Obamism and Neo-fascist America

The philosophical foundation of the American Left and the Democratic Party is a proprietary hybrid of Fascism.  While in lockstep with the economic and political tenets of Fascism, the unique feature of the current American iteration is anti-nationalism as reflected in the belief that the United States is the locus of malevolence in the world as compared to militant nationalism of Italy and Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Sheldon Richman in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics describes Fascism as follows:

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalistic veneer.

Where socialism abolished all market relations outright, fascism left the appearance of market relations while planning all economic activities.  Where socialism abolished money and prices; fascism controlled the monetary system and set all prices and wages politically. 

Under fascism, the state, through official agencies, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture.  Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission.  Levels of consumption were dictated by the state, and “excess” incomes had to be surrendered as taxes or “loans”. 

The concept of a corporate state has been a staple of the American Left since Franklin Roosevelt. It was FDR that initiated the National Labor Relations Board to make the Government the final arbiter in labor issues.  The National Recovery Act governed all aspects of manufacturing and commerce and the Agricultural Adjustment Act which introduced central planning to agriculture.  It is generally acknowledged today that this approach by Roosevelt prolonged the Great Depression by another five years.  (Jonah Goldberg’s masterpiece Liberal Fascism convincingly demonstrates the fascist roots of today’s liberalism.)  

Beginning in the 1960’s the American Left, while nominally in favor of Marxism, had as their foundational tenets narcissism and rampant anti-Americanism.  However, as the societal and economic seeds of Fascism were already planted and generally accepted by a sizable segment of the populace, it was a short logical leap, therefore, to become proponents of the economic and political precepts of Marxism’s closest cousin.  

While the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler incorporated extreme nationalism, the proponents of the American reincarnation believe that the United States, as founded, is malevolent and should surrender its position as the world’s economic and military superpower by showing deference to America’s enemies and casting aside any semblance of nationalism or uniqueness as penance for both domestic and international “sins” of the past.   

Barack Obama, steeped in the stew that is the unique American version of Fascism since childhood, is the poster child for its success in becoming the dominate philosophy of the Democratic Party.   He has, during his two terms as President, been so successful in advancing the tenets of this distinctive American political system that it should be named after him. Obamism is the confluence of the economic and political tenets of Fascism and the narcissistic anti-Americanism of the 1960’s.  

The characteristics and current status of Obamism are as follows:

  1. Within Obamism ideology reigns supreme, and the state not the individual is paramount.  Thus the mindset that produced the misanthropy of Planned Parenthood as well as the squalor rampant in the ghettos of the urban areas controlled by the Democratic Party.   Totalitarianism in the form of thought and speech control through threats and intimidation has become epidemic and any lie or fabrication is allowable in order to destroy a political opponent.  Additionally, as the United States is historically a racist and bigoted country, the society must be transformed through unfettered illegal immigration, de facto reparations through wealth redistribution, and re-education of the masses.
  2. ObamaCare is not about health care, per se; rather it is intended to dictate to individuals what insurance they must buy, what health care they are allowed to access, and ultimately what behavior is acceptable -- all at the whim of a centralized bureaucracy.  The Dodd-Frank Bill, which has spawned 28,000 pages of regulations, firmly establishes the concept of “too big to fail” for certain financial institutions, thereby subjecting them to the absolute control of the state while allowing, and in many cases forcing, others to cease doing business, as well as instituting lending and operating policies determined by government regulators.  The entire alphabet soup of federal agencies, particularly the EPA and the IRS, have become agents of the administration actively bypassing Congress and writing laws and regulations in order to either limit or to erode individual rights.
  3. The Obama regime willfully ignores what laws they deem to be inconvenient, all the while busily packing the courts with like-minded proponents of Obamism.  They have set a precedent by throwing out the rule of law when it comes to the rights of private investors by their actions against the bondholders of Chrysler and General Motors.   They have chosen which businesses will succeed or fail by the use of taxpayer financing and subsidies or the arbitrary waving of rules and regulations.
  4. A key characteristic of Fascist thinking is rampant cronyism and corruption.   Myopic capitalists, forced to ingratiate themselves with the state, are coerced into underwriting the election of those in power in exchange for favorable government contracts and avoidance of regulatory wrath.  Much of Wall Street, Hollywood, the Unions, major companies such as General Electric, and the super-wealthy such as Warren Buffet and various internet billionaires, are therefore willing to sleep with those in power and be used as props in any propaganda campaign initiated by the Democratic Party.
  5. The Obama administration has, through the Justice Department and other agencies, behaved exactly as many quasi-fascist regimes in the past -- almost all of whom have been governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect themselves and their friends from accountability.
  6. Barack Obama has traveled the world apologizing for the United States and, in his view, its innumerable failings of the past.  He has gutted the Defense Department and reneged on agreements with various allies such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel.  He has become an apologist for many of America’s adversaries such as China, Iran and Cuba.  His recent agreement with Iran regarding nuclear weapons guarantees instability through an inevitable nuclear arms race and eventual conflict in the Middle East which will involve the United States.   It is apparent, through his actions, that he is determined to recast America into being just another nation on the world stage subject to global governance.

There are many conservative and a few mainstream pundits that claim the Obama presidency is a failure.  On the contrary, it is the most ideologically successful administration in the history of the United States.  Far exceeding what Franklin Roosevelt was able to accomplish in his three full terms. 

Within the army of Republican presidential candidates, the vast majority are either ignorant of or refuse to accept the reality of who the opponents are and the depth to which the nation has sunk.  The ultimate Republican nominee must recognize who the enemy is, their tactics and philosophical underpinning as well as the true depth of how far the nation has fallen.  That must be the primary criteria in choosing a nominee. 

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