The Planned Parenthood Horror Story

Babies being born alive, only to be butchered for their parts. Harvesting tiny hearts, brains and livers. Fetal organs being transplanted into lab rats for research. Cracking skulls and dismemberment. Horror shows are usually like that: repulsive, disturbing, barbaric and sickening. Except that Planned Parenthood's horror show is not a movie, but a real nightmare that keeps getting worse.

No one is above the law. The trafficking and sale of aborted baby body parts for profit is illegal and unethical. In fact, it is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). If this had been any other medical facility or hospital, there would be unquestioned support for immediate investigation.

Claims of innocence do not suffice. Hillary Clinton admitted the videos “are disturbing.” And went on to say, “this raises not questions about Planned Parenthood so much as it raises questions about the whole process, that is, not just involving Planned Parenthood, but many institutions in our country.” Clinton added that if there’s going to be a congressional inquiry into the videos, “it should look at everything,” and not just one organization.

Of date, there are 12 states investigating Planned Parenthood to determine whether any state or federal laws have been broken.

Undercover journalism exposes ugly truths to the public. Who would have thought it would take this to bring the billion dollar abortion giant to its knees? Pathetically begging the media, “no more, please!” Indeed, undercover journalism must be used “when traditional, open methods will not yield information vital to the public.” Here, a reporter infiltrates a community by posing as somebody friendly to that community. Chris Terrill, for example, went undercover as a trader of women to expose human trafficking operating in Denmark, Belgium, and the Dominican Republic.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas went undercover many times to expose corruption and crimes, in hopes of government action. He has posed as a janitor in a brothel to expose child prostitution. He checked into a psychiatric ward as a patient, where he caught one of the orderlies selling drugs, recording himself buying them. He saw unfed patients eating from dumpsters, and documented how a corpse was left for days in a ditch until it was taken away in a van used to transport food.”

It's risky and dangerous work. Irish investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre says, “I’ve been shot at, beaten, abused on the streets in front of my children and forced to move house more than 50 times because of death threats.” MacIntyre went undercover to expose health care conditions that led to one institution closing and two individuals being cautioned for assault.

When the stakes are high, and big money is involved, there will be furious attempts to silence and suppress. When the exposed truths are too gruesome to behold, reporters will be cast as anti-women, anti-choice extremists that must be stopped.

If only it had been a movie. But you might say, isn't organ donation always gross? Shouldn't we allow women to donate fetal remains to science? Here's the difference. Organ donation involves a death which could not be prevented, a death by accident or natural causes. Even if no laws were broken, here you have purposefully destroyed life, butchered the potential for life. The videos cut through the claim, “this is actually laudable” to expose the truth, “this is actually horrific.”

The Planned Parenthood horror show means that we should support our local Hope Pregnancy Center. It is called “hope” because it gives just that, hope. The compassionate care and assistance that all vulnerable women deserve. It also means that we must elect leaders who will uphold the law, no matter how politically incorrect. We need leaders who will demand accountability and transparency for our tax dollars.

We need leaders like Senators Joni Ernst, Rand Paul, and James Lankford, who say, “There comes a point at which we must determine who we are as a people. We should not watch as unborn children of our nation are being callously rummaged for parts and sold at a price.”

Let's end this horror show, once and for all.

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