Lincoln vs. Lee: How History is Distorted to Preserve Legends

Social engineers have a knack for destroying history, then self-servingly reshaping it to align with political agendas for consumption by the masses.  The results of their skill are no better exemplified than we are currently witnessing.  Confederate history is quite literally being destroyed, as monuments to Robert E. Lee and other Confederate heroes are being defaced by ignorant vandals who know nothing more than the legend of how Abraham Lincoln and his brave Union army crushed Jefferson Davis’ and Robert E. Lee’s Southern hordes in the name of liberating enslaved blacks.  That this is legend is in no way true makes it no less pervasively believed by those who wish to remain ignorant.  If you don’t believe me at my word that Lincoln did not wage his war in the name of freeing Southern slaves, perhaps you might believe his? In a letter to Horace Greely in August, 1862: My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it...(Read Full Article)
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