is an extension of numerous blog posts on Day's take-no-prisoners Vox Popoli blog, and tells readers how to recognize SJWs, how to deal with an SJW attack on you at work, how to fight back against the SJWs, and ends with an up-to-the-minute report on GamerGate and the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies campaign over the 2015 science-fiction Hugo awards.

Vox Day is a warrior; he lives the eternal battle order: March towards the sound of the guns. He battles with social justice warriors, he runs Alpha Game blog on how to pursue women, he engages the lefties at science-fiction publisher Tor Books, and he publishes books by military historians and strategists like Martin van Creveld and William S. Lind. Naturally he writes a lot about 4th Generation warfare and Col. John Boyd's OODA Loop.

Vox Day likes bullet points, and so he begins SJWs Always Lie by defining SJW behavior with the following Three Laws of SJW.

1. SJWs Always Lie

2. SJWs Always Double Down

3. SJWs Always Project

That's all very well, but how should one actually do when an SJW takes offense at an inoffensive remark you make at work and starts to name and shame you? Vox Day has a list for that as well, but the most important is “Do not resign!” As in Brendan Eich and Sir Tim Hunt.

All in all, Vox Day has written an excellent tactics manual for survival in the SJW-infested cubicle jungle.

But what about the bigger picture? Vox Day has a whole chapter on "Winnng the Social Justice War in the West" that is brimming with useful tactics, but what is it all for? Remembering that politics is downstream from culture, what is the culture we are fighting for? What is the Meaning of It All? What catchphrase is emblazoned on our banners as we march towards the sound of the guns?

We should take our cue from the present progressive ruling class, and start with an accusation, that today's progressive ruling class is the most oppressive and unjust that ever exploited ordinary innocent humans. Its religion is government, its way of life is politics, and builds nothing but comprehensive and mandatory administrative systems. How then could its rule be anything but unjust? And so our banners should proclaim their guilt:

1. Government is force.

2. Politics divides people.

3. System is domination.

Want a new government program, progressives? Then you are talking about force. Want more politics? Then you are talking about ways to divide people. Want a comprehensive administrative system to deliver health care? Then you are talking about dominating everyone to force them into the system designed by the lovely Jonathan Gruber.

These are good and noble cries,that trumpet the eternal danger of government, that it so easily divides, dominates, and compels – and does so in the interest of the rulers, not the ruled. Their glorious strength is that they are all true.

Compare our cry with the progressives' various accusations over the last 150 years. First, they cried that capitalists were exploiters. But the capitalists were building an economy that has boosted the incomes of ordinary folk by 3000% in two centuries. Some exploitation! Then they cried that bourgeois men were patriarchs. You mean the same bourgeoisie that replaced arranged marriages with romantic marriage and the privacy that got young women out from under the domination of the extended family? Some patriarchy. Then the cry was that whites are racists. You mean the whites that abolished slavery and then forced most of the rest of the world to follow suit? Some racism.

In other words, the progressives lied. But then Vox Day just told us: SJWs Always Lie.

And now, after a century of their rule, we all live under the boot of their compulsory administrative government programs. What are taxes at 33 percent of GDP but exploitation? What is the vast apparatus of government entitlements but a vast coercive patriarchy? What is the cruel politics of identity and diversity but racism?

 Was there ever a government so oppressive and unjust?

If we could articulate a political philosophy to put the progressives on the back foot and then put a bit of stick about among the SJW rabbits, courtesy of Vox Day & Co., we'd find that all our frustrations with timid RINOs in Washington and Silicon Valley titans timidly kissing the ring of the Democrats would melt into air.

Then we could live in truth, instead of the SJW lie.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.

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