Yank the Emergency Cord Now!

Someone must – Congress can do it – pull the emergency cord on the Obama-Kerry Express to Hell. Their deal with the Islamic Republic is madness.

You don’t give a five-year-old a can of gasoline and a box of matches to play with, and you don’t allow a country to produce an atomic bomb whose leaders publicly aspire to incinerating hundreds of thousands of Jews with said bomb and destroying the world’s only tiny Jewish state.

And that’s just for starters. In the end, America is threatened with annihilation too.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in late July that he was not sure if the Iranians were serious about wanting to destroy Israel; this after years of insisting that they do.  Almost coincidently, less than a week later, Iran’s Supreme Holy Man-cum-Tyrant Ayatollah Khameini published a book, his 416-page magnum opus called Falastin (which is the Arabic-Islamic mangling of “Palestine” because the Arabic language has no letter p.)

In it he wrote, “Palestine is the most important issue of the Islamic world. Palestine is the most important issue of the world of Islam.  There is no international issue in the world of Islam more important than the issue of Palestine.  The reason is that the domination by the occupiers of Palestine and Quds/Jerusalem is the source of other weaknesses and problems in the Islamic world.”

In his book he calls Israel an “infected cancer,” which was the language about Jews used by Adolf Hitler.

Khamenei declares that the salvation of the Muslim world to be dependent on defeating Israel.  “The Zionist occupiers are antihuman and their state must be annihilated.”

One wonders if Secretary of State Kerry -- surely made aware by staffers of the publication of this volume by the de facto Caliph in Teheran -- is still puzzled as to the Islamic Republic’s true intentions.

The agreement produced by Kerry and Obama is simply insane.  The Iranians are completely upfront about their intentions. Since 1979, thousands of American soldiers in various theaters of war have lost their lives in wars backed by Iran against both the Little Satan of Israel and Big Satan of the U.S., and here are these two “statesmen” signing off on Iran’s nuclear and intercontinental missile programs whose only logical purpose is producing missiles capable of reaching American cities armed with nuclear warheads.  The payloads of such Iranian intercontinental missiles are not likely to contain, as a goodwill gesture, rainmaking chemicals for the skies above drought-stricken California but atomic bombs intended to obliterate New York City and/or Washington, DC.  On the very day, July 14, the deal was signed, there were tens of thousands of demonstrators in Iran organized by the regime chanting “Death to America!” and one has the right ask, “Have Obama and Kerry and those who support their deal lost their minds?

Obama and Kerry, spiritually speaking, seem to have emerged from the putrid afterbirth of the lunatic 1960s and 70s.  Kerry was one of the most despicable Americans in that period. He went to Viet Nam with a movie camera to be photographed as a soldier “in country” with a view to his future political career, and the medals that he came home with -- there is reason to believe -- were fraudulently awarded.

After only four months overseas he returned to the States when being anti-authority and anti-establishment was all the rage in “youth culture” and trashed his medals in an attention-getting media stunt by throwing replicas of them at the White House.  He made himself famous by badmouthing and betraying his former comrades-in-arms by calling them war criminals.  He was the male “Jane Fonda” of the day who flew off to Paris to shake hands with the enemy Communist Viet Cong.  

As for Obama who was a boy at that time, the Communist Franklin Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, father of seditious “community organizing,” were his political mentors.  As an adult, he then befriended two others among the more reprehensible public figures of the age, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, both domestic, violent opponents of the American way of life.

And now – how in G-d’s name did this happen? – Barack Obama and John Kerry are at the helm of the American ship of state and driving it onto the rocks.

They must be stopped, and that can done be if enough senators and representatives in Congress vote down the dynamic duo’s demented scheme to send $150 billion to Iran and let it build atomic bombs if not in this decade then the next, when the regime also will have intercontinental missiles to affix them to.

Obama and Kerry and their errand girl UN ambassador Samantha Power have already done their worst by authorizing the U.N. Security Council to lift economic sanctions on Iran, and already the P5 + 1 countries are disgracefully flocking to Teheran to do business.

But a defeat in Congress could lead to the continuation of American sanctions, which can have a ripple effect and curb other countries in their dealings with Iran. An overwhelming override of Obama’s veto would also block release of those $150 billion. In the first generation of the Republic, the U.S. government paid ransom to turbaned Muslim potentates like Ayatollah Khameini, but at least won the release of American hostages enslaved by them. That Obama and Kerry have been content to do nothing for the four hostages in Iran as they agree to pay out all those billions is mindboggling in its cruelty and grounds for impeachment, removal from office and criminal indictment.

A resounding defeat would also have a salutary effect on American morale and put the world on notice that the U.S. is coming back.

Failure to destroy Obama and Kerry’s fiendish scheme promises only darkness.

Sha’i ben-Tekoa’s PHANTOM NATION: Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace is available at Amazon.com and www.deprogramprogram.com.

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