'Death to America' Falling on Obama's Deaf Ears

We are well past the point where we can ever believe Obama the man because, as those prescient about Obama's background instinctively understood, whatever was taught  Obama the child is what is now being reflected in his dangerous anti-American actions.

Thus, the 17th-century Jesuit-inspired quotation of "give me the child, and I will mold the man" remains true. 

This is why the idea that one can trust the Iranians is not only naive, but extraordinarily dangerous, given the education of their children.  In the May 2015 Special Interim Report entitled "Imperial Dreams: The Paradox of Iranian Education" by Eldad J. Pardo, the incessant propagandizing and intimidation of Iranian students is proof positive that they are being primed to attack those whom their leaders deem the enemy.  The first page of the report shows the map of a "New Dreams of World Power" with Iran at the center.  Underneath this map is a picture of "Iranian children preparing for martyrdom." 

Lest one think this is unthinkable, recall the fact that Iran and its proxies regularly send their children as suicidal bombers.  Thus, as Pardo recounts, the Iranian education curriculum includes "the ambition to impose Iranian hegemony on the world; a culture of militarism and jihad; blind obedience and martyrdom; and hostility and paranoia toward foreigners."

In fact, "jihad war is unending," and "the frenzied rush toward the end-of-time's 'horrifying battle'" is the lifeblood of continuous jihad.

The backdrop to all this education is the idea that Iran is committed to "total struggle for the creation of a just world order" and that such a "condition will remain until the coming of the Mahdi, the Shiite Messiah[.]"  The messianic ideal here is quite different from what most Westerners believe; that it is ignored will be a fatal mistake.  And Obama knows this, which is why Americans must stomach, yet again, his "compendium of demagoguery, historical revisionism and outright lying." 

Iranian students understand that "possible martyrdom on a massive scale and for which they practice from the first grade – could be launched as part of an Iranian 'attack on countries ruled by oppressive governments.'"  Moreover, Iranian students study about "dissimulation" (taqiyya) and "misleading the enemy."  They learn that "in time of need, dissimulation and  temporary pacts – even with 'un-Godly, idolatrous governments' – are proper (but only until such time as the balance of power should change)."  The idea of sacrifice is "constantly instilled in them," as evidenced by the Teacher's Guide for Persian, Grade 3 text.  Never is there any concern with the "human wave assault," which includes many sacrificed schoolchildren.  Instead, enthusiasm for military participation is promoted in the first grade, for six-year-olds.

Surely Obama's many Muslim Brotherhood advisers would have informed him of taqiyya, and since Obama early on learned the tenets of Islam, this is part of his worldview.  Whether one believes he is a pathological liar or not, the fact remains that Obama defends the Iranian deal with falsehoods and slurs.  Moreover, he recently exploited American college students at American University, much as his Iranian counterparts abuse their own children with incessant misinformation and propaganda.

The Iranian educational curriculum makes much of the Aryan-Shiite basis of Iranian identity wherein the Allies, and not Nazi Germany, are vilified, and, of course, the Holocaust is completely avoided.  Hence, the unremitting cries of "Death to Israel" fall on ears already primed to hate the Jew.  Furthermore, in echoes of Nazism, "children are instructed not to obey their parents in matters regarding martyrdom," and pictures of soldiers are amply sprinkled in the textbooks.  

This is of little concern to Obama, who has been surrounded by anti-Semites for many years.  The anti-Jewish hatred does not disturb him, nor does it deter him.  While Caroline Glick asserts that Obama maintains that "an anti-Semite is someone who refuses to recognize the 3,000-year connection between the Jews and the Land of Israel," and "an anti-Semite is also someone who refuses to recognize the long history of persecution that the Jewish people suffered in the Diaspora," this is hardly a ringing endorsement of ensuring that no harm will come to the Jewish people.  Acknowledging a connection to a piece of land is not the same as making certain that that land is not blown to smithereens.

The Iranian curriculum is based on an Iranian-style Islam called the New Islamic Civilization (NIC).  The battle between good and evil, which is to be waged on a global scale, "is the responsibility of each Iranian citizen," and "it begins with defense."  America is seen as "arrogant," and "any kind of freedom of speech, political debate or appreciation of Iranian culture or values other than those espoused by the regime are intolerable[.]"

In essence, the "school textbooks prepare the entire Iranian population for a constant state of emergency, requiring Iranians to foment revolutions throughout the world, particularly across the Middle East, while evil arrogant enemies – who hate Iran and Islam – scheme against them."  In fact, texts emphasize the martyrdom of women as well as cyber warfare tactics.  Most importantly, "students learn that no checks are needed on the Supreme Leader's authority, including his right to sanctify new weapons" (italics mine).  Blind obedience to the Supreme Leader is mandatory.

In a Grade 11 Iranian text, students are enjoined to understand that jihad "covers a range of meanings including killing, massacring, murdering and fighting," and jihad "permits its use against anyone, anywhere."  There is "defensive jihad," which refers to an "enemy transgressing the border or city of the Muslims, or defense of one's own or other's life, honor and property."  Thus, as Muslims gain in number in American cities, it is clear that defensive jihad can be used, especially since defensive jihad is seen as a warfare that is "gradual" and that can be "military and sometimes cultural," since it "sometimes aims at conquering a land or part of it and sometimes aims at political-economic control."

Then there is "internal jihad," which "represents a war with outlawed people who implement rebellion and disobedience as well as armed uprisings."  Western ideas of freedom will be relegated to the dustbin of history, and those who desire it will be annihilated.

Finally there is "elementary jihad," which at first glance sounds familiar to Western ears.  It is "defined as an attack on countries ruled by oppressive governments that do not allow free religious activities or freedom to listen to the call of religion."  But there is no freedom of religion in Iran.  It can be only Islam.  There is no room for any other ideas.  And, in fact, "non-Islamic moral constraints" have no impact as Hezb'allah, Iran's Lebanese proxy, or any other Islamic-inspired group engages in jihad.

Thus, as Jeffrey Herf writes, treating Iran as a normal country instead of one that inculcates acts of aggression is extraordinarily dangerous.  This is a war of ideas – whose will remain supreme?  In essence, Obama is painting a bull's-eye on America, and not on Iran, who continues the "Death to America" chant on a regular basis.  And while Mona Charen claims that "Obama doesn't take the Iranian chant seriously," I, for one, beg to disagree.

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