Tearful, Me Too, Over Tiramisu

We recall the new sensitive male who was unmanned by feeling others' pain.  We are now confronted with the new hypersensitive lesbians who become mentally unbalanced if they don't get the baked goods they want.

Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer claim to have suffered numerous psychological disorders because they were unable to compel a devout Christian couple to bake a wedding cake for them.  The Christian bakers did not assault or abuse the women.  They simply told the lesbians what anyone who plans a big event hears many times: that they were not available for the job.  For that, the state of Oregon has ordered the Christians to pay $135,000 for inflicting mental suffering.

The Bowman-Cryers' psychological maladies are listed in the diagnostic manual of hypocrisy and deceit in extremely politicized homosexuals.

They sought damages because they felt "mentally raped, dirty and shameful."  It is flatly disgusting to compare the suffering and shame of the extreme trauma of rape to not getting a cake from your first-choice vendor.  These two are a disgrace to womanhood.

They suffered "shock," and were "stunned" and "surprised" because the Christians declined to provide the cake on religious grounds.  Shocked and stunned to learn that Christians are opposed to same-sex marriage?  Oregon voters turned down gay marriage repeatedly for 20 years, finally enshrining their opposition in a constitutional amendment against it in 2004.

In the antebellum South, slaveholders claimed to be shocked and stunned, too, when their slaves ran away.  They insisted that the slaves loved them, or ought to.  Slaveholders often went to self-destructive lengths to recapture runaways in order to maintain their own delusions.  The Christian bakers are contemporary equivalents of runaways slaves, seeking freedom of faith.  The state of Oregon is also disgusting in supporting the Bowman-Cryers' ludicrous affectation of shock and surprise.

The Bowman-Cryers suffered both "loss of appetite" and "weight gain."  Picture one invalid weakly pushing her mound of quinoa onto the plate of the other, a new Jackie Spratt losing her fat while her wife balloons up like a porker.

Migraine headaches, resumption of smoking habit, pale and sick after work.  Someone is pale in sunny Oregon?  Must be a Christian plot.  And how long did it take after work for gaystapo gal to become pasty and sick?  Before or after three packs of Camel unfiltereds?

Of course, the Bowman-Cryers pin their full frontal assault on the First Amendment onto their children.  "We knew we had to set an example for our two kids to do what is right."  It is an example of gay hustlers hiding behind their kids.  This case illustrates the special, inherent psychological vulnerabilities of children with same-sex parents.  These liabilities are worsened when the parents are folie-à-deux bigots like the Bowman-Cryers.

Homosexual couples generally exert greater psychological totalitarianism over their children than man-woman dyads.  Same-sex couples do not have the spiritual and psychological advantage of being "opposites" and having to transcend, or at least work around, that baffling division through love.  Lacking opposite tendencies as much as men and women do, homosexuals tend not to be psychological counterweights and balances to each other to the degree that successful opposite-sex couples are.  Also, obviously they have an interest in controlling the narrative of the child's life with the illusion, "You have no mother or father."  The limitation of parental non-duality and sameness is unnatural.  The limitation of what has been called a parentectomy, the denial of the existence of a mother or father, is anti-natural and mentally destructive.  Both enable extraordinary power over the child's mind, which will increasingly be seen as harmful in the coming years.

The Bowman-Cryer children may have been conceived through commercial methods and not granted any knowledge of the identity of their father or paternal heritance.  But if there is anyone with legal standing who cares about these children, he or she should enter the case or speak out to protect them.  These youngsters are being set up for lives of addiction and fear.

The Bowman-Cryer children are being taught that it is outrageous if you cannot control another person's beliefs and actions.  If you cannot force someone to act against beliefs different from your own, it is an excuse for relapse into addiction.  Furthermore, addiction is not your own responsibility; it is the fault of the person who said no to you.  That person must be forced to pay for your bad choice.

The children are being taught to collapse into dishonest and exaggerated victimhood when you don't get what you want.

They are also being taught the terrible lie that Christianity made their mommies sick.  If their parents are "emotionally distressed" and distracted and smell of cigarettes, it is the fault of bad people who follow Christ.  The state of Oregon and the Bowman-Cryers are conspiring to teach children to hate people on the basis of religion.  No longer the dreaded stranger bearing candy, the new threat to children has a Bible in her hand.

Bigotry narrows the scope of the heart and causes fear of the fullness of life.  The hatefulness of people like the Bowman-Cryers cannot stand, even in the vestibule of hell called Oregon.  As the years pass, more and more of the children of darkness will have to choose between the bigotry and mind control of their parents and the truth.

Imagine how horrible it would be if one of these children grew up to be a Christian.  They are being raised to be bigots and liars.