Cincinnati's Race Problem

Cincinnati may look like any other American city. We have our share of racial tension, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement is causing problems here as elsewhere. Cincinnati, however, is not like the others. The city has four unique attributes that will contribute to more problems over a longer period of time: The city is segregated, Local media limits reporting negative news, White guilt permeates policy, and The city government will bend to the threat of racial violence. One cannot just point to statistics or a single news story to defend this. Only a series of events and personal experiences can lead one to this conclusion. Recent events with a racial component include: June 5: Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley (D) criticizes the lack of diversity in the Cincinnati Police Department’s higher ranks. June 19: Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim is shot and killed. July 4: Christopher McKnight is beaten. July 19: Samuel DuBose is shot and...(Read Full Article)