Kimberly Guilfoyle Speaks Out

Making the Case by Kimberly Guilfoyle is a “how to” book, centered on being an advocate for yourself.  She navigates between her role as a mother and as a cohost of the popular Fox show, "The Five".  She provides a glimpse of her personal life and the influences of those she most admired. The most interesting parts of the book are her comments about the TV show that she cohosts. American Thinker interviewed Kimberly Guilfoyle about her book.

For fans and followers of "The Five", Guilfoyle provides behind the scenes glimpses. Her dad greatly influenced her life and she is able to implement his words of wisdom as a cohost on "The Five". In the book she notes that her father taught her that listening is a powerful statement, to respect the other side, weigh the pros and cons of what they say, and value your opponent’s right to speak. In the interview with American Thinker she joked, “Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are two people who I love personally. But what they say drives me absolutely nuts. I love that this country has allowed me to implement what my dad said.  In the show we have the ability to sit next to each other and debate the issues in an energetic way. I strongly believe that their viewpoint and belief should not be stifled. We would not be helping anyone if viewers only listen to five people agreeing. We are able to cover a wider range of topics and offer more well rounded opinions than anyone of us could alone.”

She emphasizes in the first chapter that success is based upon having a clear objective, preparing a brief story about your subject that reflects character, ensuring all the facts are at your fingertips, consider the perspective of the other side, know the moderator, consult experts, and never ask a question for which you don't know the answer. This is obvious to any viewer that watches how Guilfoyle conducts herself on "The Five". She directly noted, “The key lesson for me: Don’t make this life about you, it’s about other people. I’ve tried to live my life in a way that respects the beliefs of my mother and father. Everyone has blessings, gifts, passion, and drive.”

In the chapter titled, “Working as a Team,” she emphasizes the importance of working together to propel everyone forward. "The Five" definitely has what she refers to as “that super strong team spirit that helps us all meet our objectives. We make a great team because we push one another’s buttons, and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. We put forward the stories we would like to cover.  Everyone does tons of research and helps each other to be well prepared.”

In another chapter, “The Power of Friendships,” she describes friends as a “mutual admiration society.” For Guilfoyle, “a friend is someone who has your back. Those in the military refer to it as ‘I got your six.’ My closest friend on "The Five" is Dana Perino. Whether she is traveling or at home, she always sends me pictures or articles. I look forward to seeing her at work because I enjoy her company. She is a special person who helps me out. We are both list makers, done to crystalize our talking points. What I love most about Dana is that she brings a certain fearlessness to the table.  She can always be relied upon to say what other people are thinking but doesn’t necessarily have the right words or courage to say themselves.”

She also told American Thinker that Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes is unique. “What he built here will live on and he worked very hard to make sure we have longevity. He is incredibly talented, bright, and innovative. None of us want to fail him or let him down.” Another person she never wanted to let down is her father, who she calls the greatest coach of her life. As with Ailes, her dad had “a passion for life and was skilled in working with people.  He was someone I loved with all my heart and who I had incredible admiration.”

Making the Case includes anecdotes from her life, over and above her career as a co-host on "The Five". She wants people to understand that she wrote this book because “I am stopped on the street and told how much I’ve influenced their thinking on today’s hotly debated issues.” With stories from her life and career, Guilfoyle offers practical advice that can teach readers how to debate, get what they want, help others along the way, and come out ahead in any situation.

The author writes for American Thinker. She has done book reviews, author interviews, and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.