Donald Trump's Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Recently, Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for the office of President of the United States. He came out against illegal immigration and strongly stated that the southern border of the U.S. should be sealed, that he was the only person who could do the job, and that America needed to do this since many illegal immigrants were criminals and America is worse off because of them.

It is interesting to compare the statements made by Donald Trump to actual crime facts and statistics in the U.S. His statements have been portrayed as racist and generally unbefitting a presidential candidate. These criticisms have been forwarded by both progressive political spokespersons and news media outlets who, it is fair to say, are progressive or liberal in their leanings.

On this basis alone, their criticisms of Mr. Trump are interesting. Mr. Trump is characterized as a greedy capitalist who has made a fortune by exploiting the work of others. But in reality Mr. Trump has created thousands of jobs for Americans from all ethnicities. 

Looking at the reality of how illegal immigrants are portrayed, it may be more accurate to say that progressives are acting as exploitive capitalists. They, and the defenders of illegal immigration, have always said that illegal immigrants are here to do “low paid jobs nobody else will do.” 

This implies that their children and grandchildren should also be low paid. The only way illegal immigrants can ever obtain good jobs is by obtaining a good education, yet Democrats and their liberal enablers intentionally have successfully forced, through Federal regulation, all product labels, election ballots, and so on be printed in Spanish as well as English. This action permanently disables illegal immigrants and their children from ever obtaining good paying, English speaking, jobs. The progressives want them to be low paid, just as they’ve always wanted black voters to be low paid.

So here we have proof that progressives don’t want to pay illegal immigrants much money for their menial work. This is the exact attitude that they claim capitalists have toward the masses of workers. Mr. Trump has never said workers should be paid low wages, yet the liberals are taking this position and energetically defending it.

The objective observer may see this as proof that Democrat liberals, not Mr. Trump, are openly promoting the rhetoric of the worst kind of capitalism: the stereotyping of an entire ethnic group as only capable of demeaning work, based purely on their race. 

Furthermore, since according to the 1996 Immigration Act it is a Federal misdemeanor to enter the U.S. illegally, Mr. Trump is absolutely correct that all illegal immigrants are criminals, simply because, as Trump’s critics admit, they crossed the border illegally. So he is right about that and his detractors are dead wrong. Furthermore, the second time an illegal immigrant enters the U.S. illegally, they have committed a felony.

There’s more. Big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have intentionally confined Hispanics into segregated communities. Currently Chicago has 14 wards that are supermajority Hispanic. This is done under the pretense of giving them better access to Congress. But it is illegal for non-citizens to vote.

And since Hispanics are here to do low paid jobs, and placed in highly segregated communities by Democrat liberals, their social position has deteriorated just as the position of black Americans had deteriorated after they moved north and progressive Democrats got hold of them. Today, the Pew Hispanic Center reports that the teenage single motherhood rate among Hispanic girls is slightly above that of African-Americans, and the Hispanic high school dropout rate is nearly double that of African-Americans. This may be seen by progressives as a great success, since it ensures that Hispanics will never escape the confines of poverty and housing segregation. And it’s all aided by use of the Spanish language.  

This entire package of attitudes I have called “Racism Version 2.0” because these statements and strategy are exactly what Democrats did to African-Americans when they put them in ghettoes, ensured they had a terrible education, and condemned them to a life of doing a low paid job no one else will do. 

Mr. Trump is also correct that the crime rate is high among Hispanics. While Mr. Trump is clearly not happy that so many criminal illegal immigrants enter the country, progressive Democrats don’t seem to care that crossing the border illegally makes them into criminals. That Hispanics make up 14% of the U.S. population and are 34% of Federal prisoners doesn’t mean a thing to liberals, who portray themselves as very sensitive to the humanitarian needs of those under their care. It should break their liberal hearts that so many young Hispanic men join gangs and end up in Federal prison. But they have never used this as an argument to stop illegal immigration. In fact, their response is to say “we need more people to do low paid jobs and live in barrios.” 

The encouragement of illegal immigration through the southern U.S. border has created a lot of Federal prisoners, since the crimes committed by illegal immigrants mostly involved drug smuggling and immigration violations. These crimes are encouraged by progressive liberals who encourage illegal immigration simply because Democrats can’t bring enough legal immigrants into cities to suit their electoral needs. 

President Obama has been releasing illegal immigrants from jails for committing felonies that would put all legal citizens into prison. This gives the impression that he is following the law and deporting more illegal immigrants than ever. Unfortunately, it also enables tragedies such as the murder of an innocent young woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been deported, and allowed by liberal policies to return across the southern border, five times.

Progressives use offensive language in an attempt to bully Mr. Trump, while liberals love to pass laws that make bullying and racially demeaning language a crime. Democrat attacks on Mr. Trump’s accurate statements only serve to reveal their true character: that they see nothing wrong in driving another minority group into ghettoes, failing school systems, single motherhood, gang membership, and low paying jobs just to keep up the Congressional districts of Democrats and keep their biggest campaign contributors, the teacher unions, employed. 

The real fear of Trump’s critics is that their scheme of international human trafficking will be revealed to the American voters, who will see Democrats practicing their urban barrio creation as the racist strategy it really is. Democrats rely upon the votes of future Hispanics to stay in power in large urban areas. And for the past ten years in most large urban areas the Hispanic population is the only one growing. Mr. Trump’s critics attack him because they don’t want American voters to know the real reasons behind their exploitation of illegal immigrants. 

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