Am I Still a Racist?

To see the emptiness of liberal/Democrat logic, try the following at the next dinner party.

If I vote for Ben Carson, am I still guilty of being a racist, considering the way you hurled that accusation at me when I told you that Obama was a very bad choice because of his ideology and his acquaintances?

If I vote for Carly Fiorina, am I still guilty of a war on women, given that this woman has broken through the glass ceiling, overcome a deadly disease, and still come out fighting?

If you insist that the federal government fund Planned Parenthood even after the uncovering of  illegal sales of aborted body parts, I am confused.  Wasn't Obamacare supposed to provide universal coverage for all Americans?  Why, then, does the federal government need to continue funding Planned Parenthood? 

If you vote for Bernie Sanders, will your house in Chappaqua be available for the government's use if Sanders decides you have no right to private property anymore?  As Thomas Sowell has opined, "what exactly is [the] fair share of what someone else has worked for?"

For the environmentalists who maintain that we have no right to use trees to produce paper towels for bathroom use, did you know that "dryers use electricity which produces a 'carbon footprint' that liberals link to global warming"?

By the way, "if 11 million illegal aliens are supposed to assist the U.S. economy, why didn't they help the Mexican economy before they left?"

Why aren't you pounding the table extolling the virtues of Obamacare now that premiums have skyrocketed, Americans cannot keep their doctors, and small businesses are threatened with $35,500 in IRS fines for helping employees with health costs?

Explain the compelling reason why we returned five known terrorists for one questionable American soldier, but we cannot get back kidnapped Americans from the Iranians.

As a pacifist, you extol the virtues of military reductions.  How, then, should we defend ourselves against ISIS when they promise to invade our shores and conquer us? 

Explain Mr. Obama's immigration policy, where people "can illegally enter and work for decades without filing income tax returns and then as an extra bonus have the IRS allow them to qualify for up to $35,000 in tax refunds."

Since racism is a charge that Democrats constantly use, how do you justify that Al Sharpton, a well-known race-baiter and anti-Semite, is an advisor to Obama?

If "Obamacare is so great, why do Americans need a law to make them buy it and if they don't comply, they are fined?"

How do you explain that "in the United Kingdom where there is a total gun ban they have the second highest overall crime rate in the European Union whereas the U.S. is not even in the top ten countries in the world for violent crime"?  These are 2011 FBI Crime Statistics.

Dinesh D'Souza wonders, as do I, "why liberal tolerance extends to Marxists, transsexuals, and Islamic radicals – but not to conservatives or Christians[.]"

Please explain why it is fair for Congress and the president to exempt themselves from Obamacare, but then force it upon the American people.

John Hayward has described "ObamaCare [as] so well-written its text must be ignored, so healthy it's kept alive with exec orders, so affordable everyone needs subsidies."

Another logic puzzle for you: "People who say thugs is a racist expression are making the false assumption that all thugs are black."  How do you rationalize this?

In the brouhaha about Baltimore and alleged white racism, did you know that one half of Baltimore's officers are non-white; the population is 63% black; and the mayor, city council, and police chief are all black.  Yet the depressing state of affairs in Baltimore is somehow about white racism! 

I know that Democrats evince concern for human rights.  But when "Iran hangs homosexuals and China leads the world in the number of executions without due process and Saudi Arabia stones women for being raped and Lebanon exercises apartheid against Palestinians," the only country singled out for opprobrium is Israel, which extends human rights to all of the above.  Please clarify.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz cannot seem to distinguish between Democrats and socialists.  Might it be because, according to "Saul Alinsky, the way to create a socialist state is to (a) control healthcare to control the people; (b) increase the poverty level because poor people are easier to control; (c) increase the debt to unsustainable levels; (d) remove people's ability to defend themselves by increased gun control; (e) divide the people into the wealthy and the poor in order to produce class warfare"?  Obama has successfully accomplished most of these.  Sanders and Clinton promise more of the same.

Did you know that the federal government now mandates that educators take training courses to help prevent discrimination and harassment?  Under the heading of "Gender Identity and Expression," one learns that "[g]ender identity is frequently defined as an individual's internal, personal sense of being a man, a woman, a transgender person or a different gender entirely."  

Would you please explain what is meant by "different gender entirely"? 

In the same training, we are informed that "Tangible Employment Actions" means "that the recipient of the harassment loses pay or experiences some significant change in workload, assignments, or hours of work."

As an adjunct instructor, I have lost hours of work, resulting in a reduction in salary, and ultimately pension benefits, because Obamacare has forced my employers to cut my hours.  How is this not an abuse by the federal government?

I know that you have a visceral hatred "toward President Nixon[,] but what's the difference between Nixon and Obama – could it be that the press uncovered the crimes of one and covered up the crimes of the other?"

In an attempt to be affronted by the facts, you will state that only a small number of Muslims are radical and wish to destroy Western civilization.  If there are a billion Muslims in the world, and 10-25% avow that they wish to destroy America, that equates to 350,000,000 people.  For those visual learners among you, "imagine a bowl of M&Ms with [only] 10% of them poisoned.  Would you eat a handful?"

Why do you get riled up about the death of a lion but seem to ignore the "fact that in the 1,400 year history of Islam, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people" and continue to do so with impunity?  They murder Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Yazidis, and even Muslims who disagree with them.  

Which time was Obama telling the truth: when he said he could not unilaterally change the law because that is Congress's job and there is separation of powers, or when he did unilaterally change the law – all the while basking in the knowledge that he would be exempt from the consequence?

Much of the above comes from BreitbartOneVoice, Liberal Logic 101, StandWithUs, RightWingRantsRaves, ThePatriotNation,, UncleSam', RightFightofLeft, and Jan Morgan. 

As George Orwell has said, "the further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those [who] speak it."

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