Obama's Next Move is to Gang up on Israel

Last week, when four unarmed U.S. Marines and a Navy petty officer were murdered by a 23-year-old fanatic named Mohammed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the President of the United States was in the process of hyping our national surrender to Iran’s drive for nukes.

The White House also gave its annual Eid el Fitr dinner for Muslims, at a time when they celebrate the end of Ramadan by butchering sheep and goats in the backyard, using the same throat-slitting method the 9/11 hijackers used to murder American and United Airlines personnel, fourteen years ago.

ISIS videos show the same throat-slitting style, to promote the religion of peace. Throat cutting follows Mohammed’s command to “strike at the neck” of Islam’s enemies.

The media always skip that part about Eid El Fitr -- PETA might not like animal butchery in your backyard -- but Obama knows all about it. After all, he was taught about Islam and Jihad in Jakarta, where he lived before age ten.

Even after last week’s massacre the president said nothing about Jihad murderers. But millions of Americans are finally catching on.   

Mr. Obama still can’t tell us why Muslims are slaughtering innocent people all over the world. Apparently, fourteen years after 9/11 the American people are still not grown-up enough to be told the truth about worldwide jihad.

So -- after the Chattanooga massacre, Barack Hussein Obama went on vacation.

By embracing Iran’s path to nukes, and by promising to protect the mullahs against any Israeli effort to stop them, Obama has openly switched sides between the modern world of human rights and freedoms and the most primitive kind of fanatical Islam, straight from the 7th century desert.

The enemy is not just the Armageddon cult of Iran. It is also their opposite numbers in Al Qaeda -- because we now know that Obama and Hillary plotted to smuggle big quantities of weapons from Benghazi to Al Qaida in Syria. And it’s also the Muslim Brotherhood, which has infiltrated our intelligence agencies, according to Admiral James Lyons.

Hillary and Obama are still lying about Benghazi -- not to hide the truth from our enemies, who already know everything -- but to keep the American people from finding out.  

Under Obama, the United States is now actively helping the worst terror gangs in the world. Admiral James Lyons and former CIA analyst Clare Lopez have been telling us what we haven’t wanted to hear. Other highly qualified voices are trying to warn us, too.

It’s time for America to wake up and smell the danger.

By surrendering to the mullahs Obama is trying to force Israel to retreat to its 1948 ceasefire lines -- temporary lines established after the only Jewish state in the world was assaulted by six Arab armies on the same day. Withdrawing to the 1948 ceasefire lines would leave Israel’s territory looking like a skinny salamander, with long and indefensible borders, vulnerable to the savages of Iran and ISIS.

Those borders are a terrorist’s dream, and Obama is openly taking their side. That is the biggest lesson to learn today. Please check the facts and come to your own conclusions: here and here and here.  In spite of the controlled media the truth is out there on the web.

Last week’s massacre in Chattanooga brought Benghazi home to us. This White House’s celebration of ‘Eid el Fitr echoes Obama’s links to the terror-supporting Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s outright betrayal of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel is now confirmed by the Iran surrender.

Obama is determined to flip America to the dark side. If you don’t think Islamist jihad is the ultimate in human evil, please watch all the ISIS videos you can tolerate.

It took Senator Cruz to finally say that killing our unarmed Marines and Navy personnel is “an Act of War.”

So was the civilian massacre in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon on 9/11/01. So were all the other jihadist attacks since 9/11. These are not random “workplace accidents.” They are controlled by nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and therefore constitute open and declared aggression under international law. We are at war, and our political class is lying to us about it.

This cannot last -- not if Republican presidential candidates have the guts to demand the truth. Senator Cruz has broken the silence by telling the truth. Donald Trump is pussyfooting in that direction. Carly Fiorina is edging that way. Hillary is hopeless, because she publicly signals her own support for the Muslim Brotherhood by having Huma by her side every day. But every single Republican candidate must be put on the spot to answer -- do you understand that we are under attack? Do you understand Jihad war theology, and how Iran and the others are following are our sworn and deadly enemies? Do you understand that America is not responsible for Jihad War, which has been around for more than a thousand years?

If any Republican does not tell the truth, they are utterly unqualified for the job. The same is true of our armed forces, and our whole political class. This is a life-threatening situation for the country. It’s do or die.

If the corrupted media will not demand the truth from Obama and Hillary, then Republicans candidates must keep demanding the answers over and over again, until we get the truth. 

Republicans must not allow the lynch mob media to divide and conquer the Republican field. Republican candidates must stand together and insist on an answer. Congressional Republicans must take a public stand on an issue of national survival.

Don’t let the Democrat media play one candidate against another. On national survival, we must speak in one voice.

It ‘s time for the people to demand the truth from Obama, Hillary, and all the other candidates running for office.

If the truth can’t be told today, our nation is lost. 

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