Disastrous Consequences of Lib Indoctrination from the 60s to Obama

Thanks to their WWII generation parents doing the heavy-lifting to save the country, spoiled-brat baby-boomers were free to pursue dreams and to make everything about them. In my youth, it seemed every other week there was a new hot bestseller or seminar in a ballroom – for you, all about you, and more about you.

Meanwhile, at 29 years old, my dad was fathering his five kids and acting as a surrogate dad for my fatherless cousins. How do you feed 10 kids cheap? Mom and Aunt Bummie would fry up lots of chicken necks and backs; fond memories still make me smile.

My wife Mary said she complained as a child, having to wash dishes for as many as 11 people. Her parents routinely took in family and friends in need. That is how people rolled back then, doing whatever needed to be done. Life wasn't just about you.

Then, along came my generation, arrogant and self-absorbed -- hippies verbally trashing their parents and country. These brats have been indoctrinating our kids with liberal garbage for decades. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and other old hippies continue to undermine America and traditional values.

Churchill said, “If you're not a socialist when you're 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 40, you have no brain.” Churchill's point is youths are idealistic.

Liberals (Leftists) have been allowed to exploit the idealistic nature of our youths from kindergarten through college, making everything about fairness and not offending. High school grads who cannot read their diplomas are well-schooled in guilt and anger over “White Privilege” and “Social Justice.”

PC (political correctness) has gotten so crazy that even some Leftists are scratching their heads saying what the heck is going on? Leftists were stunned that the hall erupted in boos and curse words when Democrat presidential candidate Martin O'Malley said, black lives matter, but then added that white and all lives matter.

O'Malley apologized. Can you imagine a presidential candidate so intimidated and controlled by PC and racial hate? 

What I would say to Leftists is,“Guys, what on earth did you expect? You created this monster. For decades you've strove to convince blacks that America hates them. You've taught white kids to hate the founders of their country and to feel guilty for their actions. You've really done a number on white males. Youths black and white think American white males are the spawn of Satan. Well done, Leftists. Well done!”

The O'Malley incident is only the tip of Leftist/Democrat hate-filled indoctrination. Their chickens have come home to roost, reaping dire consequences.

For example:

Due to black youths believing America is against them and cops routinely murder them, black mob attacks, rapes, and murders of innocent whites are on the rise. 

Black looters feel entitled. Social justice gives them the right to recoup what whitey/America stole from them. 

When I suggested that since she was traveling near, she should visit Mt Rushmore, my white millennial relative said with disgust in her voice, “I wouldn't walk across the street to see those guys” (presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln). Sadly, her lack of patriotism reflected her public school education.

Then, there is this new insane Leftist phenomenon of deeming everything racist. Peanut butter and jelly, really? Yes, Leftists say the sandwich is racist

A UCLA white professor was called racist for correcting grammar and spelling on black students papers. Typical Leftist thinking – let's keep blacks stupid in the name of compassion and fairness.

Even president Obama is a product of his Leftist dominated education; his disdain for the founding of our country and his vow to fundamentally transform us. Upon winning the presidency, Obama toured the world apologizing for America's evils. Everything he does takes us down a notch as “the” world power. His Iran Nuke deal is disastrous to America and our ally, Israel. Obama recently decreed that new citizens no longer have to pledge to defend the U.S.

Folks, I could go on and on about the devastating effects of decades of Leftist dominating our schools and the insanity of out-of-control PC. But why bother? We see, hear, and suffer under it daily.

But wait. We are beginning to see light at the end of this dark tunnel; a reason for optimism.

Leftists/MSM would have us believe that a majority of Americans have no problem with government forcing every state to embrace same sex marriage – mandated health-care in which government decides who lives or dies (death panels) and government funding Planning Parenthood running an aborted baby body parts chop shop

Here's the good news. A Washington Post-ABC News poll says 80% of the nation is uncomfortable with the way our country is going on social issues. 

This is a sign that people are waking up; instinctively realizing something is terribly wrong. Stay hopeful folks. Keep fighting to restore America. Keep fighting.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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