Hope Not Hate and the Coming English Civil War

Hope Not Hate has just published a report ('The Muhammed Cartoons') on a forthcoming cartoon exhibition that will feature the prophet Muhammed. It has also featured this exhibition in a recent website piece. The exhibition itself is scheduled for the 18th of September and it will take place in London. This is the main claim of the piece: “Our report... reveals that while some people are supporting the exhibition out of a strong belief for free speech, others are hoping for a violent reaction from British Muslims in order to prove the incompatibility of Islam in the West.” You can assume that the stated main worry (as opposed to the real one of being against the criticism of Muhammed) is that counter-jihadists “are hoping for a violent reaction from British Muslims”. As ever, if Muslims do react violently, non-Muslims will be blamed. (Nick Lowles once blamed Charlie Hebdo for the Islamic violence against it which happened before the...(Read Full Article)
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