Abortionism and the Banality of Evil

Hannah Arendt, who made a study of totalitarianism after the Second World War, which was defined by her after the Eichmann Trial in 1963, described what she saw in this totalitarianism as “The Banality of Evil.”  This Nazi evil – like all other totalitarian evil, which she examined – was the dull, bland ordinariness found in the bureaucratic nature of Hell.    

The history of that awful crime includes cramming people into cattle cars, driving pitiful and lost souls into gas chambers, and then extracting from the dead bodies anything useful.  Gold was pulled from dental fillings.  Shaved hair was used to make socks.  Bodies were rendered for fat, which was used to make soap. 

As we watch Planned Parenthood leaders casually explain over wine and salad the market price for babies’ livers and lungs and hearts, that phrase that Arendt coined seems stunningly apt.  How casually these administrators of infanticide discuss the economic utility of the bodies of those humans they kill!  How blithely they banter about the best techniques of homicide against the most vulnerable of human lives! 

This has been a recurring theme in the abortion industry.  Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL and once one of the leading abortionists in America, describes the true moral nature of Abortionism in his 1996 book, The Hand of God.  The doctor actually aborted one of his own unborn children, relating in chilling frankness: “I swear to you, I had no feelings aside from the sense of accomplishment, the pride of expertise.” 

That was, after all, only one of the 60,000 abortions Dr. Nathanson tells us he presided over.  Dr Nathanson also describes the seediness, the mockery, the snickering, the joking of abortionists and their staff.  These killers were indifferent not only to the unborn children, but also to the mothers who babies they killed.

This explains why abortionists rail so angrily even at state laws that would require high medical standards in abortion clinics, full disclosure of what abortion does and what it can produce in the mother’s life, and other sorts of patient protections the left demands so strongly for patients in other fields of medicine. 

This moral ugliness is also a recurring theme in the abortion industry.  Dr. Patel, an abortionist in Shawnee, Oklahoma, was caught in 1993 dumping fetuses into a nearby lot.  Last December, twenty-one years later, he was arrested on charges, among other things, of sexually assaulting his patients.  Patel had gotten rich from his “work,” and his arrest came 21 years after his dumping fetuses gained national attention. 

Like other ugly totalitarianism, Abortionism is mendacious.  In 1997, Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, said that he “lied through his teeth” about the frequency of late-term abortions.  Nathanson said the same thing about NARAL’s propaganda when he was a leader in that organization. 

This sleazy indifference to truth and adherence to the party line reveals a totalitarian and wicked mentality, and that is the reason why Planned Parenthood officials are now denying the damning admissions they were happy to make when they did not know that the cameras were rolling.

Abortionism is also genocidal.  Black and Hispanic women in America are much more likely to have abortions than white women.  The racism of abortion is matched by the gender bias of abortions around the world.  So unborn baby girls are much more likely in nations like India and China to be killed in the womb than baby boys in those countries.  In some lands, newborn girls are simply shunted aside after birth to die of neglect.

The Nazis justified this selective murder by defining those they killed as “life unworthy of life.”  It is not surprising, then, that the attitude of Abortionism toward inferior classes of humanity looked so much like the racial theories of Nazism. 

There is an awful reek, a malignant and persistent stench to Abortionism that smells so much like all its sibling totalitarianisms.  Abortionism looks at life as a dirty joke.  It manipulates and tricks the gullible without the slightest hint of remorse.  It divides humanity into classes, defining some humans as meriting protection, and consigns other humans as debris, consigned to the same status as cattle or other livestock, having value only as body parts.

The banality of evil – that sums up the revolting nature of Abortionism.

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