Why Ta-Nehisi Coates is in the Same Game as the Chattanooga Shooter

I first heard about Ta-Nehisi Coates' new book Between the World and Me last week. I suppose I'd have heard of it earlier if I were a faithful follower of the New York Times and NPR and had succeeded to a stall in the Cathedral. But I'm not a Brahmin, not a liberal, and I try to stay out of the Cathedral, 'cos I'm a Townie at heart. But I still managed to blunder into a New York Times article about the book, and learned that it was all about a white woman that had shoved Coates's four-year-old kid on an escalator in New York City. Another day, another racist insult. I went downstairs to do my daily French lesson on DuoLingo. When I returned upstairs I noticed that the New York Times data guys had kindly rendered a popup on my little netbook with some “Recommended Articles,” including “David Brooks: Listening to Ta-Nehisi Coates While White” and “Chattanooga Gunman Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez: ‘Life Is Short...(Read Full Article)