GOP Reaching Millennials

A millennial called the Rush Limbaugh radio program. Rush asked him how do we get his generation to embrace Conservatism? The young man's answer was quite simple – honestly articulate the virtues of Conservatism to youths and they will get it.

The young man stated what I have been preaching to the GOP for years – reach out to blacks and youths, not by pandering to them with a liberal-lite message. Do the right thing and explain why conservatism equals real compassion and is extremely beneficial to all Americans.

In 2000, I was asked to accompany the chairman of my county's Republican Executive Committee to a high school assembly about politics. He and I were on stage with two Democrats; each team was tasked with explaining to the students why their political party is best. The Democrats’ argument was obnoxiously touchy-feely and lame. The Democrats explained why government should confiscate funds to take care of everyone and be spread equally through redistribution. I'm sure government taking care of everyone sounded noble and good to the kids.

Still, I felt the Democrats offered us a slow pitch to knock out of the auditorium. I was not scheduled to speak, but merely be there with my chairman. My chairman gave a brilliantly delivered message, which I am sure went over the kids’ heads. Clearly, the kids preferred the Democrats’ kumbaya spin.

I still kick myself for not raising my hand to speak.

Look kids, imagine if you and Joey are waiters and management's policy is all tips go into one pot to be distributed equally between both waiters at the end of the shift. You work your butt off, going the extra mile to remember large orders without writing them down, being super pleasant, being highly attentive and refilling water glasses before asked. Based on your professionalism, guests tip big. Meanwhile, Joey takes numerous smoke breaks and is a lousy waiter. Is it fair that you and Joey go home with the same amount in tips? If not rewarded, what happens to your motivation to strive to be the best waiter you can be?”

This would have been the foundation of my argument for conservatism.

A recent poll says 61% of young Republicans favor same sex marriage and advise the GOP to embrace it to attract millennials. A GOP presidential contender advised the GOP to attract blacks by backing away from requiring a photo ID to vote because it offends blacks. Everywhere you turn, the GOP is being advised to back away from conservatism and embrace a lite version of liberalism to win elections.

My argument is that millennials have never really heard anyone on the big political stage boldly touting and explaining the virtues of conservatism and why it is real compassion and best for all Americans.

I realize we live in different times. Liberal indoctrination of our youths begins in kindergarten. Stats confirm that upon graduating public high school many can barely read their diploma. And yet, they are well-schooled in concepts like social justice, white privilege, and America sucks, is racist, sexist and homophobic.

Most people have an inner place, an instinct that tells them that being the best they can be impacts not just them, but those around them. All we need are courageous elected officials who will lead the way; boldly spreading the good news of Conservatism.

While writing, I glanced up at my TV and saw a famous scene from “Rocky II.”

Rocky is running through the streets, training for his big fight. A handful of kids begin following him. As they run, more and more kids join in. By the time Rocky reaches the end of his run at the top of the art museum steps and cheers in victory, hundreds of kids are with him; excited, jumping up and down, cheering in victory.



Folks, this is how I view the right conservative leader, leading the charge and inspiring millions.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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