Calls for 'Commonsense Gun Control' Re-Emerge after Virginia Shooting

Within minutes of the tragic, racially motivated crime in Virginia on Wednesday, in which an embittered black man shot three whites, killing a reporter and cameraman, the Agenda Exploitation Unit was being deployed by the Democrats.  Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe decried the lack of background checks in his own state, which has them.  Despite claiming to be a gun owner, as every leftist politician does, he somehow seemed not to know this about Virginia.  Perhaps he went through an imaginary process when he bought his imaginary gun. 

The White House similarly couldn’t restrain itself for more than a few minutes, beating the same old drum for “commonsense” gun control that never seems aimed at addressing the primary cause of violence with guns.  Illegally obtained guns, used by criminals who disobey laws, account statistically for the vast majority of gun-related crime in America.  If one were to employ common sense in discussing disarming the law-abiding, it would be readily apparent that solving this different and nonexistent problem is distinctly illogical and counter-intuitive.   

Gun control, as envisioned by the left, is a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition.  When discussing indisputable facts, including that the overwhelming number of deaths caused by the use of firearms occurs when those firearms are illegally obtained and possessed by black males in Democrat-controlled cities, the left argues that the problem is exclusively the gun and refuses dialogue on any other issue.

When the crime involves a black man shooting white victims, whether one or several, it cannot be discussed that the motivation was or may have been racial, so it’s still entirely about the gun.  This is true even when the motive is overtly racial, as it was in Virginia.  The problem, as Governor McAuliffe tried lamely to frame it, is that there aren’t enough background checks, even though there are.  He can’t possibly admit that the gay black man who pulled the trigger was the problem.  Heaven forbid he peels back the layers of that onion in a truthful way.  It might take hours to discuss the liberal-fed victimhood, entitlement, anger, resentment, and lack of introspection that empower someone to kill those who have nothing to do with his deformed psyche.  That is as true of the killer in Virginia as it is of every other killer with an illegal gun in some Democrat-voting ghetto.

To be black and commit crimes with illegal firearms is to be invisible from the national discussion about “gun crime.”  To distract us from the fact that a very small segment of our society, which identifies nearly entirely with the Democrats and is a product of their philosophy and agenda, is committing the overwhelming percentage of crimes with guns, which their users don’t buy with background checks, we are told that the overriding goal of gun control is to save lives.  This, of course, is utter nonsense. 

If the left cared about saving lives, they’d have cleaned up their own house long ago.  Planned Parenthood is a franchise butcher shop that operates in black neighborhoods all over the country, harvesting black babies and selling the choicest cuts to the highest bidders.  If Planned Parenthood doesn’t get them, their own neighbors will later on, and the Democrats merely slide the curtain back in place and tell us there’s nothing to see.  It’s the gun, we’re told, which amounts to a dodge calculated to ensure that nothing will be done to actually save lives.  Because it’s not the gun – it’s the depravity and moral vacuity of the person using the gun, or the scalpel.  Turns out maybe their lives don’t actually matter, at least not to the people they vote for.

An interesting phenomenon occurs when, on the other hand, a white person does the shooting.  Suddenly, it’s all about race, and racism, and hatred.  The gun still matters, of course, but now the motivations and skin color matter to disproportionate degrees.  The opportunity to paint with a broad brush, and to implicate whiteness and lawful gun ownership as the cause of the crime, cannot be wasted.  That there is no cultural phenomenon of rampant white gun crime is beside the point.  That percentages of the commission of gun crimes vary so drastically by race isn’t a permissible topic.  Yet it should be, since the intended targets of what the left calls “commonsense” gun control won’t be the disturbed white outlier, the equally disturbed black vigilante, or the innumerable inner-city blacks with illegal guns and no sense of right or wrong.  The target of “commonsense” gun control will be the law-abiding class of gun owners who do nothing wrong, most of whom are white Americans who cherish their country, the Constitution, and their individual freedom from an increasingly domineering, unresponsive government. 

In other words, the target of “commonsense” gun control is that part of America, mostly white but to a lesser degree also black, which is too well-informed and patriotic to ever be liberal.  The target of gun control is the vestige of the America that Barack Obama and his malcontents hate.  Gun control is only “commonsense” if the people owning the guns stand in the way of what the left still seeks to achieve, which is political and cultural anarchy.  As much as this president tries to water down their impact by importing millions of replacement “citizens” from third-world slums, those core Americans are still here and refuse to go quietly into servitude.

For this reason, the leftist bigotry of gun control is directed almost entirely at patriotic white Americans, the very core of the citizenry that cares more for truth than it does for surrender and nanny-state bondage.  Gun control is about fully erasing the last form of legal resistance to totalitarianism, so that we can all finally be put to work making life better for our rulers.  History is full of this cycle of oppression, revolution, freedom, deception, and oppression once more.  This is probably why actual American history is no longer taught to the impressionable.  Better to mold them as serfs than as the lords that our freedoms enable them to be.  Sadly, increasing numbers of the mentally weak are lining up to wear the yoke waiting to be placed on them by liars and thieves.

Law-abiding gun owners are the last remaining hedge against total government control.  All citizens can’t be forced to become equally miserable and subservient as long as some citizens refuse to surrender their individual liberty and autonomy.  The civil and race wars that many on the left seem eager to start can’t possibly succeed as long as millions of law-abiding Americans, white and black, can stand up for themselves and fight back – not because they are radical, but because they are free, and wish to remain that way for themselves and their children.

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