Obama's Mental Rigidity Is Dangerous

It was Plato who wrote that "the ability to keep two opposite ideas in mind is a sign of the civilized mind."  Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were all about spirited dialogue.  That is why the Greeks of the Golden Age discovered so many basic things that still shape our lives, all in a very short time, five centuries BCE.  To discover new things, you have to wonder about different possibilities.  Open dialogue is the magic ingredient for science, the arts and humanities, business, finance, and technology. All power groups try to shut up their competition.  Microsoft tries to silence Apple and vice versa, but both of them want to beat out creative startups that could overthrow them.  Apple started out as a revolutionary upstart and is now just another Monopoly player.  Monopolies try to conquer minds. The philosopher Plato wrote dialogues, not decrees, to give many voices a chance to be heard.  Plato's dialogue "The...(Read Full Article)