A Message to the Supporters of Planned Parenthood

A few days ago I received a phone call from an old acquaintance living in Haifa, Israel.  Fighting back the tears, he asked me what in God’s name has happened to the United States.  He had been reading about the recent revelations concerning Planned Parenthood.  I was at a loss for words to adequately explain to him how the morals and ethics of the American people had been so corrupted over the past three quarters of a century that so many could justify the killing of human beings in the womb and then so callously selling the remains for a profit.  He was startled to learn that nearly 56 million children had been the victims of legal abortions in the United States since 1973.

Abraham, now nearly eighty, said that he felt as if the world had gone back in time to the 1930’s.  That history was, in fact, repeating itself and the potential catastrophe would be far worse than mankind experienced during World War II.

 He asked how could the American people not understand that the heartless disregard for life in the United States and the world in general is no different than the gradual and unchallenged steps the Nazis took in the 1930’s that culminated in the atrocities they committed in the 1940’s.  That they too justified their actions by claiming the human beings they were either exterminating or using for experiments were in fact not human.

As a further reference to the events of the 1930’s we then discussed the recent Iran deal negotiated by Barack Obama and the other world powers.  Abe was adamant in saying that the 2015 equivalent of the Munich Agreement will set in motion a nuclear arms race in the region creating a tinderbox that the smallest spark will ignite into a conflagration destroying Israel as well as many of her neighbors and adversaries.  The United States, Europe and China will be drawn in regardless of their best efforts.  His assessment of Barack Obama included a few words of profanity but in essence he said the Obama was the most dangerous, dishonest and radical world leader of any so-called democracy since World War II.  (Abe has never been bashful about offering his unvarnished opinion.)

We ended the conversation discussing a few family issues and then offered to keep each other, our countries and mankind in our prayers.

I met Abraham many years ago while on a business trip to London.  We soon found out we had one major trait in common -- we were both survivors of World War II.  He was born in Austria and during the early stages of the war he and his family successfully hid from the Nazis in the Austrian countryside, but that changed in mid1944 when they were betrayed by someone they thought was trustworthy.  He and his entire family (mother, father and an older sister) were captured and eventually shipped to Auschwitz.  There his parents and sister were murdered, but Abe was somehow able to survive until the Russians arrived in January 1945.  He still went through much travail in an effort to endure after his harrowing experience at Auschwitz but he did so and eventually made his way to Austria, then England, where he lived for many years, and eventually migrated to Israel.

After our initial meeting we started an informal club of fellow World War II survivors and displaced orphans we had met and befriended over the years.  We rarely, if ever, discussed the details of our war and post-war experiences but if need be there were those that understood as others in our lives could not despite their best efforts.  Abe has never discussed the full breadth of his experiences with anyone, as he is an extremely private man.  In my case it took until I was approaching sixty to finally discuss the details of my early life.  I was married for nearly 30 years and adopted for over fifty years.  I did so to have closure with my adoptive Mother, who died shortly thereafter and to open a window to allow my wife to have insight into what made me who I am, but most importantly I saw inhumanity creeping into the mainstream of my adopted country and became determined to speak out.

 Many of my friends have now gone to their final reward as the shadows are lengthening for all those who suffered in the war and its aftermath.  There are few left to speak out and remind those living today of the consequences of man’s inhumanity to man. So I must do so.

There is a tactic used by the Left in America (the Democratic Party) to malign and intimidate their opponents and shut them up.  That is to claim that only members of a supposed aggrieved party, because of their experiences, can discuss or proffer a valid opinion in matters relating to them.  For example, only blacks can legitimately discuss racial or discrimination issues or only gays can offer opinions on their behavior and demands.  Any opinion or thought by any other group, particularly white Christians, is illegitimate.

Therefore, per your criteria I have standing to offer an opinion, so to those on the Left, the Democratic Party and others who support the activity of Planned Parenthood, your espousal of unfettered abortion and the sale of human body parts while justifying your actions through the belief that you are not dealing with human life makes you no different than the members of the Nazi Party in 1930’s Germany.  I am embarrassed and ashamed to refer to you as fellow Americans. 

Further, your actions and beliefs are rapidly transforming American society into one that has no respect for the uniqueness of each individual and self-determination.  The ultimate result, if not reversed, will be the collapse of this nation either from internal or external chaos.  

It is far past time to defund Planned Parenthood and for the American people to understand how far this nation has fallen.

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