The Party of the Head vs. the Party of the Heart

Labeling your political opponents as unfeeling and uncaring is a little like the trick question "when did you stop beating your wife?" The only difference is that it's not difficult to refute the premise of the trick question but next to impossible to refute a label. When labeling your opponents as uncaring, a negative image is immediately created in the mind, especially for the uninformed. Those on the receiving end are immediately put on the defensive. Logical arguments with those that put feeling over reason are going to lose every time. When Republicans tried to cut back on entitlement spending, they were always attacked as heartless and cruel. A few years ago, there was the infamous commercial the Democrats put out depicting Paul Ryan pushing an old woman in a wheelchair over a cliff when trying to balance the federal budget by writing cuts in Medicare. The irony is that Obamacare pulled out $700 million out of Medicare in order to help fund the new healthcare...(Read Full Article)