Victim-hood-ism, Guns, Hillary, and the Virginia Shooter

Recently, I asked my 87-year-old dad: "Was it a dream, or did you and Mom allow a man dressed like a woman to run through our home and out the back door?"  Dad replied, "Wow!  How on Earth could you possibly remember that?"  I was a toddler then, now in my sixties.  Dad said the man was being chased by the police, and my mom felt sorry for him.

Today, transvestites are celebrated, awarded for courage.  And yet, more Americans than ever view themselves as victims.

A caller on a radio show said people are fed up with both sides complaining about being victims.  He cited conservatives' bogus claim that there is a war on Christmas.  I thought, "Sir, the left's war on Christianity is real."

The left (Democrats, Hollywood, and MSM)'s gospel of victim-hood-ism is a despicable lie designed to create division, paranoia, fear, and hate in Americans.  The entire Democratic Party platform is based on the lie that everyone is a victim of someone or something.  Women are victims of American men.  Blacks are victims of whites, police, and America.  The poor are victims of the rich.  Homosexuals are victims of heterosexuals.  Illegals are victims of American citizens.  Kids with bad parents are victims of wholesome households.  Employees are victims of employers.

The Democrats' list of bogus inequalities goes on and on.  Meanwhile, in the few incidences in which the inequalities are real, Democrat fixes have caused or exacerbated them. 

Exploiting the goodness of Americans, Democrats insidiously package their infectious victim-mindset disease in passionate-sounding terms such as "white privilege," "income inequality," and "social justice."  What decent American does not desire justice for all?

So along comes Bryce Williams, a nut-job black homosexual bad employee who swallowed the left's victim crap hook, line, and sinker.  This guy's victim mindset sounds like a comedy bit from a movie.  For example, when his employer talked about "out in the field" reporter assignments, Williams was offended; convinced that this white man was sending him "back to the field" in cotton and black slavery.  Don't laugh, folks.  The left's rhetoric has gotten that crazy.  Allow me to remind you of an article alerting us that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now racist

A black interviewer on TV explained why he was offended when a police officer used the term "low income neighborhood."  The paranoid interviewer concluded that the term was really code, actually meaning that the black residents are unworthy of police respect.  Therefore, the term is racist.  I thought, "Dude, you need help."

Two things turned my stomach this week – bad salmon from the grocery store and Hillary Clinton exploiting Williams's murders of the reporter and cameraman in Virginia to further the left's gun-grabbing agenda.  While I realize this is what brain-dead emotion-driven leftist zealots do, common decency says, must you guys politicize everything?  From the weather (acts of God) to humans behaving badly, leftists immediately brainstorm how to use it to further their anti-God, anti-freedom, and anti-American agenda.

The left's arguments against gun ownership are totally illogical.  Good people with guns stop bad people with guns.  Also, a gun is the great equalizer.  If my petite wife is alone, approached in a parking garage, do I want her attacker staring at a can of mace or down the barrel of a gun in her hand?  And yet, leftists claim to be great defenders of women.

Stats overwhelmingly confirm that states where folks carry guns, murder is down.  In cities with the strictest guns laws, murder is way up

Criminals acquire guns illegally.  Gun laws, disarming law-abiding citizens, empower criminals.  Why do leftists vehemently reject this obvious truth?

Conspiracy theorists offer various reasons why the left is hell-bent on disarming the American people.  I believe that the simple answer is that leftist males are metrosexual wimps.  Feminized and PC (politically castrated), leftist males join radical feminists in viewing guns and the slightest display of testosterone, power, or aggression for any reason as bad.  This is why leftists are drugging little boys into femininity. 

Deceptively, liberals always claim to put people first.  The reality is liberals eat, drink, and sleep increasing the Democrat voter rolls.  Why?  Because Democrats in power equals more liberal radical agenda items, which the American people would never vote for, crammed down our throats.

Liberals care only about empowering government, repealing Americans' freedom of choice.  Liberals view the pain, suffering, and lives of We the People as acceptable collateral damage toward achieving their goal.

Unless they can blame Republicans or inanimate objects (guns), leftists treat bad behavior as always the fault of someone else.  I believe that individuals are solely responsible for their behavior.  However, Bryce Williams was unquestionably a fanatic; a terrorist of the left's religion of victim-hood-ism.

One would think leftists might feel a little responsible and back off their spreading of hate (victim-hood-ism).  Don't bet on it.  The murdering of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward are gifts to further the left's mission to disarm Americans.  I realize that sounds harsh.  Sadly, my analysis is true.

An outgrowth of the left's despicable gospel of victim-hood-ism is its equally despicable Black Lives Matter movement, which is based on the lie that cops routinely murder young black men.  The left's calculated impugning of police has lead to police across America ambushed and assassinated.

Upon completing this article, I turned on the TV, hearing breaking news.  As the result of a black radical group's clarion call to kill cops, Texas deputy Darren Goforth was assassinated, shot from behind execution-style while fueling his patrol car, by a black man.  When Goforth fell to the ground, his assassin stood over him, shooting multiple times.  Deputy Goforth leaves behind a wife and two kids.

I wish to encourage each and every one of you to take a stand for what is right.  God uses ordinary people like you and me.