What Touches Classified is Classified

In the three thousand years of the history of espionage and of criminal investigations, a primary element has been the practice of reading other peoples’ mail. Wiretapping, steaming open envelopes, forging letters to get an incriminating response -- these are ploys of reality as well as fiction. Google and AT&T are said to have helped the National Security Administration scan our emails for code words and other data. Who we write to in itself can help reveal what we are up to. Your mail is being monitored. Would you mind if Hillary revealed it? Although a high public official may have some discretion in the handling and dissemination of official government business, it is incumbent on the U. S. Secretary of State to recognize that her personal as well as the official diplomatic mail under her care will be the target of foreign intelligence agencies because the secretary of state is responsible for all diplomatic correspondence, for security of embassies and missions, and for...(Read Full Article)