United We Stood, Divided We'll Fall

News that the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage ignited joyous celebration among gays and the media.  Images assaulted us on all sides, victory parades showcasing same-sex couples entwined in ecstasy, media gushing praise, and  #LoveWins rocking the Twitter universe.  They won, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex couples can marry anywhere, anytime.  By nullifying state laws, dismissing individuals’ religious beliefs, and totally ignoring the Constitution, they trumped it all and won. 

Except it wasn’t a gay victory, not really.  Oh the gay community and their supporters will argue it was a huge win, an in-your-face slam-dunk.  But beneath all the hoopla, behind the well-designed scenes, the gays lost.  We all lost because the real victor, the hands-down big winner is government. 

You see, the dirty little secret is that gays, like blacks and Hispanics, are being used to declaw the silent majority.  Politicians have tried over and over again to stop those constitutional nuts who keep waving the American flag and quoting the Constitution.  It hasn’t been easy, these conservatives have been the majority since colonial days.  They still are the majority, the silent majority; too silent. 

But they’re an obstacle to power nonetheless so they must be put down.  The campaign to eliminate conservatives started when elected officials openly attacked that majority, labeled them the “Christian Right,” “Extreme Right Wing,” or “Tea Party” then slandered those groups beyond recognition.  They’ve  painted conservatives as self-righteous racists and bigots who will destroy any progress this country has made.  And the propaganda worked.  Today, the Pavlovian response to these groups is resentment and animosity.

Yet, though the left’s attacks have wounded conservatives, it wasn’t enough to finish them off.  Enter the minority ploy where Washington jumps into every controversy, champions every minority cause in the country.  They offer unconditional support for gays, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, any group they can separate from the pack and thus reduce the whole.  The state-run media covers minority injustices 24/7, pimps hatred, anger, and revenge until the nation swells with the toxic swill and violence spills over.  For the media that means even bigger headlines; for the government, justification for their intrusion into American’s lives; for the people, another step toward tyranny.

The sad truth is, gays, your government doesn’t care a whit what happens to you.  They don’t care if you get married, if you win your lawsuit against the baker, none of it.  There would be no rainbow White House if they’d already defeated conservative Americans because they really, honestly don’t care.

What they do care about is the slow, steady destruction of freedom.  For every group they claim to support there is an opportunity to further decimate the constitutional freedoms in this country.    They pass laws that require business owners to hire identified candidates regardless of their qualifications or demeanor, require colleges to give preference to certain applicants even if they were lower on every measure of merit, force states to abandon their autonomy and succumb to the ruling elite.  The list goes on of their small victories on the road to totalitarian rule.  But they’ve found their winning formula, the strategy that will finish this country off, turning Americans against America. 

Oh, it’s hard to see when you’re tangled in your own lofty cause but the not-so-subtle directives are in place and you unwittingly obey.  You don’t just want gay rights or racial equality, you want privilege, superiority, and revenge.  You turn on everyone outside your cause, label them the enemy, insult, taunt, and demean any opposition.  You chase them into that vacated closet, move them all to the back of the bus, and push past justice to revenge and retaliation.  You ignore those crying out against lost freedoms, those trying to save our country because they have become the enemy.  The Constitution has become the enemy. 

So I get it, you don’t care, don’t believe in all the freedom chatter.  Well, let me tell you when you will care: when it’s too late.  When this corrupt government achieves tyranny, when they no longer need you and your parochial cause, that’s when you’ll care.  When the furor fizzles out over what makes you happy and no one wants to hear your whining, then you’ll care.

But it won’t matter because once the political powers succeed in removing the obstacles of the people, the patriots, and the Constitution, then you’re no longer needed.  You will be abandoned with no one to help you.  Those awful conservatives who used to call, write, and otherwise hold their government accountable will be gone, their numbers decimated, their protests silenced.

That’s the goal, my friends, like it or not.  Our power-hungry government is using you and will continue to use you until our country is so splintered that no one group poses a threat to their power.  You don’t have to believe me, you can join our politicians to dismiss me as crazy, as a conspiracy nut and let the band play on. 

But we’re closer than you think to tyranny, to the day when this government no longer needs to play one group against the other because all groups are theirs; the day when people like me can no longer post this kind of article because it will be treason; the day when politicians decide what’s right and wrong, allowed or banned, moral or sinful; when they can rule with impunity and if they see fit, punish gays for being gay, whites for being white, or Christians for being Christian. 

I’m not going to insult you with the “Wake Up America” line; we’ve all heard it in triplicate as of late.  Besides, getting people to this point, to the place where their only concern is some personal issue, where their only fear is not getting their way even if the price of their personal quest is freedom, was not an overnight feat.  It’s been in the works for a while, not just pushing groups to demand more rights, more laws, and more goods but pushing them to hate, to hate anyone who doesn’t agree with those demands, to hate anyone not like them, a different color - white not black, a different religion -- Christian not Muslim, a different belief -- that all men are created equal -- not special treatment for some.

Yes, it’s taken a while to put that in place and this article won’t undo it.  But I have to warn you: you’re being used.  All those joyful cries to celebrate your victories will fade and in the end, you will stand alone.  In the end, no one will fight for your rights, not just your right to marry but your right to free speech, to vote, to carry arms, or worship.  No one will care and there will be no one to help you because it will be too late.  You were simply a means to an end. 

So fly the flags, paint the landscape in rainbows, and celebrate while you can.  Because the cost of your victory will be freedom and the price Americans will pay for turning on each other, for letting their government divide them into warring factions, will be America.

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