America, the Beautiful

I have picked up the vibe that even some millennial white conservative interviewers think it a bit weird (uncle Tom-ish) that I do not harbor at least a slight resentment against whites and America. The foundation of public school education is America sucks; having screwed over everyone from Native-Americans, to women, blacks, and every other minority.

As a black man in my sixties, yes, I have encountered racism. But for the most part, whites and America have been extremely good to me.

When I was a boy in the hood of Baltimore, several white politicians awarded me scholarships to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic artist. During and after college several so-called “evil white men” according to a NY Times article, employed me, treated me well, and furthered my career.

And yet, when I say I love my country and am proud to be an American, Leftists/Democrats look at me cross-eyed, accuse me of disloyalty to my race. I am supposed to be mad, feel resentful and victimized. Sorry, but I can't go there, embracing hate and a victim mindset.

Leftist/Democrat actress Janeane Garofalo said phenomenally successful proud American blacks Herman Cain and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must be suffering with Stockholm syndrome. Process that for a moment folks.

In typical Leftist arrogance, Garofalo who claims to be an advocate for black empowerment, dislikes and even persecutes self-motivated blacks who successfully achieved their American Dream. How dare they achieve success without her beloved big government lowered standards or providing special concessions due to race. Obviously, Ms. Garafalo has a problem with such “uppity blacks” who do not want or need her foul-smelling racist superiority shrouded in faux compassion. Wouldn't a true advocate for blacks celebrate the achievements of Herman Cain and Justice Thomas?

The lives of Herman Cain, Justice Thomas, and countless other blacks bear witness to the greatness of America; anyone can achieve via education, hard work and the right choices.

This is why I cringe every time I hear powerful big-platform blacks or anyone else for that matter, further the narrative that blacks are powerless victims of racist America. It is divisive and destructive rather than productive. The truth is America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for “all” who choose to go for it.

In my car, I heard a prominent black preacher during a radio interview say the Ferguson and Baltimore riots are the result of “deep feelings of suppression” in the black community. I thought, who put that crap in black's heads? The answer is Leftists and Democrats. Yes, blacks are suffering high unemployment, especially under Obama. But again, what is causing that? The answer is Obama and Democrats' obsession with over-regulating and taxing businesses to death, which kills jobs. Then you add in the epidemic of blacks dropping out of school, 70% of black kids in fatherless households and blacks shooting each other in record numbers. None of this has anything to do with or is the fault of white America.

The white radio show host interviewing the black preacher asked why more blacks are incarcerated than whites. The preacher, in a nutshell, said whites have relationships with other whites that keep them out of jail.

Rather than debating the preacher's assumption, let's just assume it is true. The quick and easy solution is for blacks to refrain from committing major crimes. Cops are not roaming the streets collecting innocent blacks. Quite the opposite -- cops across America are being ordered by the DOJ to look the other way, tolerating black crime in the name of “racial sensitivity”. Remember the black Baltimore mayor ordering her police to “Let them loot. It's only property”? 

A few years ago, Democrats were elated when Obama's AG Eric Holder sought to cut mandatory minimum drug sentences claiming them to be unfair to blacks.

For decades, drug abuse and related crime continue to wreak havoc in the black community. Over the July 4th weekend, 82 were shot and 14 were killed in Chicago drug wars. So why on earth would the DOJ focus on reducing jail time for drug dealers?

The black community would have been better served had the Obama Administration spent its time and money campaigning for blacks to abandon using and selling illegal drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. But, that's just my weird uncle Tom-ish way of thinking.

I changed the channel on my car radio because I could no longer stomach anymore of the black preacher making excuses for blacks behaving badly and reinforcing the blacks-are-victims-in-racist-America narrative. It is a lie. While racism along with every other sin does exist, it is powerless in preventing anyone from maximizing their God given gifts, pursing and achieving their American Dream.

In his autobiography, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas tells how he picked cotton as a child. Imagine it is 1943. You are driving down a dusty country road on a hot sunny day, seeing the USA in your Chevrolet. In a cotton field, you notice a little barefoot black kid picking cotton. Never in your wildest dreams could you imagine that kid would grow up to become one of the most powerful men in the world. That's America, folks. That's America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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