Why History will Curse the Democrats

What will happen when the fanatics of Iran explode their first bomb? What if they drop a dirty bomb on Tel Aviv or Riyadh, as they can already do today? What if they stage an armored blitzkrieg against Saudi Arabia by way of Syria and Jordan, under the protection of their own nuclear umbrella?

They have threatened to do all those things -- and if they do, Obama will not escape the blame.

These are real scenarios that strategists around the world are studying in detail. Given Obama's disastrous weakening of U.S. and allied power, and especially his failure to act years ago when the nuclear program was vulnerable, the risk of major war is now much greater than ever before. Nothing like this has happened in the 66 years of the nuclear age. The world is entering unknown territory, with the first sworn Armageddon cult equipped with nukes. Destroy a stable balance of power and the world becomes much more dangerous, not less. That is exactly what Obama has done, and not a single liberal newspaper has had the guts to say it.

The rest of Obama's term may therefore be very dangerous. America's enemies will try to solidify their gains before a stronger U.S. president can be elected.

The only gain from major Iranian aggression would be a historic punch in the nose to the Democrats. Because this is not just Obama's failure. It all started when Jimmy Carter let the ayatollahs take power over the modernizing and relatively enlightened Shah in 1979. Bill Clinton had eight years to catch Bin Laden before 9/11/01, which could have been avoided. Nearly 3,000 innocents died that day because of Clinton's inability to take the danger seriously, and he has escaped any responsibility. Hillary committed gross malfeasance on the night of the Benghazi attack, along with Obama himself. Add to that the evidence for Muslim Brotherhood influence buying and infiltration, according to Admiral James Lyons (USN, ret) and defense journalist Bill Gertz, and we can imagine a scenario where disaster in the Middle East will turn American voters against the guilty party.

The Democrats are now associated with willful domestic destruction, as in the Baltimore riots, bankruptcy in Detroit and other Democratic cities, systematic sabotage of our borders, massive national security hacks, criminal leaking of national security secrets, predictable economic malaise, enormous misallocation of tax resources to fantasy energy projects, and finally, abject surrender to nuclear cults in North Korea and Iran. Mass murdering terrorists are now much stronger than six years ago, and we are weaker. That is not an accident. It follows directly from Obama's actions.

Nations and parties can drift into self-destructive behavior, as the Democrats keep doing. When things get bad enough, frustrated voters have been known to take their revenge.

Major voter rebellions have happened several times in U.S. history. You may not remember the Whigs, the Federalists, or the German Bund. Those movements went extinct when Americans turned against them. Just before the Civil War, voters turned to Lincoln's Republicans, throwing out the Democrats as the party of slavery and rebellion.

Major electoral reverses happen when voters see repeated failures of leadership in frightening times. It took Ronald Reagan to defeat Carter after four years of economic and foreign policy weakness, and Obama hasn't done any better.

In 1948 CPUSA party stooges almost took control of the Democratic Party. Democrats were saved by the skin of their teeth by Harry Truman's victory. It took George Meany's AFL-CIO to drive Stalinists out of the unions, saving the Democrats from extinction in the 1950s.

However, since the McGovern Commission of 1968, which introduced affirmative action in Democratic delegate selection, the Dems have swung hard left again. Their yen for destructive radicalism has never been as more dangerous than it is today, under the angriest anti-American president in history, Barack Hussein Obama.

None of the Democrats seem to see the yawning abyss in front of their eyes. Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who could resist the nuclear surrender, is so fixed on becoming Senate majority leader that he is willing to open the gates of Hell in the Middle East. American voters turned against the Left when Stalin signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939. In the early 50s Soviet nuclear bombs helped elect a Republican Congress and president.

Today we see the most astonishing American surrender in history. If it leads to disaster, Obama and the Democrats will not escape the blame. Too many people know the truth. Even as Democrats are under relentless pressure to vote for the surrender, the ayatollah has issued a book detailing exactly how he plans to nuke Tel Aviv and New York City.

Shades of Mein Kampf!

But Obama tells us the mullahs don't really mean it.

The odds are heavily against Obama's gamble, but he is planning to be out of town when the inevitable crisis hits.

Americans haven't seen this kind of nuclear crisis since Stalin's and Khrushchev's sabre rattling in the 1950s. The Soviets never publicly threatened nuclear destruction in Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. But the mullahs have been boasting about nuclear Armageddon ever since Jimmy Carter allowed the Shah to be chased out of power.

Will American voters respond to obvious dangers? Or are we so stultified that nothing will wake us up?

So far, Republicans haven't broken through media censorship. Donald Trump may finally be showing us how to do it. Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson seem to have the courage of their convictions. They will be attacked by the media mob, of course. The question is whether Republicans will stick by their guns. Today it's not politics as usual, but national survival.

But our voters seem more ignorant, more intellectually lazy and more media-whipped than ever. Our candidates are easily intimidated. Mitt Romney ducked far too many incoming blows, while missing open chances to strike back. Dole and McCain were too old and worn out to run. Republicans should never yield to the vanity of old men.

When the Obama trance wears off, I have to believe that Americans will still respond to clear and present danger. But by then it could be too late.

Maybe the voters should put the Democrats on notice. If the nuclear balloon goes up, today's surrender to the mullahs is the one thing they will never walk away from.

Let them go the way of the Whigs. 

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