The Left's Circus Tent Science

The voice leaving a message in my radio show inbox was dripping with equal parts contempt and revelry. “Finally,” he thundered, “gay marriage is the law of the land and science has triumphed over your backwards religious book of fairytales.”

I wonder if that’s the same science that produced the most recent report from the Centers for Disease Control showing 94.9% of new HIV diagnoses in teenagers resulted from men having sex with men? Science indeed.

Not that the caller’s meme was something new. Having abandoned belief in any Moral Authority to the universe, liberal revolutionaries have been claiming the mantle of science as justification for their agenda for far longer than I can remember. And their hijacking of the word has resulted in great success for them politically and culturally. My only question remains, how long will our society be stupid enough to keep buying it?

After all, this is a movement that goes so far in their insistence that sexual attraction is inborn and unchangeable that they seek to enact laws actually forbidding someone experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction from seeking psychiatric help to overcome their urges. Apparently “respecting the sexual preferences of the individual” counts only when that sexual preference is to act on an urge rather than resist it. 

But yet these same folks who claim that sexual attraction is unalterable are also the ones who insist that men like Bruce Jenner, undeniably born with genetic maleness (DNA, chromosomes, bone structure, and functioning reproductive organs of a male) can somehow “become” a woman. Yes, the “party of science” would have you believe that your attractions are unchangeably genetic in nature, but your genetic biology is a matter of personal opinion. 

Call me crazy, but I think when your agenda convinces you that a white woman like Rachel Dolezal can be black, a Caucasian like Elizabeth Warren can be a Cherokee Indian, a man like Bruce Jenner can be a woman, and an attention-obsessed girl like Miley Cyrus can be something called “gender fluid,” it’s pretty clear your ideology finds its origin in a circus tent rather than a laboratory.

Of course, that only scratches the surface. The recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s atrocious behavior also undermine the scientific pretensions of the left. Forget the cavalier tone, the wine-sipping, and the Lamborghini wishes from the organization’s prestigious executives caught on camera. Focus instead on the galling defense liberals around the country are mounting for this ghoulish conduct. Writing in the New Republic, Dr. Jen Gunter protested that the “specimens” being harvested are not “baby parts,” but rather, mere “products of conception.” 

While the euphemism is annoying enough, let’s ask a simple question: if Planned Parenthood offered the biotech firms a goat liver instead of the liver from one of these “products of conception,” would they find receptive buyers? Of course not. The parts are desired precisely because they are human parts. It is either rubber-room insanity or an intentional abuse of sound science that causes someone to dismiss the humanity of life being extinguished in the womb, all while Planned Parenthood’s profit is completely dependent upon that very humanity. 

And while everyone knows the “scientists” on the left oppose evil fossil fuels because of a fear of global warming, let’s not forget they also oppose nuclear energy because it’s too dangerous, protest wind farms because they kill birds, and block the expansion of hydroelectric power because dams destroy aquatic ecosystems. In other words, screw scientific advancements and drive a buggy.

That is, if you are one of the lucky ones to find food after liberals successfully end all genetically-modified organisms. Never mind that through scientific selection and breeding we have been genetically modifying organisms since the dawn of civilization in order to feed our growing population. No, Tor Eckman’s Holistic Healing and Herb Garden Buffet sounds like a much better idea.

And heaven help you if, like conservative Scott Walker, you don’t submit to the left’s “settled science” of Darwinism when asked.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews started using this as a litmus test back in 2009 when he challenged then-representative Mike Pence on the issue. Apparently, believing a Supernatural Being created life according to its various kinds is tantamount to rejecting the scientific method. 

That’s funny since Matthews professes to be Christian, thus believing a Supernatural Being resurrected a dead body from the grave, and thereby violates the far more “settled science” known as death.

But no doubt Chris would have a very scientific explanation for it. They always do.

Pete Heck is a speaker, author and teacher who hosts a weekly radio broadcast on WIBC.  Follow him @peterheck or email