Democrats' victimization playbook: exploit black rage, white guilt

Regardless of one's melanin levels, the simple truth is that anyone with the wrong mind-set can raise a hand in violence or wield a firearm to commit homicide.  As guns and bullets are neutral, inanimate objects -- color blind and without self-directing intention -- it is foolhardy on a practical level, but often politically expedient as a black-white wedge issue to, in essence, “blame the gun.” That is precisely why vote-pandering Democrats -- bankrupt of fresh ideas and pragmatic solutions -- focus on de facto gun restriction (despite Second Amendment protections) through governmental bureaucracy (read: District of Columbia). In other words, make compliance standards so high as a virtually guarantee of the impossibility of legal gun ownership.

Just last May 19th, reality-challenged Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser claimed “Today, DC is safer than it has been in years and we will not retreat from that progress” in defense of the DC Council's court-overturned restrictive policies on concealed carry weapons in the district.  In effect since May 9th, fast forward 17 weeks and the current rate of homicides has already matched 2014's yearly figure of 105 (with three months still remaining in 2015).  Through August 29, per the Metropolitan Police Department Firearms Registration Section, for a city of approximately 600,000 residents, 281 applications have been received and 42 licenses granted or 6.7 percent. That's four months of work: “Big Brother” government service at its finest.

When punitive, bureaucratic incompetence doesn't completely discourage what emerges is a related, scripted, shrieking, Democratic strategy: more laws, stronger restrictions and double down on the same background checks that didn't work the first time!  Articulated like an empty-headed Pavlovian response, current Governor of Virginia (and Clinton fund-raising bagman) Terry McAuliffe -- laughably advocated this nonsensical policy with a straight-face -- in response to legal gun owner, Vester L. Flanagan II: the clearly unhinged former reporter who murdered local Roanoke reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward.  Indeed, when the perpetrator is black and the victim white (or in the case of Kathryn Steinle, a resident of sanctuary city San Francisco murdered by an illegal alien, Francisco Sanchez) it doesn't fit the false Democratic narrative of the white, racist bogeyman (read: Republican) out to get black people.  Hence, another unintended consequence of Democratic governance they are free to exploit for their own divisive political ends -- a destructive, domestic calcification better known as the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.  

Naturally, Democratic leaders gloss over the statistical reality that perpetrators of gun violence particularly in Democrat-controlled urban centers (like Mr. Obama's Chicago hometown -- a black-on-black killing field -- more dangerous to a young black male than Middle East war zones) most often don't get their weapons legally and therefore completely make irrelevant background checks. Progressive Democrats like Obama are all about the political optics of “appearing (superficially) to do something” such as, for example, focusing upon the minutia of regulating how many projectiles in a magazine rather than addressing the fundamental issue of personal responsibility for one's behavior which is antithetical to the Democrat's vote-garnering politics of victimization (which translates into always blaming your neighbor's biological or economic difference for your lesser lot in life.) In the same vein, the historically pro-slavery Democratic Party preys on the residue of generational white guilt related to slavery in America. Ironically, Republicans, the party of freedom-loving abolitionists (and perhaps the greatest American president Abraham Lincoln who ended that inhuman practice with the passage of the 13th Amendment and held the United States together with the end of the Civil War (both in 1865) are systematically and outrageously demonized by Democrats and the MSM as anti-minority, anti-immigrant and anti-woman. Orwellian fictions one-and-all, fomenting black rage and white blame to shore up voting blocs to ensure Hillary's ascension to the presidency in 2016.

Democrats like Ms. Clinton don't care one whit for “black lives:” she proudly defends the Nazi-style barbarity of Planned Parenthood and admires its founder, the outspoken racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger; named for the award she received from that organization in 2009. She spews divisive hate speech, intentionally whips up a storm of frenzied emotions (and the underlying Democratic political machinations and manipulations of pitting one minority group against another á la the Obama Administration's modus operandi over the last 6.5 years). Therefore, the truth of the actual cause of the majority of gun-related homicides in the black community (and the deplorable state of the black community in general) are almost wholly obscured. Specifically, this dynamic accounts for the 2013 FBI crime statistics which indicate that black-on-black murder accounts for 90% of murders in the Afro-American community to which its members and leaders turn a blind eye.

Democrats play the whack-a-mole “blame” game which always points away from the fundamental aspect of any real leader: accountability.  They race-bait and foster chaos precisely because it divides the electorate against itself in order to achieve and maintain their real goal: personal and perpetual political power.  Unfortunately, Democrats are unchecked by the modern press that ignores the glaring loopholes and unintended real life consequences of their anti-gun policies: with white hat elements in our society restricted by cumbersome legal gun procurement procedures (which do not curtail criminals' access to illegally obtained firearms) a power-imbalance favoring the wrong hands exists.  Therefore, it is not the law-abiding, but his opposite that is emboldened to act out surrounded by a disarmed populace: wolves among sheep.  Likewise, Democrats do further societal damage due to their blatant disregard for the Constitution, intrinsic disdain for the military and law enforcement, and the distracting deluge of MSM-transmitted lies, big and small in our endless 24 hour news cycle.

The wholesale blaming of any group for the nefarious acts of a select few is wrongheaded delusion.  Plain and simple.  In this instance, that holds true for white people in general and white police, in specific.  In any case, neither group deserves to be the target of generalized, lawless rage.  Democrat U.S. president Harry Truman was famous for the motto, “The Buck Stops Here.”  Well, the same holds true for the black hands that point guns and do violence in their communities -- Democrats like Obama and Hillary who exploit those tragic circumstances for political gain -- and the propaganda-carrying MSM that exacerbates the problem by dutifully carrying progressive's buckets of swill.

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