Planned Parenthood Video: Human life reduced to 'tissue' and 'waste' for sale

Planned Parenthood has accused two undercover citizen journalists of editing their covertly recorded  video that featured Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, talking about selling organs, body parts, and tissue from aborted babies (my word, not hers) and misrepresenting what the doctor said. This complaint has been echoed elsewhere, and even alleged to ultimately damage the pro-life cause.

So I watched the unedited video, which runs a little under 3 hours, and referenced the transcript.  Planned Parenthood looked even worse (if that’s possible) after hearing the conversation in its entirety.

For those not familiar with the video that circulated this past week, two citizen journalists (referred to as “Buyers” in the transcript) posed as representatives from a fetal tissue procurement company looking to partner with Planned Parenthood to acquire organs, body parts, and/or tissue from aborted fetuses that the company would then sell to biotech firms doing stem cell research. Procurement companies provide a way for abortionists to get around a law that prohibits the sale of fetal tissue. Clinic Quotes reports:

Technically, it is against the law for any clinic to sell fetal remains for money. The NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 saw to this….

However, many abortion clinics are able to get around this law….

…. The research institutes and the abortion clinics have joined with a third party, the fetal tissue wholesaler. The fetal tissue wholesaler pays the abortion clinics a “site fee” to place employees, known as “procurement agents,” who collect various body parts of the aborted fetuses as soon as the abortion process is finished and ship them to various research institutes….

The wholesaler is technically renting the space to harvest the body parts rather than paying for the tissue itself. The abortionist then “donates” the tissues to the wholesalers. At the other end of the transaction, the wholesaler will “donate” the fetal material to researchers but bill them for the cost of retrieval. Thus the business deal is complete.

The “Buyers” focused on the need for fetuses that were at least 18-20 weeks old. (No one in the video talked about developing babies. Once you’re involved with the abortion industry, a baby becomes a “fetus,” at best. Often he or she is referred to as “tissue,” and eventually that developing human will be referred to as “waste.”)

(20-week old fetus)

While twenty weeks was desired, the “buyers” said that twenty-four weeks would be even better and the doctor eagerly helped them brainstorm possible contacts for that.

Omitted from the edited video were parts of the conversation where the doctor talked about how increasing numbers of women want to donate organs, body parts, or other tissue from their aborted fetus for research. This omission was regrettable since it did not dilute the power of what the journalists uncovered and only made it seem as if they were trying to hide something.

In addition, this omission resulted in some prominent individuals having incomplete information when putting out statements, including Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz suggested that Planned Parenthood may have broken as many as three federal laws, citing, among other things, the need for written consent from the mother for any transfer of tissue. But even if consent is obtained as the doctor claimed, there is plenty of reason for Cruz, and now House Republicans, to be calling for a federal investigation. (I’m not holding my breath.)

Consent aside, there is no doubt Planned Parenthood is selling organs, body parts, and tissue from aborted fetuses to procurement companies. Planned Parenthood claims they don’t make a profit and only recoup money for the additional time involved in speaking with women about the donation option and gathering consent.

Irrespective of whether Planned Parenthood is making a profit, they are collecting money from procurement companies in exchange for “tissue” from developing babies who have been intentionally killed, otherwise known in the abortion industry as “fetal demise.” (The abortion industry renames many things in order to make life abstract, sterile, and ultimately worthless.)

However, as was noted earlier, using procurement companies as a kind of middle man exploits a loophole in the law. In my view, any investigation of Planned Parenthood must also include close examination of the role these procurement companies play and the law must be revisited to ensure this work-around comes to an end.

In addition to the 1993 law, Congress also passed the National Organ Transplant Act in 1984 which outlawed selling human organs on the open market. It appears that procurement companies are expected to partner with health care providers to harvest organs according to the legal consent of patients or family members, and in accordance with strict guidelines. In the case of transplants, patients receiving organs are responsible for covering procurement costs and it is one of many services billed to the patient’s insurance company.

I don’t know if what Planned Parenthood is doing is illegal. If it’s not, it should be.

It certainly is unconscionable.

The barbarity is shocking. And the incredible nonchalance with which the doctor on the video tape spoke about abortion, killing fetuses, and harvesting parts of these once-thriving babies in the womb is physically sickening.

She spoke about the subject of fetal tissue procurement in a matter-of-fact, sometimes breezy tone of voice, with brazen body language. She expressed not a shred of reverence for life. In fact, she’s “proud” of what she does.

The doctor’s demeanor was so callous that Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, put out a statement apologizing for it. In essence she said sorry for the tone but we stand behind what we do. In fact Richards used the apology platform as an opportunity to plug Planned Parenthood.

In her own way, Richards was as disgraceful and shameful as the doctor on the undercover video – a woman who never ran out of outrageous things to say and despicable ways to say them.

Among other things, the doctor equated women having abortions who want to donate fetal “tissue” as being the same as people who want to be organ donors when they die (which is a Planned Parenthood talking point).


Donating organs, body parts, and/or tissue from an aborted fetus is not the same as adults who want to be organ donors when they die. Nor is it like tragic situations when a parent loses a child and they make the child a donor after their short life comes to an untimely end. These scenarios are not the same thing as a woman deciding to destroy the baby growing inside her and then afterwards donating that baby’s organs to science. It’s not even close.

And how insane, upside down, and backwards is it that abortionists take special care when performing the abortion to ensure certain organs and body parts remain vital for donation? How deplorable to dismember a fetus while going to great lengths to make sure, for example, that the torso be removed perfectly intact. Because for anyone who might be wondering, when the abortionist knows ahead of time that the fetus they’re about to kill is also a “donor,” they pay extra attention to how they abort him or her to ensure the organs, body parts, and/or tissue to be donated is removed in excellent condition.

Ah, what thoughtful murderers to make sure, for procurement purposes, that they don’t “crush” certain parts of the fetus and to be careful as to what they “grab first.” What a relief it must be for women to know that when their baby is aborted, it will receive the best of care while being methodically destroyed.

What’s not a relief is the amount of “tissue” Planned Parenthood is stuck with at the end of the day – “tissue” they must remove according to strict guidelines.

The doctor discussed how procurement companies can gain an edge in the competitive market and benefit Planned Parenthood at the same time because, you see, when procurement companies remove “tissue” for research purposes, Planned Parenthood has “less tissue they need to worry about.”

Oh, I see. That’s what they’re worried about: The amount of “tissue” they’re stuck with as a result of the abortion machine running all day.

And if you’re curious about just how much “tissue” that might be, the doctor can give a pretty good estimate (after she takes a few more bites of her salad and another sip of wine).

On any given day her “procedures” produce around “18 liters.” Of that, whatever isn’t “donated” (another carefully chosen word to protect Planned Parenthood) goes to a waste management company that handles “biological waste,” or in the case of fetuses, “pathological waste.” The take away point being that it’s “waste.”

Apparently that’s what each life growing in a mother’s womb boils down to for these people. A waste product comprised of 18 liters of tissue that is a pain in the @$$ to dispose of. If someone would just take these mangled, butchered, dismembered, crushed, bloody, dead fetuses off their hands and save them the trouble of boxing it up and dealing with the special handling it would be so very much appreciated.

Every aspect of aborted fetuses and research using fetal tissue seemed to fascinate the doctor. She was brimming with ideas for finding ways to make fetal tissue more available for research and appeared eager to see relationships between Planned Parenthood and procurement companies grow and solidify on a national level. And although she felt the time was not right for this, politically, she confirmed there are conversations happening behind the scenes to advance and “elevate” this agenda. She also expressed interest in how to “frame” the issue of fetal tissue procurement and seemed convinced that if it could be framed it in a positive way for the public it would be a “win-win.”

I guess the fetus isn’t factored into that celebration.

How about this slogan to help “frame” the issue: Kill a fetus. Save a life!

But you know what? For all of that, on one level, I appreciated this doctor.

I appreciated the fact that she spoke freely about “tissue,” “waste,” “high quality yields,” “volume,” and the “17-weeker” she’s considering as a good candidate for fetal tissue procurement.

I’m glad she put on display for all the world to hear, her glib references to the “culture war” on “infetacide” and her sharing in a joke about a family planning clinic reluctant to donate tissue from 2nd trimester abortions because perhaps the Sheriff in the town is paying attention.

It’s important that people hear her bluntly complain about providers not “pushing the envelope” in the area of late-term abortions. And to hear her say patients are not coerced into giving consent for “donation” only to contradict herself by describing how women who initially refuse “donation” are approached by reps from biotech companies on the day of their abortion, which typically results in women changing their mind and companies getting more “specimens.”

She never once used the word “abortion.” Because, you see, she does “procedures” and is involved with “family planning.”

The doctor seemed so utterly disconnected from any sense of a soul that she revealed the truth about the abortion industry like no other. Unlike Cecile Richards, who had a feigned look of compassion when she recorded her video apology for the doctor’s “tone,” the doctor and her callous inhumanity was the true face of Planned Parenthood.

Keep talking, doc. Keep talking.