The 'Daily Show's' New Host: Worse than Jon Stewart?

I've been warning my friends for years that Jon Stewart is not a journalist, and now that he has left the "Daily Show”, it turns out that he wasn't even a comedian really, but a very influential player for liberalism.

It's been discovered that Stewart has had several secret meetings with President Obama concerning how Obama can get his message of liberalism through to Millennials (my generation), via the "Daily Show”. Obama actually called Jon Stewart to the White House to discuss this strategy numerous times.

For the past 16 years, Jon Stewart has been extraordinarily successful at fooling a lot of people with his antics. He is a master manipulator, a liberal political hack who has done very well at spreading liberalism to Millennials. For 16 years, he has deceived a generation, putting their brains to sleep, influencing their political views towards liberalism, and pretty much lowering their IQ in regards to all things political.

The reason why he has been so successful at stripping Millennials of their own opinions and replacing them with his, is because he uses comedy to disarm his viewers. It's extremely difficult to think critically about something or someone who makes you laugh, and Jon Stewart was a master of exploiting the disarmed and distracted attention spans of his Millennial viewers when it came to political matters.

It's a pretty simple formula, and much as I hate to admit it, quite ingenious: if you can get them laughing, you can turn their brains off and they will be putty in your hands. Throw in a few high-profile appearances by some well-loved celebrities and now you've got an army of viewers that will believe anything you say -- whether it be right or wrong.

Yep. Just throw a veil over your liberal agenda by wowing the audience with their favorite movie star or athlete and they'll be too star-struck to even question the veracity of your content.

Jon Stewart is one of the most dangerous men in America, and now that his replacement is a young man from South Africa, Trevor Noah, I shudder to think what social dysfunctions the "Daily Show” will leverage on a mass scale under his tenure as new host. In fact, Noah has already generated controversy with anti-Jewish, anti-Asian, and anti-Women jokes on his Twitter feed.

Trevor Noah hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. This really worries me. The reason why is because black liberals like Noah love to use the color of their skin as a weapon against those who disagree with them and their agenda. And mark my words, Trevor Noah will be no different.

Want a few examples of black bullies who like to wield their race as a weapon against their opponents? Here's the short list: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch (Holder's replacement as U.S. Attorney General), the New Black Panthers, and Alicia Garza, alongside Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (these are the three founders of the destructive Black Lives Matter movement).

Needless to say, the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, now we're going to have to add another name to that list -- Trevor Noah, heir to the throne of the "Daily Show" now that Stewart is gone.

Mark my words, folks -- Trevor Noah will do his best to use the "Daily Show” bully pulpit to set race relations back even further than Obama and all of the other race hustlers who have made their millions from the Grievance Industry.

What worries me about Trevor Noah is that he now has direct access to Millennials, which make up a large majority of the "Daily Show's" low-information audience. It's bad enough that most people who watch the "Daily Show” on a regular basis usually tend to be lazy when it comes to thinking for themselves, and as a result end up being naive and gullible when it comes to politics, but now they are going to be even more naive and gullible when it comes to race relations here in the U.S., since Trevor Noah is just the man for the job to spread more deception about race relations. I believe that's why he was handpicked to replace Stewart.

I mean, he's a black guy from South Africa, so he must be infallible when it comes to matters of race, right? Comedy Central and the "Daily Show” producers seem to think so, and that's why they've anointed him as their next flag-bearer.

If you know anyone (especially Christians) who watch the "Daily Show”, please tell them to look past the funny one-liners and high-profile guests and to challenge and question the information being thrown at them while watching it, because it is toxic sludge dressed up with humor, and nothing less.

Bobby Hesley Lives in Madison Heights, Michigan, and is a 34-year-old, Catholic speaker and writer. He can be reached at: