What Europe Has Become

I know a medical scientist who believes he is being boycotted by European scientific journals, normally a "do or die" matter in science.  If you don't publish you don't survive. 

Like any sensible person in the U.S. today, I'm skeptical about anybody claiming racial or ethnic victimhood.  Yelling “racist” has turned into a mendacious racket, à la Al Sharpton and the President of the United States.

But even a stopped clock gets it right sometimes. 

To prove prejudicial treatment you really have to show a pattern of abuse, and my friend claims to have the evidence.  What makes this credible is that my friend is Jewish and is a strong public supporter of Israel.  What makes it even more credible is the decades of scientific fraud in "climate modeling," all aiming to empower leftist elites like Obama.

The EU consider themselves a model for world government, and they don't make a secret of it.  As critics like Daniel Hannan keep pointing out, the model of the EU is the Soviet ruling class, which ran the USSR into the ground at the cost of millions of lives. 

Like the Soviet Union, the EU claims to be peaceful and democratic, and as with the USSR, those are flagrant lies.  The EU controls the media – the BBC is just one infamous example.

When voters have no control over the power class, we see that Soviet-EU-Obama pattern, not very different from a medieval aristocracy.  In the EU, the ruling class is constantly bullying its voters, following the Soviet pattern.  That is why the climate catastrophe industry has been allowed to run wild, squeezing the taxpayers for wind farms, tidal electricity generators, and bureaucratic imperialism.  The Eurosocialist elite is unbelievably greedy and self-serving, using all the tricks of Chicago politics to hang on to power. 

The parallels to American socialism (the Democrats) are amazing.  Greece is like Detroit, a predictable economic disaster combining endemic corruption with EU efforts to impose its dictates on largely agricultural nations, along the southern rim of Europe.  Germany is an industrial power.  It sells high value-added products and buys consumer goods, while Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even Ireland and the Netherlands teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

The secret of the euro is that it's an ego currency – there is absolutely no economic need for it.  Its purpose is to glorify the EU itself, and to impose more and more control.  Meanwhile, the euro deprives countries of their ability to set exchange rates, the only way they can be competitive.  It’s an imperial power play.  Hail Caesar!

To boost the ruling class, the euro had to be imposed on more than 300 million people.  The EU wants to run its vassal states by cookie-cutter rules.  Everything must be uniform!  Eurosocialism cannot tolerate national or local autonomy.  It's the Otto von Bismarck model of mechanistic control.

Why is that relevant to boycotting pro-Israel scientists?

Because the European Union is in deep, deep trouble, directly traceable to its own grandiose overreach.  Imposing the euro by diktat is only one example.  Thirty thousand regulations streaming from Brussels to control life in Ireland and Portugal is another example.  Gerrymandering regions to cut across traditional lines is another one.  Electing members of the European Parliament who have absolutely no legislative power is a third.

Endemic corruption is yet another glorious achievement – even in countries that used to be models of honesty.  A new brand of Euro-imperialism goes along with this, with goose-stepping soldiers singing the choral movement of Beethoven's Ninth, the most bombastic piece of marching music in the Western canon.

Then there is scapegoating.

Failing regimes need somebody to blame, anybody, and the EU has two favorite scapegoats: the United States and Israel.  Even British conservatives routinely rant against the United States, though they know who pulled their cookies out of the fire three times in the 20th century.  They also know that they still need us today.  The EU burns its budget on welfare payments.  It has a hollow military, because Uncle Sam will do the job.

The single most suicidal policy has been to import 50 million Muslims from violent and failed regimes, along with their native imams and mullahs to preach racial and religious hatred.  The U.K. Telegraph tells the truth every now and then.  We know of major money flows going to Tony Blair, for example, to spring the Lockerbie airplane bomber from jail.

(He went back to Libya just before Obama and NATO started to bomb the smithereens out of that country with no explanation.  Gaddafi ended up dead by anal impalement, and Libya is still mired in a bloody civil war.)

Europe needs scapegoats today, precisely because the ruling class makes gargantuan mistakes that it won’t fix.  When Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Greece started to keel over, the Germans just dug in their heels.  There is no way for the ruling class to change course, because they don’t face elections.  It's a one-party Obama-style kakocracy.

At least we still have some hope of kicking out the scoundrels and putting in a new crew, in the hope that they will do better.  "Democratic" Europe has no such hope.  They have to wait for disaster to strike, as is now happening in Greece.  

The EuroLeft are emotionally invested in hating Israel, in good part because they fear their own radicalized Muslims, people they deliberately imported as a matter of policy.  The EU still prohibits its member nations from controlling toxic immigration.  Just think about that for a second – because Obama is trying to do the same thing here.

When a regime creates chaos, it also needs scapegoats.  Obama loves to hate the moms and pops of the Tea Party, as if they present a clear and present danger to the Republic.  But he gives a free pass to the paleo-fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have infiltrated our national security agencies (according to Admiral James "Ace" Lyons).  The parallels with corrupt Brussels are amazing. 

Like Obama's friends Bill Ayers and the ladies of Code Pink, Europe sponsors agitprop stunts against its favorite scapegoats, including the Mavi Marmara incident against Israel several years ago.  Today, Europe is in cahoots with Obama to give Iran even faster access to nukes – the single most suicidal thing this president could possibly do. 

Like the Democrats, the EU controls scientists through the power of the purse, which is why the global warming fraud is still squeezing billions of dollars from the taxpayers.  Europe’s Organs of Propaganda lie and cover up unprecedented scandals, most recently the Pakistani "sex grooming gangs" that target English children in Rotherham and London.  Pedophile abuse is "normal" in countries like Pakistan, and multiculturalism insists that Western values can't be allowed to prevail.  Europe covers up massive Muslim child abuse – “for the children,” of course.

So – do I believe that European scientists are targeting Americans who support Israel?  Or, for that matter, that they would love to target Americans who support America? 

I don't know for sure, but I do know that the European Union has turned into exactly the kind of dysfunctional political system that brought down the Soviet Union.  The ruling class is at war with the people, and their answer is to replace the people.  They always want more control.  Policy decisions are irrational and self-destructive, and if you complain, you become a target for demagogues and race-baiters.  The biggest crooks know how to play the system.  Visible corruption goes unpunished.  Under cover of the media mob, massive fraud and abuse take place, even to the point of pedophile gangs in the ruling class itself. 

Yes, I believe that Europe has become that kind of place again.

And the Democrats are bound and determined to follow their path to Hell.