Practice Makes Perfect: Hillary Saves Her Skin Again

Last Tuesday, Hillary Clinton sat down for her first on camera interview in the three months since she announced her candidacy for the president of the United States. To say it was an undistinguished performance on her part would be generous.  The only real news headlines she made came when, during the CNN interview, she was asked about a subpoena that she had received.  Madame Secretary interrupted and emphatically if not indignantly stated that she had never received a subpoena in her life.  She then proceeded to deliver a lecture to the CNN interviewer, saying that she and her husband had been the victims of endless, baseless accusations, and that the campaign against her has been going on for decades.

Just hours later, House Republican Trey Gowdy (S.C.) appeared before reporters to correct the record on Mrs. Clinton’s faulty memory.  Sec. Clinton had, in fact, been subpoenaed in March of this year regarding her State Department e-mails by the House Select Committee on Benghazi that Rep. Gowdy chairs.

The Lady was caught lying.

Thus began a two-day pounding in the press over being caught in another lie before a public who already has serious doubts about her honesty and trustworthiness.  So she went into full damage control mode to find a way to move on – and, let’s face it, no one is better at damage control than the Clinton machine, because practice makes perfect.

Within twenty-four hours, Madame Secretary had a plan, and she went to Twitter, where she attacked Jeb Bush on statements he had made about how Americans need to work longer hours.  The statements she challenged were taken completely out of context and twisted to her own use in the most disingenuous way.  Yet the most amazing thing about it all was the fact that Jeb Bush swallowed the bait and responded.  This allowed Clinton to respond, and in short order, the press was covering a Twitter war between Sec. Clinton and Jeb Bush, and not the whopper of a lie that she was just caught telling.

The Lady successfully and artfully changed the subject.  One has to admit that it was an effective, if not brilliant move on her part.  

Note to all Republican candidates: do not respond to the substance of Twitter attacks.  You will lose.  However, when attacked on Twitter, it would be most effective to respond with an invitation to have a thirty-minute “ conversation”  about the issue on camera at the venue of the Twitter challenger’s choice.  Do not engage in a substantive way on social media.  Social media is the perfect place for Democrats to conduct sound-bite politics, which accommodates those with the attention span of a flea.

Back to the Lady.  Hillary has apparently forgotten all about another subpoena she received in January 1996 from Kenneth Starr, independent counsel investigating Whitewater, to appear before a Grand Jury. 

The subpoena was delivered on Friday after a White House aide testified that the legal records, which had been sought by prosecutors for two years, turned up in a White House room to which only the aide, the Clintons, their house guests and servants had access. In addition to Mrs. Clinton, the counsel also subpoenaed members of the White House staff and lawyers representing the Clintons.

This really should have been hard for her to forget, because historically, it was the first time in anyone’s memory that a first lady of the United States had been subpoenaed before a Grand Jury. 

Hillary Clinton made history.  Now there is an accomplishment. 

Memory is a strange thing, and it can be very selective.  However, one of the things that was distinctly memorable about her appearance before the Whitewater Grand Jury was the black felt cape she wore with the sequin dragon sewn into the back.  It was creepy.  One wondered, what is she trying to say, and whom is she trying to say it to?  Only the shadow knows.

Sec. Hillary Clinton needs to see a psychiatrist.  Or if purposeful, compulsive lying isn’t her problem, then perhaps she should start taking Aricept or one of the other Alzheimer’s drugs out there to help with memory issues.  Either way, this is not a good image for someone who wants to be president of the United States.  These memory lapses are going to start keeping her donors up at night.

And shame on the New York Times for knowingly withholding this information from the American people about a woman who seeks the highest office in the land.

We clearly have a big problem when news organizations act to protect a candidate who is and has been under investigation multiple times for hiding, withholding, and destroying documents subpoenaed by an investigative body.  There is a clear pattern emerging here.

The Lady has a problem with the truth, and so do the news organizations who report on her campaign to be president of the United States.  The latter appear to be no better than the former.