How to Get the Government Not to Care about Your Death

As the feds and the San Francisco authorities point fingers at each other in an attempt to fix blame for the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant, thousands of other dangerous illegals are roaming the countryside, killing, raping, robbing, and pushing drugs.  Meanwhile, the politically correct debate goes on about how many hardworking, law-abiding immigrants cross our borders illegally to find work so they can feed their families.  Well, aside from the oxymoron in that sentiment, we must deal with the fact that we don’t have a way of knowing which illegals broke into our country to work for a living and which did so to wreck havoc upon our citizens – that is, until they’re arrested!

Now, in a country that still had some commonsense governance, an illegal alien who harmed a citizen would not be shown mercy.  But we’re no longer a country with common sense; we’ve adopted a bizarre mentality that cries compassionately for the plight of violent criminals yet has no mercy for their innocent victims.  Ms. Steinle is just the latest victim, so her murder is the news of the day.

Authorities at every level will try to steer clear of any culpability, hoping the story will soon become old news.  Tomorrow, there’ll be other victims and other authorities trying to dodge reporters and hold on to their jobs.  That’s because Ms. Steinle’s murder doesn’t really matter to them.  She’s just another white victim who has no political implications for them.  In other words, there won’t be any riots or lootings in cities across the country.  When Ms. Steinle was laid to rest, there were no White House officials present.

As Megyn Kelly of Fox News pointed out, “[t]hat’s a stark contrast from when Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. A man who we now know was attacking a police officer at the time of his death. His funeral saw 3 Obama officials in attendance, his death drew comments from President Obama personally, and the administration also sent in the DOJ and 40 FBI agents, dispatched to Missouri after Brown was killed.”  Ms. Kelly went on to indicate how many times this president interceded when blacks were involved.

It saddens me to say that this president’s actions make it obvious that he’s a racist.  Imagine a white president going to the podium every time white people were killed by blacks but keeping silent whenever the reverse occurred.  Every major newspaper and media outlet would be screaming racism.

Except for Fox News and some radio talk shows, the lack of moral outrage in the media has made a mockery of the profession known as journalism.  In their attempt to keep from offending anyone in a select group of protected categories, they have abandoned their role as the Fourth Estate, which is to keep a close eye on the government.  I guess the writers of the Constitution never anticipated that the press would become willing participants in the euphemistic campaign to distort the truth.

In the immigration imbroglio, we’re told that we can’t offend those who invade our country by referring to them as “illegal aliens.”  Instead, we must use gentle language like “undocumented immigrants.”  Using that reasoning, when we catch a burglar with a stolen television on his shoulder, we should call him an undocumented shopper.

Our entire culture has been hijacked by a degenerate form of behavior akin to that of an addict lulled into a state of distorted reality.  Wrong has become right, as long as the wrong was committed by a member of that protected class.  And woe betide the unwary piñata who dares to snap out of that muddled mental state and criticize the aberrant among us.  Donald Trump may have been too general in his characterization of the illegal immigrant problem, but his overall analysis regarding the damage to our country was correct.  Furthermore, it seems to me that the people he’s accused of offending – namely, illegals – are not likely to complain about a verbal gaffe, inasmuch as they’re not even supposed to be here to hear it.

Sadly, while the family of Kathryn Steinle mourns her tragic death at the hands of a cretin who, if our government had done its job of protecting its citizens, wouldn’t have been there to kill her, the media will have a lead story and allow politicians to demagogue the issue and debate the sanctuary city law.  For the umpteenth time we’ll hear about the need to secure the border, a phrase that has become as pathetic in its definition as in its implementation.  Soon there’ll be another murder by another alien, and words with no meaning will once again reign supreme in America.