As long as we're eliminating symbols of past racism...

Take down that rebel flag! Burn the damn thing: I am so ready to wipe out every last molecule of white racism.

And we are just getting started.

Nathan Bedford Forrest? The rebel soldier, Klan leader and Democrat buried in a park in Memphis? Dig ‘em up. Burn ‘em down. And I don’t care where you put ‘em.

Scatter his dusty bones in the junkyard for all I care.

There are so many racists left.

How about Democrat icon Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and easily the most virulent racist of her day.

You were not aware that Margaret Sanger began birth control to wipe out an entire race?  If so, it’s only because you did not want to know: There are quotes by the hundreds. Many of which lead in a straight line to the Nazi racial cleansing of the Jews a few years later.

Dig ‘er up.  Burn ‘er down. We can take her ashes to the next Democratic National Committee meeting where they annually choose a winner of the Margaret Sanger award for the person who has done the most to advance “family planning.”

Wink, wink.

Oh my bad: The Planned Parenthood says it is not the ladies auxiliary of the Democratic Party.

Wink, wink.

When New Jersey talk show host Willie Shields asked a Planned Parenthood staffer about how Margaret Sanger wanted to wipe out the entire black race through eugenics -- she called it the Negro Project -- all the staffer could do is mumble about Sanger being a “product of her times.”

That time is over. So is her right to rest in peace. Dig ‘ er up. Burn ‘er down. As for Nancy and Hillary and the rest of the gals who have sanctified Sanger, they got ‘some splainin’ to do.’ They can talk and dig at the same time.

Much the same way Mormons baptize dead ancestors, we can perform a similar ritual on dead segregationists. Dig ‘em up. Burn ‘em down. Let God sort ‘em out.

Next on the excavation list: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I spent an hour the other day listening to an NPR podcast of a black academic talk about how black people are poor today because of all the anti-black housing policies of the 30’s and 40’s.

I’m not sure why the NPR host and guest did not mention that FDR and other Democrats were the ones who created these racist practices. Let’s just put it this way: Whatever FDR did to the Japanese, he did a lot worse to black people, so says NPR.

And that is good enough for me.

Dig ‘em up. Burn ‘em down.

And what about Democrat Senate leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia. He was a Klan leader for more than a decade. They called him an “Exalted Cyclops.” Then he became the Democrat leader of the Senate. Third in line to the Presidency. Along the way, he turned the U.S. Treasury into one big ATM machine for the State of West Virginia -- and for any liberal group with a decent memory, Byrd bought a lot of amnesia.

Klan lovers named 50 buildings, clinics and highways after Byrd in that state.

Dig ‘em up. Burn ‘em down.

And let’s not forget Democrat President Woodrow Wilson. Though known as a Princeton man and governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson was really a son of the South. And after he became President, he wasted no time in re-segregating the City of Washington.

From William Keylor, professor of history and international relations at Boston University:

“Cabinet heads -- such as his son-in-law, Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo of Tennessee -- re-segregated facilities such as restrooms and cafeterias in their buildings.  In some federal offices, screens were set up to separate white and black workers.  African-Americans found it difficult to secure high-level civil service positions, which some had held under previous Republican administrations.”

Dig ‘em up. Burn ‘em down.

The histories of the Democratic Party and the Klan and other segregationists are so intertwined it is impossible to separate them. So let’s just dig ‘em all up: All the Klan leaders, all the segregationists, all the Democrat leaders -- sorry for being redundant.

Wrap ‘em in Confederate flags and burn the whole damn lot of ‘em.

And that’s just three. Don’t forget Harry Truman, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, William Fulbright …. this is a long list. Gentlemen, start your backhoes.

Colin Flaherty is the author of that scintillating best seller that documents racial violence: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.  You can enter a drawing to win a free autographed copy of this book by signing up for his newsletter here.         

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